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Marques Brownlee Net Worth Breakdown

By Editorial Staff

Marques Brownlee has amassed one of the largest followings on YouTube as a star in the tech sector. His tech reviews are oftentimes highly rated with former Google executives even branding him the best technology reviewer alive. With such high praise, and such a large following, naturally people wonder, how much money does this guy make exactly? Well, the short answer is a lot, and probably more than me or you. So, what exactly is the Marques Brownlee net worth?


Marques is originally from Maplewood, New Jersey and attended Columbia high school. He later double-majored in business and information technology from Stevens Institute of Technology.

Unlike the typical distracted high school student, Marques devoted time to building his channel at a young age. In 2009 he published his first technology review on the platform, with a focus on hardware at the start of his channel. His videos and expertise have been featured on some of the top outlets in the country, including Forbes and NBC among countless others. 

Marques has also had the opportunity to interview several of the most famous tech celebrities and non-tech celebrities alike over the years. This list includes Bill Gates, Kobe Bryant, Elon Musk, and Will Smith among many more. After getting the chance to talk to that list of celebrities, Marques Brownlee net worth isn’t the only thing we are jealous of!

Social Media

Marques has a great presence on a variety of social media platforms besides YouTube, including Twitter and Instagram. 

He carries his @mkbhd through all of his platforms which are linked below:

PlatformFollower Count

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Double Life as Pro Athlete 

While the humble Marques often refers to himself as a geek, he rarely mentions his other career, one based around a career in a pro sports league.

Besides his tech career Marques also excels at the sport of ultimate frisbee. He is even a professional in the American Ultimate Disc League. Previously he played in several different leagues before joining the AUDL, and is currently a member of the NY Empire who actually just won the championship.

Marques Brownlee Net Worth Breakdown

Marques Brownlee receives his revenue from two main sources, and no, neither of them is his career as an ultimate frisbee player.  

Those two sources are: 

  1. YouTube views
  2. Affiliate links

Mainly through these two sources, Marques Brownlee net worth is valued at a total of 4 million dollars, according to Celebrity Net Worth

YouTube revenue is hard to determine as the algorithm can be heavily based off of the individual video and channel. Marques also does not release information about how much he makes from affiliate links and other deals. 

More on Marques

Marques Brownlee is one of the most well-liked tech YouTubers on the platform, and his numbers show that. After starting out back in 2008 at 18 years old, he has attracted one of the largest YouTube followings out of any channel, not even just tech-related. With 11.9 million subscribers it’s not hard to assume Marques Brownlee’s net worth must be envious. Those type of numbers will generate massive amounts of sheer YouTube revenue, without even factoring in his affiliate link money. 

Over the course of his channel’s lifetime, he has received more than 2 billion views, a benchmark not many will ever come close to. Marques has put out more than 1260 videos since 2008, which means he averages over 1.6 million views per video. Now imagine what those numbers add up to monetarily and you get a very large sum. Estimates place his earned income from YouTube alone close to 53k just this month, putting him on track for well over 600k in income this year from just YouTube.

Over time, his estimated YouTube earnings per month have drastically continued to increase. Back in December of 2016 for example, Marques Brownlee’s net worth was only expected to increase by 16.6k that month. In recent months that figure now hovers close to 50k nearly every month, with some months like November of 2019 reaching almost 75k (Christmas shopping advice no doubt). It is important to remember these are estimated figures that are based on his channel’s key metrics, but due to the complicated YouTube algorithm, earnings can vary immensely. When combined with other income streams Marques Brownlee’s net worth is certainly well deserved given his great success on YouTube.

Now factor in his affiliate links and you are looking at quite the net worth. Unfortunately, he has not released any information on how much he has made from affiliate link codes, so we are only left to wonder. 

Due to his likeability, he is a great candidate for so many different companies’ influencer marketing campaigns. Interestingly enough, Marques Brownlee states that he does not have any paid sponsors in his videos. The last time he addressed this topic he said occasionally he will have a company sponsor a video, but that is for the sole reason of getting things he would not have been able to get. For instance, the first look at a Google Pixel may require Marques to shout out Google, but that does not mean he is literally “paid” by Google or sponsored in the traditional way.

He will also partner with sponsors to give away free products. For example, Apple may theoretically “gift” him 100 smartphones that he will then give away to promote his channel. Even though he has the financial resources, purchasing and shipping out 100 phones would be quite time consuming, so he does this through a sponsor.

While his sponsorship deals may not earn him instant cash like many other influencers, Marques is quite smart by doing this. By being the first person to get the exclusive look at a device, he gains credibility. Also,  if anyone wants to see this device they have to watch him, adding to his views and subscriber count. Giveaways sponsored by brands also grow his channel overall and his views immensely.

Now by making money in the long term from these sponsorship deals, Marques also takes little to no risk in compromising his credibility. If he was heavily sponsored by Apple and trashed a Windows device everyone would stop watching his channel due to suspected bias. Without taking money directly, he profits off sponsors through growing his channel, making money, and keeping his credibility intact. Clearly, he’s putting his business expertise to good use here!

Look for Marques to continue to add to his net worth as one of the top influencers in the tech space!

This article was written by Cameron Kanner

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