Top Trending TikTok Filters of 2022

By Editorial Staff

Making use of the top 20 trending TikTok filters is the perfect way to bring your content from regular to regularly trending. Whether you’re looking for a filter to add some lashes, transport you to another location, or add a hilarious detail to your video, there is certainly a TikTok filter for you. Check out our list of the top 20 trending TikTok filters of 2022.

1. AI Manga

Coming in at number one of the top 20 trending TikTok filters of 2022 is AI manga. This filter has exploded in popularity recently, and for good reason. Its incredible transformation of normal people and objects into AI characters is like magic.


We had to try it 😂 #aifilter #aimanga #mangafilter #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #doggo #dogsoftiktok #doggydaycare #dogdaycare #dog #dogs

♬ オリジナル楽曲 – ローカルカンピオーネ🗾👑 – ローカルカンピオーネ🗾👑

2. Dancing Elves

Altering your reality to have little dancing elves all around you? Count me in! This filter is extremely silly and perfect to use for the holidays. 

3. Heavenly

Turn anyone into a heavenly being with TikTok’s “heavenly” filter! With a sparkling crown and glowing background, this filter transforms you into the God or Goddess that you are meant to be. Even Jersey Shore icon Snooki is loving it.


Happy 2023 bitches. Let’s do this shit

♬ im good – kpopvrycs⁷

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4. Chilly

Looking to make your videos icier? Try TikTok’s “chilly” filter to make every day feel like a snow day.


5. Green Screen 

A TikTok classic, the “green screen” allows you to transport yourself to, well, anywhere! Want to go to the Eiffel Tower? How about the top of Mount Everest? What about the planet Mars? You can check that off your bucket list because the “green screen” filter will take you there.


It’s in your hands tik tok

♬ Squid Game – Carrot

6. Green Screen Video

Another classic, the “green screen video” serves the same purpose as the “green screen” effect, but allows you to project any video you can imagine behind you.


I miss my job😭 @mcnuttbutt #vacation #occupation #aquarium #greenscreenvideo

♬ “Vacation” by Dirty Heads – .

8. Nutcracker

Tired of scrolling? Head over to the “nutcracker” filter to take a break and play a fun, interactive game. Crack as many nuts as you can to win.

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9. In 2023

We all have New Year’s resolutions, but which ones will you actually stick to this 2023? Try out the trending TikTok filter “in 2023” to find out what you’ll be up to next year.


♬ original sound – Charles Gross

10. Gold Color Highlighter

This trending TikTok filter does God’s work and turns anyone into a glowing specimen of sunshine and light. Enhance your glowing beauty with TikTok’s “gold color highlighter” filter.


♬ –

11. You Will End 2022

How will you end 2022? Think you’ll meet the love of your life? What about winning the lottery? Find your fate today, with the “you will end 2022” trending TikTok filter.


4 days to gooo~~~ #filters #tiktokfilters #memestiktok #fyp #trending #viral

♬ original sound – Gvaudio

13. Stop Motion

TikTok’s “stop motion” filter brings the drama into any video you’re creating. Looking to take your thirst trap to another level? Throw on the “stop motion” filter to turn yourself into a movie star, strutting across the big, silver screen.


♬ distraction – ✿

14. Manga Lashes

The “manga lash” look turns your eyelashes into long, dreamy works of art. No need to hire a celebrity makeup artist, “manga lashes” will give you those picture perfect lashes in the blink of an eye.

15. Time Glitch

Looking for the ultimate filter to alter time and space with the click of a button? No need to study astrophysics to figure it out, because “Time glitch” does it for you. This filter elevates any video into a masterpiece.


UNTOUCHABLE 💅🏻 @chris @sri! #no

♬ original sound – .

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16. Blue Eyes

I saw Alix Earle using the “blue eyes” TikTok filter… so I used the “blue eyes” TikTok filter. Need we say anymore? I think we’d all do anything to get one step closer to becoming our queen, Alix, so the filter being one of the top 20 trending TikTok filters of 2022 is no surprise.


In LOVE. It’s from @whitefox use code AETIKTOK for $ off!!

♬ original sound – Alix Earle

17. Front Flashlight

TikTok heard us and delivered. We’ve all been there: you just spent two hours getting ready, hopped in the Uber, and all you want to do is make a thirst trap, but the lighting just is not giving. “Front flashlight” to the rescue, here to save your front camera videos.


save it now!!!

♬ original sound – PerkioOfThePerk🥴

18. Lashes

We clearly love our lashes in 2022; a second “lashes” filter lands a spot on the top 20 trending TikTok filters of 2022! This filter creates a beautiful, airy lash style that can elevate any makeup look.

19. The Grinch X Natville

This hilarious Grinch filter earns its spot on the top 20 trending TikTok filters of 2022 because of how painfully hilarious it is. The Grinch can follow you everywhere, and I mean everywhere…



♬ original sound – Alanarose

20. Wednesday Character

If you haven’t seen Netflix’s recent release, Wednesday, go run and watch it! After you finish the spectacularly spooky series, try this filter to find out which Wednesday character you are.


This is so random

♬ Dance Dance Dance With My Hands Hands Hands (Speed Up) – Remix – Bella DJ

This article was written by Katie Hale

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