Campaign Teardown

Keeps: Influencer Marketing Campaign Teardown

By Editorial Staff

Unlike other companies utilizing the power of YouTuber marketing to spread awareness, Keeps is unique in what it offers. As opposed to marketing gifts, foods, or services, Keeps is using its advertising to promote a solution to a problem two-thirds of all men past 35 have: male pattern baldness. 

What is Keeps?

Keeps sells and offers a variety of products that contain Finasteride and Minoxide — two compounds that are FDA-approved for preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth. They also arrange meetings with doctors and create plans to make sure their customers receive the prescription and products that work best for them. 

Keeps also carries shampoos, conditioners, and pomades designed to thicken pre-existing hair. All of this helps support healthy hair maintenance and gives men their hair back in healthy, effective ways.

Who Are Keeps?

Keeps was founded in 2018 by Steven Gutentag and Demetri Karagas, who struggled with their own hair loss and were looking for a solution. Access to male pattern baldness treatments was complicated and expensive, so the two figured to create a company to make access easier and more cost-effective for people all over. 

From those humble beginnings, the two have grown the company and helped “hundreds of thousands of guys” with their own hair loss struggles. The reviews of their service reflect this, showcasing a powerful 4.7 stars out of 5, with many praising the company for the effectiveness of its treatments. 

Part of Keeps’ success is with its marketing: using the internet and namely YouTubers to spread its mission statement and its services to men struggling with male pattern baldness all over the world. Our Q3 Top Spenders Report puts them at number 2, with 144 sponsored videos and a total IMV (Influencer Marketing Value) of $4,214,907.84.

Many of the influencers who are sponsored by Keeps often place an insert ad at the beginning or in the middle of their video, personally promoting the company and the values that it stands for. The influencers Keeps sponsors vary, from new up-and-comers to established YouTubers, from lifestyle content to entertainment news.

The Influencers 

1. Theo Von

Theodore Capitani von Kurnatowski, otherwise known as Theo Von, is a stand-up comedian and YouTuber. He started in reality television and then moved to internet podcasting, finding massive success. 

An episode of his current podcast The Past Weekend, featuring Joe Rogan, another infamously massive podcaster, was sponsored by Keeps. Now past 6 million views, it has a staggering IMV of $243,887.46.

2. Donut Media

Donut Media is a YouTube-based content brand formed around 2015, with its content primarily oriented around cars and car-related hijinks. They have a variety of vehicle-related Internet shows, all hosted by different personalities and having various different focuses, from comparing car parts to reacting to depictions of cars in media.

One of their videos, where they tried out car products featured on the business reality TV show Shark Tank, was sponsored by Keeps. It currently has 2.2 million views and boasts an IMV of $191,050.74.

3. Best Ever Food Review Show

Best Ever Food Review Show is the channel created by filmmaker Will Sonbuchner, also known as Sonny Side. While based in Vietnam, it records globally, trying out various cultural foods, comparing and exposing its viewers to interesting new dishes from all over the world. 

It also made headlines for being the first ever YouTube channel to receive permission from the United States to film in Iran.

This video, showcasing a local noodle dish incredibly popular in Vietnam, was also sponsored by Keeps. It currently is sitting at 2.1 million views and has made $172,037.26 in IMV for the anti-hair loss brand.

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4. JxmyHighroller

JxmyHighroller is a YouTuber who’s known for excelling in one specific niche: making short documentaries and videos about various basketball-related topics. While the channel was created in 2010 as a general athletics channel, it took some time for JxmyHighroller to find his calling and make his YouTube brand.

A documentary that JxmyHighroller did on Victor Wembanyama, a French basketball player who’s seen as a basketball prodigy and shoe-in for the future NBA, has 4.2 million views and has and IMV of $143,050.28.

5. Philip DeFranco

Philip DeFranco is a YouTuber who’s most famous for The Philip DeFranco Show, a web series that began in 2006 as humble entertainment news. Almost two decades later, he’s broadened his reach to covering politics, current events, and global events, being one of the most trusted and well-liked “news personalities” today.

One of his midweek news videos, featuring a section interviewing Dr. Richard Letteri about the popularity of recent shows and documentaries centered around true crime, had 998K views and has made $134,043.90 in IMV for its sponsor Keeps.

6. Cleetus McFarland

Garret Mitchell, going by Cleetus McFarland, is known for his racing and car content. While he started making YouTube videos in 2009, he built up enough prevalence to compete in a 2022 Stadium Super Trucks event, snatching second place.

One of his Keeps sponsored vlogs, covering the maintenance and repair of one of his trucks, gained 735K views and an IMV of $102,003.36.

Conclusion: Why is Keeps Succeeding Through Influencer Marketing?

Keeps is a great example of the philosophy “do one thing, and do it well” — focusing their entire brand and product line on the preservation of men’s hair fits into a specific niche that many established brands have not tapped into.

With Keeps’ primary demographic being men 35 and older, many of the YouTubers that have seen the most success often cover content that many people in that demographic enjoy: podcasts, cars, sports, and news. Promoting Keeps directly to them helps get the service to the people that want it.

Through this strategy, Keeps successfully found and appealed to its core demographic, resulting in massive marketing success and a high IMV overall. If they continue these strategies, they will no doubt see further growth in their business and brand awareness.

This article was written by Michael Litman

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