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Khaby Lame Net Worth Breakdown

By Editorial Staff

Khabane Lame, more commonly known as “Khaby,” is undoubtedly a household name. A 22-year-old TikTok star from Italy, Khaby rose to fame over the outbreak of COVID-19. Like many, Lame was laid off from his job amid the pandemic, priorly a factory worker in Chivasso. So, how is it that in 2022 he’s amassed nearly 153 million followers on TikTok, with over 2.5 billion lifetime likes? How has all of this impacted the total Khaby Lame net worth?


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Khabane Lame was born in Senegal in March of 2000. He moved to Italy at only a year old and has lived there ever since. At 20 years old, Khaby was laid off from his job as a CNC machine operator at a factory in northern Italy.

Upon losing his position, Khaby moved back into his family’s apartment in hopes of finding a new job. Lame found quick success in the digital world, and it wasn’t long before he garnered a following. Little did he know, this was the first step to becoming a huge name across TikTok, the internet at large, the fashion industry, and more.

Posting TikToks frequently, Khaby’s audience was greatly interested in the parody-style videos he’d grown to produce. Utilizing the stitch tool, he created videos to poke fun at the highly popularized “life hacks” that riddle the internet. 


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Social Media

TikTok @khaby.lame

Instagram @khaby00

Twitter @KhabyLame 

Setting himself apart

Khaby is especially relevant in today’s media and doubly appreciated by his loyal followers. He’s been known as an “everyman,” not only for his roots and beginnings in social media but for his dedication to authenticity. He’s a true success story for all to watch unfold.

Unlike his counterparts Charli D’amelio, Bella Poarch, or Addison Rae — who currently sit at ranks directly below him on follow-count leaderboards — Khaby is an unlikely candidate for the title Most Followed TikTok Star. He’s not known for beauty tips or health food recipes like many creators boasting high follower counts. 

Instead, Lame curates a sheer relatability that comes alongside his rise to fame and the universality of his content. Ironically, most of his content has no words at all. He thrives on organic, natural fame that comes not from high-production clips, but humor and highly transferable subject matter.

His deadpan stare and shrug are one combination that followers have learned to love, poking fun at the overly difficult and often exaggerated tutorials found on TikTok. This is found in response to all kinds of content, from career-oriented videos to those that are fitness and DIY focused. 

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Brand Partnerships

Perhaps the greatest feats of the overall Khaby Lame net worth are his brand partnerships and ad revenue. Here are a few of the biggest names contributing to the total Khaby Lame net worth:


This app is best known for its versatility as a fantasy sports platform. It allows those who download to play fantasy hockey, basketball, baseball, handball, and much more.

Hugo Boss

This company is a luxury fashion house rooted in Germany. Targeting millennials, Hugo Boss is known for their upscale clothing, accessories, and fragrances. Khaby collaborated with this company to create BOSS x Khaby, a collection including his very own miniature Khaby Lame doll.


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Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. It allows users to trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and BNB. It functions as a wallet where currency may be bought, sold, and kept securely. Lame’s role in this partnership aims to educate his large audience on the importance of crypto and aid in the debunking of general myths and concerns tied to the common fears of the currency. 

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Lame has partnered with a number of companies, vastly contributing to his ad revenue. To name a few, we have:

  • Google Pixel
  • Meta
  • Marvel
  • NBA
  • Universal Pictures

Khaby Lame Net Worth

Adding up all these revenue sources is a task, seeing as Lame reaches far and wide in the digital community. The total Khaby Lame net worth is a whopping $13 million, stemming from each one of his social media platforms. Here’s a breakdown from Celebrity Net Worth: 

TikTok Income → $4 million

Instagram Earnings → $1 million

Annual Income → $5 million

This income is vast, leaving Khaby with a grand budget for high-end amenities. For this reason, his possessions include a $6 million luxury home in Italy, a Lamborghini Huracán, Porsche 911, BMW X6, and many more.


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An extra source of revenue for Khaby can be found from his online shop, Khaby Shop. At the time of publication, this shop is empty, though it’s reported to have sold a variety of items from clothing to candles.

Personal Life

Khaby currently lives in Italy alongside his girlfriend and soon-to-be wife Zaira Nucci. Zaira also claims some fame on social media with around 143k Instagram followers. She’s 19 years old and spends her time at school studying interior design. 


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He also advocates frequently throughout his social pages, from topics surrounding climate justice to animal rights. He shares videos outlining both his own efforts to help the world we live in, as well as informational content that shows in real time the struggles across the globe. 

Khaby Lame is surprisingly enough not an Italian citizen, due to difficulties with the legal system in Italy. This makes it increasingly difficult for him to travel. Despite this, however, Khaby still makes time to meet with some of our greatest celebrities here in America. From names like Snoop Dogg to Terry Crews, it seems Lame is well acquainted with many of our modern-day sensations.


Lane has collaborated with several relevant influencers. This isn’t an extensive list, but to name a few, there’s: 

Keke Palmer 


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Lele Pons

Hannah Stocking

Snoop Dogg


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Jason Derulo

Ed Sheeran

Terry Crews 


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This article was written by Madeline Fait

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