Introducing The Verified Series: Interviewing Up-And-Coming Creators

By Editorial Staff

NeoReach is excited to announce our new creator economy series, Verified! The Verified series is launching on December 1st, 2021, and will feature exclusive interviews with 19 up-and-coming Creators. Check out the teaser video below for a sneak peek.

Every Creator started from the same place: the number zero. No followers, no likes, no recognition, no fame, and no pay. These are milestones that are earned over time. And over that time, it is a Creator’s job to master their craft and present it in a way that no one else can. Only then can they emerge from the depths of millions who want the same thing. All of this is in hopes that the world will have the opportunity to see their visions, their passions, and their craft come to life.

How does a Creator start working on their passion? What are the realities of their road to success? What are the obstacles and hardships they overcame? What mentality does a Creator need to keep on track?

These questions and countless others are what we will explore through the 20-episode creator series, Verified. Our goal is to allow viewers to take a closer look into the lives of Creators and understand what it’s like for them to rise to fame, overcome obstacles, and succeed beyond their wildest dreams.

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What is Verified?

Abhish Desai, an experienced content creator, is the host of Verified. He has built his brand and his reach from the ground up, single-handedly. Thus, his experiences and key knowledge in production, media strategy, and content creation make him the perfect host for our creator series.


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In the series, he personally interviews twenty rising creators in unique locations that give a glimpse into that Creator’s life and what’s important to them. Desai asks the questions the fans want to know: the who, what, when, where, how, and why. At the end of each interview, the viewer will walk away with an intimate understanding of each Creator’s rise to fame.

Each viewer, whether they are future creators or not, will learn about the hardships and level of work that it takes to become a creator. Who knows? The stories may even inspire them enough to begin their own journey. Brands and other marketers will be given the opportunity to take a deeper look into the professional lifestyle and business capabilities of each individual creator. At the very least, we hope that every viewer gains an increased level of respect for content creators and the crucial role they play in the creator economy.

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The Rising Stars of Verified Series

Verified features 19 up-and-coming Creators who have risen to fame across different social media platforms. We chose to interview each of these individuals because we believe they have the potential to become some of the biggest Creators in the world. From soccer stars to martial artists, this roster of creators is All-Star! Here is the complete roster and release schedule:

Featured CreatorSocial MediaEpisode Release Date
Bunny BarbieTikTok: @thebunnybarbieDecember 1, 2021
Kaila NovakTikTok: @ohkai_December 8, 2021
Kimberly Y.IG: @kihmberlieDecember 15, 2021
Christina Stratton TikTok: @christinastratJanuary 5, 2022
Rayna VallandinghamIG: @raynavallandinghamJanuary 12, 2022
Tyler TyburskiTikTok: @tyler.tyburskiJanuary 19, 2022
Enola BedardTikTok: @enola.bedardJanuary 26, 2022
Andrew McLeanTikTok: @webheadedheroFebruary 2, 2022
ChauTikTok: @peachyburbFebruary 9, 2022
Christian MelendezYouTube: Christian MelendezFebruary 16, 2022
Ryan KellyTikTok: @youthpastorryanFebruary 23, 2022
Jason RamosIG: @jasonramosandsonMarch 2, 2022
Jordan JohnsonTikTok: @heyjohnsonMarch 9, 2022
Ian SmithTikTok: @ianisuglyyMarch 16, 2022
Jennings BrowerTikTok: @jenningsbrowerMarch 23, 2022
MohammadTikTok: @iitsmohammadMarch 30, 2022
Zoe BaronIG: @thezoebaronApril 6, 2022
Gianina PaolantonoTikTok: @gianinaApril 13, 2022
Nesrin DananIG: @blackprintsApril 20, 2022

Where You Can Watch Verified

Our Verified series will officially launch on December 1st, 2021, with the release of Bunny Barbie’s interview. Mark your calendars – it’s going to be a good one! All 19 of the episodes will be published on our YouTube channel. After the first episode is released, the rest will be released every following Wednesday. Subscribe to the channel here and turn on post notifications so you don’t miss an episode! 

To keep up with the Verified series, follow our other social media channels! Stay tuned for teasers, sneak peeks of upcoming episodes, and other updates on the series. Here are the links to each of our social media platforms:

Social Media PlatformOur Handle
TikTok @neoreach

Every platform seems to be adding some type of short video feature. Check this blog to learn about TikTok’s latest addition, TikTok Stories, and how to use it in your campaign.

Final Thoughts

Here at NeoReach, we understand the immense power of the Creator Economy. We created Verified because we want all of you to understand that, too. What better way to do that than placing the spotlight on the individuals who keep it afloat? – Creators. 

The Verified series features 19 Creators and 19 stories. We are extremely excited to share this creator series with the world and highlight the hard work of these amazing individuals. Stay tuned on December 1st, 2021, for the first episode of Verified!

This article was written by Rachel Phillis

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