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Influencing the World with Self-Love and Positivity: Emira D’Spain Net Worth Breakdown

By Editorial Staff

Model and TikToker Emira D’Spain recently made history as the first Black Transgender woman to work with Victoria’s Secret.  She told USA Today, “I want to empower young trans women and men around the world to show them that the beauty and fashion industries are changing, especially if you are a POC. I am so grateful to work with Victoria’s Secret and hope this paves the way for those after me.” Whether you’re a diehard Emira fan or just learning about her, keep reading for a complete Emira D’Spain net worth breakdown!

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About Emira and Her Career 

Emira was born in Dubai but raised in Dallas, Texas. Eventually, Emira moved to New York City where, shortly after, she attended New York University and grew in popularity.

Emira has been open about her racial background, stating that she is “half black.” Emira’s mother is from Eritrea in East Africa, and according to Emira, about half of her family still resides there.

She admits that she’s not very connected to her Habesha culture, but she’s still proud of her cultural and ethnic roots. Emira mentioned that she often gets mistaken for other races/ethnicities, which is often a struggle for biracial people. 

To begin the Emira D’Spain net worth breakdown, Emira is largely known for her presence on TikTok where she sports 1.2 million followers and 27.7 million likes. She posts beauty and skincare content. Her “Get Ready With Me” videos are among her most popular. Emira has a glowing presence in the beauty community, promoting self-care and self-love.

She partners with brands like L’Oreal to promote their beauty and skincare, even influencing her audience to sell out Charlotte Tilbury’s “Pinkgasm” Beauty Light Wand.  


Spring vlog ft. @katespade 🥹🌸💓 It all started with a morning walk around around NYC 👀 #katespadepartner #katespadeny #vlog #nyc #nycvlog #dayinmylife

♬ Bach unaccompanied cello suite “Prelude” – Jianteng

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Emira D’Spain Net Worth Breakdown 

Emira D’Spain’s net worth is estimated to be 500k-1 Million. Although it’s difficult to estimate the exact net worth number, with Emira’s 1.2 million followers on TikTok and 107k on Instagram, it’d be no surprise that much of her revenue comes from partnerships and advertisements.

Victoria’s Secret

D’Spain kicked off Black History Month by being the first Black Transgender woman to partner with Victoria’s Secret. She shared a TikTok entitled “Single Girl’s Guide to a Perfect Valentine’s Day.” It’s well known that Victoria’s Secret pays their models and “angels” anywhere from  $100,000-$1,000,000 a year. It is not clear what Emira was paid for this collaboration. 

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PAPER and Snapchat

Emira works at PAPER as their resident beauty expert. She hosted PAPER’s show on Snapchat called ‘Snatchural’ where she tries viral beauty and skincare products. ‘Snatchural’ has 34k subscribers. This likely factors into Emira D’Spain’s net worth. 


As a model, Emira is signed with CollXab, a marketing agency co-founded by Andrew Warren with over 60 company partnerships. With this company, Emira has signed onto campaigns with: 

  • Nars: a French skincare and cosmetic company.
  • Ugg: an American fashion company known for comfy, sheepskin boots.
  • Google: “the” American multinational technology company.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills: an American cosmetics company.
  • Fenty Beauty: a cosmetics brand established by Rhinna, known for inclusive products for various skin tones.


With Ugg for example, their affiliate program has influencers making 3-10% commission, with some affiliates making over $10,000 a month! Emira recently partnered with Charlotte Tilbury at New York City fashion week. 


VLOGGING NYFW with @charlottetilbury 🥹💗 this is literally a dream come true…i felt like a princess! the @christiansiriano show was so iconic and i had the best time ✨#ctpartner #nyfwvlog #fashionweek #vlog #nycvlog

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Third Love

In addition, she also partnered with Third Love, an American lingerie company, to style her Valentine’s Day date night look! In this partnership, Emira provided a code EMIRA15 for 15% off an order. According to their website, ThirdLove affiliates get the benefits of:

  • 5% base commissions
  • Creative assets are updated regularly
  • Product for review 
  • Custom codes 
  • And more!

In another paid partnership, Emira worked with First Aid Beauty to promote their Ultra Repair Cream. The First Aid Beauty affiliate program boasts:

  • Competitive 10% commission rate
  • Free shipping on orders over $50
  • New product links
  • Promotional coupon codes
  • And more!

On top of that, Emira also collaborated in a paid partnership with Ulta Beauty to promote the Mod Duo Fragrance Collection. According to their website, Ulta boasts the following benefits to their affiliate program: 

  • Commissions advertising links and promotional banners
  • Everyday free shipping offers
  • Exclusive free gifts with qualifying purchases
  • Buy one, get one free promotion
  • Online coupon codes
  • Affiliate special offers

brb entering my mod era with QUEEN Ariana 😌✨💓 go try out the new Mod Duo fragrance collection in Mod Vanilla and Mod Blush @ultabeauty 💫🌸 #ad #fragrancehaul #newfragrance #perfumetok #arianagrande

♬ just like magic – Ariana Grande

All of these elements make up much of Emira D’Spain’s net worth. It’s no doubt that Emira has a plethora of partnerships under her belt because of her positivity in the fashion/makeup community.

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Living Her Truth 

Beyond Emira D’Spain’s net worth, as a Black Trans woman, Emira spreads her messages of self-love and positivity. “My entire platform is built on confidence and self-love,” she told USA Today. For her 25th birthday, Emira wrote for PAPER talking a bit about her own transition and journey. On her birthday, she donated a portion of the money from the gifts she received to National Center for Transgender Equality. 

She wrote, “This past weekend I threw a literal BIRTH day for myself and my new name — debuting as Emira D’spain. There are few transgender women who have the platform I do (let alone trans women of color) and this birthday served as an opportunity to introduce myself but also to leverage my platform for the greater health and well-being of the LGBTQ+ community.”

On February 26th, Emira uploaded her gender confirmation surgery vlog on TikTok where she was flooded with support. Emira expressed her gratitude for her family members and how her childhood dreams finally came true. Emira is teaching us how to love ourselves and others, making her a wonderful inspiration for all.


surgery vlog 🥹💓 so grateful for all of you #transandproud #transgender #nyc #nycvlog

♬ the winner takes it all – november ultra

This article was written by Ava Fischer

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