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Top 10 Australian Food Instagram Accounts

By Editorial Staff

If you are a foodie, then you might be familiar with the exotic and amazing food trends stemming from Australia. Towers of pancakes smothered in Nutella, bright blue açaí bowls, and cotton candy on top of almost everything. Australia is known for their exquisite food creations, mixing multitudes of cuisines to create dishes that are too beautiful to eat. Whether you are a local Aussie, a tourist, or just looking to sweeten your Instagram feed, these top Australian food Instagram accounts will have you seeing with your stomachs.


If you are a foodie loving the Australian food trends, breakfastinsydney is an Instagram account you MUST follow. This account is based out of Sydney, focusing on the top “brekky” spots in the area. Although they are breakfast focused, you will be able to find burgers, pasta dishes, and much more when scrolling through their feed. A majority of their posts are dishes from restaurants in Bondi Beach, Surry Hills, and other Sydney hotspots. On occasion they also showcase foods from Melbourne, Brisbane, and other Aussie food hubs. If you are looking for trendy food inspiration or cool restaurant recommendations, breakfastinsydney will not disappoint!


hungrymate_au is another top rated Australian food Instagram account that will fill your feed with eccentric and envious dishes. These hungry mates take videos and photos for restaurants, which you can see all across their feed. If you are an Aussie-based restaurant looking for a food photographer and videographer, be sure to check out these guys! When scrolling through their feed you will see food featured from Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane. If you love seeing bizarre burgers, fairy floss hotcakes, and adorable cafes, then you will want to follow hungrymate_au!


If you are looking for a highly acclaimed food search, then look no further than Zomato. Zomato is a restaurant search and discovery service that operates in 28 different countries, Australia being one of them. Similar to TripAdvisor and Yelp, Zomato is a website service that allows you to search endless cuisines and restaurants within their network. If you are looking to add some food to your Instagram feed, zomatoaus is a top account to follow. Their feed features up-close photos of trending food throughout Australia. From intricate superfruit bowls, to oddball burgers, zomatoaus covers it all!


If you are planning to visit the most livable city that is Melbourne, you will want to try some of their elaborate food creations. The city is known for their street art and creative environment, which can be cleary seen incorporated into their food. One of the top Instagrams that focuses on Melbourne’s food culture is topfoodmelbourne. On their page, you can find cartoon-inspired desserts, fresh fish dishes, and those pretty pancakes piled high with fruit that we sugarholics dream of! If you are looking for food inspo that has a variety of cuisines, topfoodmelbourne is one you don’t want to miss.

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Another must-follow food account based in Melbourne is theplateproject. This account incorporates both photos and videos of the range of local foods that Melbourne has to offer. Their feed has a more relatable feel, as they post photos that you yourself capture while at a boozy brunch or weekday lunch. Moreover, there are some funny food memes sprinkled throughout their feed, as well as the unique ways that Melbourne natives get creative with their food, such as pizza proposals! Who doesn’t love a good pizza proposal? theplateproject also features delicious drinks and up-and-coming Australian food trends for those of you who are interested in what the locals like to indulge in.


melbfoodbaby is an account that will have your eyes in your stomach. Their feed has a consistent theme of incorporating multiple plates in just one photo. Instead of posting just one dish from a restaurant or café, this account features numerous options in each photo, appealing those of us who want more of a variety. Their feed is full of colorful and unique dishes that will have your tastebuds tingling. If you are looking for an Instagram account teeming with trendy Australian brunches, lunches, and more, melbfoodbaby is worth a follow.


Brunch, a mix between breakfast and lunch, can arguably be the best meal in existence. Whether you are looking for pancakes or a sandwich, you can find it on sydneybrunchcrawler. This account is based out of Sydney, a mecca for Australian food trends. You can find nutella french toast topped with fairy floss (otherwise known as cotton candy), matcha hotcakes (aka pancakes), or hot pink fruit bowls! On this account you will find multiple restaurants that will have what you are looking for. With brunch food photos making up most of their Instagram feed, sydneybrunchcrawler also incorporates videos of the local restaurants and foods to give you a better sense of the environment and complexity of the dishes.


Although Australia is known for their unique foods, their drink creations are not to be overlooked. eatdrinkplaysyd is an account that features food, drinks, and fun events going on around Sydney. This account has less of the vibrant pancakes and acai bowls, but provides an upscale insight on some of the best cocktails and locations for a classy night out in the amazing city of Sydney. Rather than looking on TripAdvisor for activities and events, you can get an inside look at special events that other tourists might not know about. If you are visiting Sydney and looking for a delicious cocktail, you will find many hot spots to visit on eatdrinkplaysyd.


sydneyfoodprn will have your Instagram feed inundated with incredible desserts and food inspo. You can find a variety of delicious dishes from local Sydney cafes and hotspots ranging, to black truffle soft serve, and sushi donuts! This account showcases dishes of all different cuisines, but has a strong focus on the delectable desserts and treats that you see all over social media. If you are walking around the city and looking to find a place to get purple ice cream, dimsum with faces, or ice cream macaron sandwiches, you will find the best spots on sydneyfoodprn.


4foodssake is a food blog that mainly features food from Sydney and Melbourne. Their feed aesthetic is crisp, clear photos that really make the details and colors of the food pop out of the photo. You will find all of the food trends you’re looking for, whether it be lattes in ice cream cones, four story pancakes with rainbow ice cream on top, or gravity waffles. Their photos often incorporate a variety of different dishes and drinks, giving your eyes a lot to feast on. If you are interested in unique cake decorating inspo, this account is everything you need and more. Whether you are a local, visitor, or looking to spice up your Instagram feed, 4foodsake will not disappoint!

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This article was written by Eunna Oh

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