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Zoe Sugg Net Worth Breakdown: Both Beauty and Bank

By Editorial Staff

Who Is Zoë Sugg?

Zoë Sugg, also known by her online name, Zoella, is a British social media star, entrepreneur, and author. Zoë began her career in 2009 as a YouTuber, making her one of the original stars of the platform. Entertainment runs in the family, and Zoë’s younger brother, Joe Sugg, is also a star YouTuber. So, it comes as no surprise that the Zoë Sugg net worth amasses millions of dollars.

To begin, Zoë started her career as an apprentice at an interior design company before starting her blog: “Zoella”. The fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog quickly expanded into a YouTube channel, that shortly thereafter became two YouTube channels. 

The 32-year-old media personality is famously married to Alfie Deyes, a fellow YouTuber, author, and businessman. Zoë’s nearly 13-year-long career has allowed her to amass many followers across her platforms, go on tour, make media appearances, collaborate with brands, receive many awards, and release various products and merchandise. Zoë is estimated to have a net worth of $4 million dollars. 

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Social Media 


Zoë’s primary media presence is on YouTube, where she is the main owner of two channels, and a frequent guest on the channels of her husband Alfie Deyes, and brother Joe Sugg, helping to increase her popularity. 

  • Zoella – 10.7 million subscribers 

  • ZoeSugg – 4.94 million subscribers 

  • AlfieDeyesVlogs – 3.63 million subscribers 

  • ThatcherJoe – 7.44 million subscribers

Known for lifestyle vlogs, beauty, style, and now parenting tips, Zoë’s YouTube content has evolved over the years. Regardless, her bubbly personality has stayed the same. Whether it’s testing beauty products, an old “sibling tag” video with Joe, or a very personal Q&A about life as a parent of a young child, Zoë’s videos all feel like you’re having a fun conversation with her. She reportedly earns $480,000 from YouTube

Zoë’s “Zoella” website and blog, where her media presence first started, is home to all things style, beauty, cooking, books, sex, and health. The website is estimated to make roughly $5,000 per month from ads, contributing to Zoë Suggs’s net worth. 

Like most influencers, Zoë expanded her presence to multiple other social media platforms, all contributing to her fame and income. Zoë keeps up popular accounts on Instagram and Twitter. 


  • Zoella – 192.6k followers 


  • Zoella – 1.1 million followers 
  • zoesugg – 9.2 million followers 


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Book Releases 

A significant amount of Zoë Sugg’s net worth is attributed to her multiple published books. Her debut YA novel, Girl Online was released in 2014 as part of a book deal with Penguin Books. Girl Online and its sequels, Girl Online: On Tour and Girl Online: Going Solo, follows a teen blogger who goes viral. The YA series was wildly popular with younger readers, breaking the record for highest sales by a debut author at the time. 

Zoë Sugg briefly left the world of fiction writing with her 2019 nonfiction book Cordially Invited, described as “a seasonal guide to hosting any occasion and making a memory out of every day,”. The semi-memoir with guides to recipes and parties was criticized by fans for being unoriginal, and largely pictures, but Cordially Invited still sold 19,804 copies for $241,000 in its first week of release. 


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In 2020, Zoë co-authored another YA fiction novel with Amy McCulloch. The Magpie Society and its sequel, The Magpie Society: Two for Joy, which was released in 2021, are part of a modern gothic thriller series, also published by Penguin Books. With a total of six books to her name, book sales contribute greatly to Zoë Sugg’s net worth. 

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Zoella Brands 

Like most social media influencers, one of the most prominent ventures contributing to Zoë Sugg’s net worth is branded merchandise. She kickstarted Zoella branded products, ranging from classic merch items such as hoodies, stickers, and phone cases, as well as a line of beauty and homeware products, that Zoë’s fans were thrilled to buy. 

  • Zoella Beauty

Zoë Sugg launched her Zoella Beauty brand in 2014, in partnership with SLG Allstars, Ltd, who developed and manufactured the products. Zoë released 9 different perfumes and a variety of lotions, sugar scrubs, soaps, shower creams, and bath fizzes until the brand discontinued in 2019. 

  • Zoella Lifestyle brand 

In 2016, Zoë released a collection of homeware products exclusively in partnership with Boots UK. The items, including stationery, candles, mugs, pillows, and decor were released yearly as limited edition items under the Zoella Lifestyle brand. Distributed by many UK retailers, lovers of Zoella’s cutesy aesthetic were huge fans of the brand. 


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Although Zoë Sugg discontinued both Zoella Beauty and the Zoella Lifestyle brand by 2020, it was reported that the two businesses had a yearly revenue of 4.5 million dollars (3.8 million pounds). Over the four years, the brands were active and became a large sum of Zoë Sugg’s net worth. 

  • Sugg Life 

In 2016, Zoë and fellow YouTuber brother, Joe, collaborated with The Creator Store to release merchandise perfect for fans of the sibling. The online store offered stickers, hoodies, phone cases, and calendars, rocking the “Sugg Life” brand that was a play on “Thug Life”. Snugg Life was discontinued in 2018, but her revenue contributed to Zoë Sugg’s net worth.


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Business Interests 

Although it seemed like Zoë Sugg had fallen off the radar as her Zoella internet personally, being one of the OG YouTubers has granted Zoë a loyal fan base. Brands that have rocketed to modern internet popularity hope to collaborate with Zoë since her personal aesthetic is so recognizable. 


Colourpop cosmetics, an increasingly popular cosmetic brand, well-known for its aesthetic and vibrant products, collaborated with Zoë in 2019. The Zoella x Colourpop makeup line was retro and brunch themed, featuring an eyeshadow palette, liners, and lip glosses. Colourpop has collaborated with many big-name celebrities, speaking volumes about Zoë’s continued popularity. 

Filmm & Template 

In 2019, Zoë Sugg released two apps: Filmm, a mobile photography app, and Template, an editing app designed for editing Instagram stories. Both apps are free to download, but they offer a variety of in-app purchases for the best experience with the apps. In-app transactions contributed healthily to Zoë Sugg’s impressive net worth. 


Zoë returned to homeware in 2020, releasing products in collaboration with Etsy and independent Etsy sellers. Her limited edition collection featured notebooks, planters, tote bags, prints, and candles. 

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Zoë Sugg has been outspoken about her experience with mental health. Because of this, she proactively advocates for better mental health resources. Her partnership with Lush’s digital detox campaign aimed to build healthier relationships with social media by creating a bath bomb available to purchase for $7. 

Zoë Sugg has been an internet creator for a long time, making her an expert at promoting her personal brand. As Zoë grew up, and her content shifted toward family life, she continued to grow her following with a clean and cute aesthetic. Zoella’s timelessness on the internet is what helps Zoë Sugg’s net worth remain so impressive, so to all aspiring influencers — take notes!

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This article was written by Abigail Adams

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