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10 Top Finance Influencers Creating Impact within the Creator Economy

By Editorial Staff

Personal finance: the one topic that should be taught in schools but isn’t. Fortunately, the rise of social media yields a new generation of finance influencers. Gone is gatekept, expensive access to learning how to build wealth, and in its place are personal finance influencers who are closing the gap in financial education through the power of social media. 

These finance influencers start by providing free yet valuable content– breaking down complex subjects into easy-to-understand concepts through short, entertaining videos and aesthetically designed posts. By doing so, they grow their following, which can translate into customers for their courses and coaching services; meanwhile you, by consuming their content, can learn anything and everything about money, savings, investing, and personal finance basics.

In short, these creators leverage their social media platform(s) to share how they achieved success in their personal finance journey while educating their audiences on how they can do it too. 

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Below is a list compiled of 10 top finance influencers dominating the industry and taking over social media.

1. Tori Dunlap @herfirst100k

Tori Dunlap successfully saved $100,000 by the time she was 25. Now she teaches people- particularly women- how they too can achieve their money savings goals. From viral TikTok videos to informative Instagram posts with a sprinkle of memes, Dunlap provides actionable financial advice to achieve her mission: equip women with the resources and tools to get rich and fight the patriarchy.  

Dunlap has multiple social media channels but her Instagram and TikTok accounts are her most popular ones, with 454k and 1.7 million followers respectively. She’s partnered with brands like ElleVest and Chase Credit Cards. In addition to her free social media content, Dunlap also has multiple products available for sale on her website, ranging from budgeting and investing masterclasses to personal finance coaching.

But social media isn’t the only place where you can see her; she’s made appearances in Good Morning America, Forbes, Bloomberg, The New York Times, Business Insider, and more. What’s more, her podcast Financial Feminist ranked as the world’s #1 business podcast within two days of its release, topping charts on both Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Thanks to her work as a finance influencer, millions of women have joined the financial feminism movement and gained more confidence in their personal financial skills.

2. Jeremy Schneider @personalfinanceclub

This personal finance influencer achieved a feat few have been able to do: retire at the age of 36. Now, Schneider posts daily money and investing tips‎ on his Instagram to help others build wealth (and thereby hopefully retire early too).

Surprisingly, despite boasting over 300k followers on Instagram, Schneider has shied away from brand partnerships, affiliate links, and alternative ad revenue streams. Rather, he relies on his Personal Finance Club course to generate all of his revenue. Moreover, he believes in leveraging Personal Finance Club as a “profitable engine for good” by donating 20% of all his course sales.

As Schneider always reminds, “build wealth by following the two PFC rules: 1.) Live below your means and 2.) Invest early and often.”

3. Leandra Peters

Driven by her mission to “help people level up their personal finance game, crush their debt, build a side hustle, and invest in the stock market,” Leandra Peters has that undoubted talent for explaining complex things with simple words. 


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Through her social media presence, Peters provides her 100k+ followers with no BS finance tips. Instead of simply stating the importance of investing, she takes it one step further by showing them how and clearly breaking down the math for beginners (often supplemented with real-life examples). 

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4. Rachel @beautiful.budget

As her Instagram username signals, Rachel’s mission revolves around sharing her unique budgeting framework. After crushing credit card and student loan debt while growing her family’s net worth by $160K in three years, she utilizes her platform to teach others about the importance of budgeting. In addition to creating her Beautiful Budget workbook (available for purchase), she’s also compiled together a free resource library (linked in her website).

Ultimately, she also provides actionable steps to help her audience navigate the world of budgeting and thus unlock their wealth potential.

5. Haley Sacks @mrsdowjones

“Financial popstar” Haley Sacks is on a mission to make finance cool. By combining memes, lighthearted sarcasm, and a dose of pop culture, Sacks manages to make wealth management, investing and overall financial literacy more relatable– and understandable.

You can find Sacks on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter under her moniker, Mrs. Dow Jones. 

With her tips, you’ll be well on your way to achieving financial literacy and financial freedom, not to mention getting in a few laughs along the way.

6. Tonya Rapley @myfabfinance

Entrepreneur and nationally recognized millennial money expert Tonya Rapley created My Fab Finance in 2013 as a safe space for women to learn about money. Whereas some finance influencers specialize in a particular niche (i.e. investing, saving, paying off debt), Rapley explains it all– sharing general finance advice in a down-to-earth, good-humored manner.

Through building her Instagram and blog over the last 8 years, Rapley has helped her nearly 200K followers learn how to break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck and achieve financial freedom.

7. Chris @the.everyday.millennial

Chris, aka the everyday millennial, once was a victim of student loan debt but is currently on track to retire by the age of 45. Now, he is driven to help others build wealth and invest.

In addition to the free resources he shares, Chris has a personal finance course dedicated to teaching people (particularly millennials) how they can effectively and efficiently invest for retirement and any extra money goals they may have.

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While you can find him primarily on Instagram, his work as a finance influencer has also been featured in Time, Bankrate, Real Simple, and The Balance Com.

8. Taylor Price @pricelesstay

Self-proclaimed “Best Financial Friend” Taylor Price is on a mission to inspire Gen Z to take control of their finances and “close the silent pandemic of the financial literacy gap that plagues Gen Z.”

While her TikTok is most popular with a whopping 1.1 Million followers, you can also find Price on Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram @pricelesstay, where she posts bite-sized finance content to enable you to master your money.

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9. Steve Chen @calltoleap

From school teacher to financial freedom coach, Steve Chen is a prominent financial literacy advocate. Known for his candid and informative financial advice to his Call to Leap community, Chen breaks down the complex and basics of investing to help you build wealth.

What’s more, he’s partnered with brands like Capital One and also sells two investing courses (+ a free one for beginners!) Additionally, he has coaching services available for those who may be searching for more personalized financial help. 

10. Clo Bare @clobaremoneycoach

She’s funny, straight to the point, and shares no BS financial education– she’s Clo Bare. Bare’s personal finance journey started when she started budgeting in 2018. From being $40k in debt to paying it all off and saving $100k for retirement, she is now on track to retire by 46. 

Today, she coaches others on how to take control of their finances and make their money work for them and their values. 

You can find her on Instagram and TikTok, dishing out a steady stream of down-to-earth humor, concrete investing tips, and tough-love money management advice. Additionally, you can visit her website for more detailed finance tips, resource links, and personal growth blog posts. 

In Summary

The rise of social media has brought in a new generation of finance influencers. Through their various social media channels, these creators can not only generate income from selling their coaching services but also from their self-made personal finance courses, brand partnerships, affiliate marketing deals, and more. 

Essentially, finance influencers build their wealth by helping their communities (you!) build their wealth– it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

In fact, studies show that the market share of finance influencers in the creator economy is trending upwards.

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If you’re looking for no BS financial education served up in bite-sized pieces ablaze with personality and value, it’s time to start adding finance influencers to your social media following list.

This article was written by Grace Zhang

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