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Lex Fridman and Jimmy Donaldson: MrBeasts’ Advice to Creators

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Jimmy Donaldson, known professionally as MrBeast, is one of the biggest YouTubers today. While 5th in subscribers on YouTube, he’s still the number one individual among multimedia corporations such as T-Series and Cocomelon. He even surpassed the previous top individual, gaming, and reaction YouTuber Pewdiepie back in 2022.

MrBeast is unique among YouTubers due to his content and reputation, and he also holds the moniker of “YouTube’s Biggest Philanthropist” for donating and spearheading numerous charitable efforts using his fanbase and wealth.

As a well-known philanthropist, MrBeast co-founded and supported the #Teamtrees charity, and its initiative was to plant trees all over the globe. His latest video, “1,000 Blind People See For The First Time,” has spread awareness over a simple procedure that can cure blindness for most people. MrBeast is also known for his plethora of brands like Feastables.

His most watched video is “$456,000 Squid Game in Real Life,” in which he replicates the eponymous game from the South Korean drama series Squid Game, where contestants compete in physical challenges for a cash prize. With the large cast and even bigger amount of money spent to replicate the challenge, it has become one of his most successful videos.

MrBeasts’ success on YouTube is an inspiration for influencers of all stripes, so MrBeasts’ advice is definitely not something to sneeze at.

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Who Is MrBeast?

Jimmy Donaldson started a YouTube channel when he was 13, trying a variety of different content. He first gained popularity when he commented on poorly edited YouTube intros. However, his challenges videos, such as counting to 10,000 or keeping a fidget spinner spinning for a day, created traction for his channel.

MrBeast exploded on YouTube while collaborating with a variety of YouTubers and media companies in the process. He hosted a real-life Battle Royale in a collaboration with the game company Electronic Arts as a promotion for their multiplayer first-person shooter game Apex Legends.

Recently, he was featured on Russian-American computer scientist Lex Fridmans’ podcast, on an episode focused on him called “MrBeast: Future of YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram.” MrBeast talks about his own strategies, techniques, and advice for other creators aiming to make it big on YouTube and elsewhere.

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What Is MrBeasts’ Advice To Creators?

1. Focus on Audience Retention

In the Lex Fridman podcast, MrBeast mentions that in YouTube videos, oftentimes people find themselves getting bored with his short-term and long-term YouTube videos. MrBeasts’ advice is to keep both the moment-to-moment and the overarching narrative of the YouTube video in mind when filming and editing.

2. Surround Yourself With Like-Minded People

When it comes to employees and collaborators, MrBeast recommends finding people that fit your style when collabing. MrBeast states that he’s  “obsessed” with creating his videos, so he prefers to work with people that mesh well with his drive.

3. Think of New Ideas All The Time

What goes viral can often seem entirely random, but to MrBeast, most of what makes a video, meme, or trend viral is novelty. Thus, MrBeasts’ advice is to muse up new ideas and things. With enough time and dedication, you’ll find that these concepts will make it big across the internet space.

4. It’s Okay to Fail at First

MrBeast admits that “analysis paralysis” is a thing: when people try to over plan out their first few steps to the point of never actively starting. In turn, MrBeasts’ advice is that it is okay to fail on the first step. If you keep working at it and try actively improving, you will see results.

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5. Appeal to Your Viewers First and Foremost

As one gets a foothold on the YouTube space, MrBeast advises doing what the people that have supported you thus far want. This will result in success later down the line, with more loyal followers and ones more likely to recommend and spread your content.

6. Plan Your Videos Out

Going off of the seat of your pants might sound like a great way to make a naturalistic YouTube video, but MrBeast advises the opposite, especially for the crazier and biggest concepts. It’s best to pre-plan, divide, and conquer when it comes to how much equipment, people, time, and money one needs in order to make that concept into a fully fledged video.

7. Don’t Get Emotionally Invested In Your Content

With how volatile the creative space is, it’s incredibly easy to be devastated by relative failures you’re passionate about. Even MrBeast states that he experienced this! MrBeast says to avoid becoming emotionally attached to the videos. Instead, use them as an example of what or what not to do.

8. Let Yourself Experiment

One piece of advice MrBeast gives to younger business owners, especially ones doing it over the Internet, is to experiment with novel ideas and concepts. With the quickening pace of improving technology, society, and even concepts flying around, it’s a good idea to move towards kickstarting a business that might become at the forefront of a new industry.

9. Dedicate As Much Time As You Want To It

MrBeast states that, while pulling all nighters is not an aspirational goal for people that don’t want or can’t handle it, he advises that you need to put as much time as you want into the things that you want to create. If you’re passionate about something, pursue it! Keep momentum and motivation for as long as possible. 

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Beast And His Advice To Creators: Conclusion

Coming from the top of YouTube, MrBeasts’ advice from his podcast interview with Lex Fridman has a lot for all kinds of people, especially those interested in making it big on YouTube, on the Internet, or even in the business world itself. 

A lot focuses on determination and drive, dedicating as much time as possible to the projects you’re passionate about, surrounding yourself with people who will support the same, and always thinking of new concepts to keep it going.

On the other hand, he mentions slowing down in the form of analytics, distancing yourself from completed projects and viewing them from an analytic lens more than an emotional one. MrBeast says to focus on what viewers want to maintain audience retention when making new content.

These strategies can be applied to whatever goals one might have, even outside of YouTube or the Internet itself. MrBeasts’ position is an aspirational one, and there is much more to learn from his success and his practices that can be applied to other popular platforms like Instagram and TikTok.


This article was written by Michael Litman

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