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These were the Fastest Growing Creators in 2022

By Editorial Staff

With this year coming and going, it is time to reflect on the past year to see who the fastest-growing creators in 2022 were. In this article, we will take a look at the top 5 fastest growing creators, chosen by their following growth rate in the past 6 months. 


1. Jason Derulo @jasonderulo


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More known for his music career, Jason Derulo also makes his presence known on Instagram through funny skits and the usage of CGI videos. His feed is a combination of promotional and non-promotional videos, with the latter being the majority. 


    • Followers: 21.6 M
    • Engagement Rate: 2.05%
    • Follower Growth Rate: 245%
    • Location: United States

2. Richarlison de Andrade @richarlison


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Richarlison is a Brazilian soccer player who plays as a forward for the premier league club Tottenham Hotspur and the Brazil national team. He was a member of the team that won 2019’s Copa America, a gold medal at the 2020 Olympics, and the 2022 FIFA World Cup. 


    • Followers: 19.3M
    • Engagement Rate: 5.61%
    • Follower Growth Rate: 208%
    • Location: São Paulo, Brazil

3. Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva @Lulaoficial

Lula is short for Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, and is the president-elect for the country of Brazil. He has an extensive history in the political ring, serving as a popular president from 2003-2010. He will be sworn in on 1 January 2023. Lula uses his platform extensively to connect with the Brazilian populace and spread his campaign ideas. 


    • Followers: 11.7M
    • Engagement Rate: 4.49%
    • Follower Growth Rate: 212%
    • Location: São Paulo, Brazil

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4. @Jays1million


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A post shared by 💔 (@jays1million)

This account revolves around their in-house production of music and their support of classical Black artists. Their reels and main posts surround the fashion world, particularly a new wave of fashion that has an emphasis on the beauty of the color black. 


    • Followers: 11M
    • Engagement Rate: .62%
    • Follower Growth Rate: 337%
    • Location: Birmingham, USA

5. Mirella Santos @erummirellasantos


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A post shared by Mirella Santos (@eumirellasantos)

Mirella Santos makes comedic videos on Instagram Feels, with some of them evolving into her dancing. She also posts day-to-day content about what she’s doing in her life, like when she’s shopping and cooking. 


    • Followers: 10.6M
    • Engagement Rate: 14.88%
    • Follower Growth Rate: 304%
    • Location: Brazil

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1. @Surthycooks


Responder a @claudiaadriana866 100 sonrisas ❤

♬ original sound – fourwashington

Surthycooks is a Venezuelan TikToker who puts a spin on traditional cooking content. Her content involves making large quantities of traditional Venezuelan and Lebanese food that she then gives out on the street. Her content is philanthropic in nature and is in direct opposition to creators who waste large quantities of food just for content. 


    • Followers: 19.7M
    • Engagement Rate: 12.18%
    • Follower Growth Rate: 352%
    • Location: Venezuela

2. @Noelgoescrazy


Reply to @kajiiyeet he liked it😂😂 #fürdich #fyp #fy

♬ …..Wiii – ⚡ 𝕵𝖊𝖘𝖚𝖘⚡

Noelgoescrazy’s TikToks are about him messing with people and then dancing when he gets caught. While very simplistic, Noel is a talented dancer that makes entertaining content. 


    • Followers: 18.8M
    • Engagement Rate: 5.68%
    • Follower Growth Rate: 172%
    • Location: Peru

3. Speed @Ishowspeed



♬ Shootout – Izzamuzzic & Julien Marchal

Speed is a Twitch streamer who is known for his live streams playing Valorant, NBA 2K and Fortnite. He is known for his violent/offensive outbursts in his live streams but his TikTok seems to be more civil as he solely posts humorous clips with a certain twist of irony. 


    • Followers: 13.1M
    • Engagement Rate: 42.87%
    • Follower Growth Rate: 191%
    • Location: United States

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4. HotSpanish @Hotspanishmx


Ahora con la papita mas picosa del mundo #fyp #parati #reto

♬ original sound – HotSpanish

Hotspanishmx is a challenge creator. More specifically he walks around giving people money if they win his challenges. In some instances, he gives people money just to catch their reactions on camera. 


    • Followers: 11.5M
    • Engagement Rate: 20.21%
    • Follower Growth Rate: 397%
    • Location: Mexico

5. Ramon Vitor @ramonvitor



♬ som original – Ramon

This Brazilian Tiktoker makes content off of different aspects of his life. Some of these videos involve DIY projects around the home, taking care of his newborn son, and at-home cooking. 


    • Followers: 10.9M
    • Engagement Rate: 12.75%
    • Follower Growth Rate: 183%
    • Location: Brazil

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1. DONA 도나 @dona_r

This South Korean duo makes silly Mukbangs for the younger demographic. They wear vibrant-colored clothing and bright candy to appeal to kids visually. On top of that, the humor in these videos evokes a slapstick comedy that’s becoming the basis of kid’s channels on YouTube. 


    • Followers: 29.1M
    • Engagement Rate: .85%
    • Follower Growth Rate: 317%
    • Location: United States


This Turkish YouTube channel makes Shorts about heartwarming lessons given or learned by a kid. This channel primarily posts Shorts, but then compiles these Shorts into longer-form videos. 


    • Followers: 17.2M
    • Engagement Rate: .46%
    • Follower Growth Rate: 277%
    • Location: Turkey

3. Shorts Break @ShortsBreak_Official

Shorts Break is an Indian YouTube channel that makes skits about day-to-day life, including topics on gender, romance, marriage, and familial relationships. Their strategy primarily uses Shorts despite being on YouTube. 


    • Followers: 17.2M
    • Engagement Rate: 9.86%
    • Follower Growth Rate: 176%
    • Location: India

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4. Unknown boy varun @uknownboyvarun

Unknown Boy Varun is a YouTuber that creates pop romcoms in the form of YouTube shorts. Each short usually involves love and a transformation of character throughout the story progression. 


    • Followers: 16.5M
    • Engagement Rate: 10.03%
    • Follower Growth Rate: 174%
    • Location: India

5. Spider Slack @SpiderSlack

Spider slack plays on current trends, but with one gimmick. The man doing the trends dresses up as spiderman. Spider slack primarily posts shorts, and then compiles them into longer-form Youtube videos. 


    • Followers: 15.4M
    • Engagement Rate: 1.62%
    • Follower Growth Rate: 174%
    • Location: Brazil

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This article was written by Benjamin Byun

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