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5 VidCon Influencers Who Will Make You Smile

By Misha Talavera

There are going to be some incredible creators at VidCon this summer. Here is a collection of our favorite vloggers on YouTube that make us smile. We had the pleasure to interview each of them. Here are their answers.


1. EleventhGorgeous

Vlogging since 2009, Tracy & Stefanie have become total experts when it comes to beauty and lifestyle tips. Their channel is filled with creative how-tos ranging from how to NOT wear certain makeup styles for some events to fun and genuine product reviews!  

Which piece of content of yours are you most proud of?

We’ve been doing YouTube for 6 years, so there’s so much to choose from! We really enjoy doing our “How NOT to Wear Makeup” videos. It’s something of ours that is original and unique compared to most beauty videos. They are super silly and light hearted and just so much fun to film!

Who’s your favorite Youtuber that you haven’t met?

You know we have been doing this for so long there’s not many that we haven’t met. Although, we haven’t officially met Rhett and Link, they seem pretty awesome and we like to pretend we are the girl versions of them, just not as cool, haha.

If you have been before, what’s your favorite VidCon memory? 

This will be our fourth year at VidCon (Holy cow time flies!) We really just love interacting with our viewers. It’s so rewarding to meet them and talk about everything we have in common!

Any particular VidCon events you plan to be featured in? 

We love doing panels.  We are so passionate about what we do that it’s just so fun to talk about! As for meet ups, it’s hard to meet everyone and we know viewers basically have to choose who they meet with all of the meet ups happening at the same time, so we love just walking around and having impromptu meet ups all day!

What’s your all-time favorite Vine/Internet trend?

I think it took us awhile to stop saying “or nah” but got to say we love “on fleek” ooh and GOALS! Literally way too many to list. We are such Internet nerds!

Define the main social media outlets in one word:

  • FB = Parents? haha
  • Twitter = chatroom
  • Vine = funny
  • YouTube = bae
  • Instagram = themes
  • Snapchat = confusing
  • Periscope = new


2. Jon Cozart

Jon Cozart, aka “Paint,” is one of YouTube’s creative masterminds. Not only does Jon create insanely entertaining parody singing videos, he’s making the the transition onto bigger creations like his successfully kickstarter-funded puppet short film, “Keith and Heath”.

Which piece of content of yours are you most proud of? 

Probably the first After Ever After. It took forever but it all came together in the end and it put me on the map. Plus any video where I can teach kids about bestiality is a winner.

Who was your childhood superhero? Why?

Gandalf, both White and Gray versions. He was like my British Jesus as a kid.

Who’s your favorite Youtuber that you haven’t met?

I’m on a Casey Neistat kick right now. Honestly his content is both high quality and high quantity. His life is just so interesting as well.

If you have been before, what’s your favorite VidCon memory? 

I always go to the end-of-vidcon dance instead of getting drunk with all the other guests. Last year was particularly fun— it’s like what prom should have been.

What’s your all-time favorite Vine/Internet trend? 

I love when YouTubers slap on a black and white filter and talk about their fears for five minutes. Videos like that are what separates YouTube from any other kind of entertainment.


3. Fleur De Force

Fleur is a delightful combination of beauty fashion and lifestyle content. She’s a total champ in providing insightful tips to making you feel great and definitely isn’t hesitant to sharing her expertise

Which piece of content of yours are you most proud of? 

I’m always proud of the content I produce but especially so of the content that is fashion based as its a newer area for me (I started in beauty alone).

Who’s your favorite Youtuber that you haven’t met? 

I’ve been doing YouTube for a long time now, so I’ve met most of the people you would expect! The one person I would say is the Shaytards!

What’s your all-time favorite Vine/Internet trend?

Draw my life – I learnt so much about other you tubers I had no idea about before!

Define the main social media outlets in one word

  • FB = old school
  • Twitter = chatty
  • Vine = speedy
  • YouTube = best
  • Instagram = beautiful
  • Snapchat = authentic
  • Periscope = confusing


4. Peter Hollens

One of YouTube’s acapella gems, Peter Hollens knows how to make great content. His channel includes beautifully mastered and creative music videos that are endlessly entertaining. In addition to blessing us with his talented voice, he’s also totally charming.

Which piece of content of yours are you most proud of?

Ed Sheeran – I See Fire – The Hobbit – Peter Hollens” 

Who was your childhood superhero? Why? 

My mom! She raised our entire family, and took care of my father who had multiple brain tumors during my childhood, did all the cooking, the cleaning and worked a full-time job.  HERO.

What’s your all-time favorite Vine/Internet trend?

Just the fact that people worldwide are starting to gravitate to non-traditional artist… some people’s favorite artists aren’t well known.  I LOVE THAT!!

Any particular VidCon events you plan to be featured in? 

(Content Type / Event Name / Day / Start Time / End Time / Location)

Creator Panel Covers, Mashups, Remixes & Parodies Friday 11:00 AM 12:00 PM Room 210
Creator Panel MCNs, Agents, and Managers! Oh My! – Moderator Friday 12:30 PM 1:30 PM Room 207
Rehearsal Creator Keynote Music Saturday 10:30 AM 10:45 AM Ballroom, 3rd Floor
Creator Keynote Music (~4 Minutes) Saturday 1:04 PM 1:08 PM Ballroom, 3rd Floor


5. Trisha Hershberger

Trisha is a quirky personality who’s guaranteed to make you smile as she entertains you with videos covering tech, cosplay, video games, random adventures & naked vlogging. Yes, vlogging naked. All in good taste though 🙂 Nothing holds this girl back and it’s going to be quite exciting to see where she heads next.

Which piece of content of yours are you most proud of?

The Naked Truth series – embracing who you are without any filter, scripting, makeup, hairstyling, jumpcuts (and without clothes, yes) is a very freeing and terrifying experience all at the same time. The Naked Army community is intelligent and accepting and teaches me so much about the world and myself.

Who was your childhood superhero? Why? 

Jessica Rabbit! Not only is she a brave, confident, and loyal woman, she is constantly showing that you cannot judge someone based on appearance. “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.”

Who’s your favorite youtuber that you haven’t met?

Hmmm… James Rolfe! AVGN is one of my favorites!

If you have been before, what’s your favorite VidCon memory? 

My favorite VidCon memory was when I got to join my fellow castmates from Sourcefed as we fed our comment commentary couch to the giant mechanical shark! That couch carried so many memories and so many farts… it was a beautiful send off.

Any particular VidCon events you plan to be featured in? 

I will be moderating the Gender in Gaming panel this year participating in various meetups and activities throughout the weekend. I hope Quidditch is there again this year!

What’s your all-time favorite Vine/Internet trend?

I guess babies dancing & singing way better than babies should be able to. I’m a big fan of kids being funny in all forms! Charlie bit me, Thumbs up for Rock n Roll, that adorable kid singing Hey Jude… gives me a smile that can last all day!

Define the main social media outlets in one word:

    • FB = egregious
    • Twitter = immediate
    • Vine = comedy
    • YouTube = infotainment
    • Instagram = sexy
    • Snapchat = bizarre
    • Periscope = voyeuristic
Is your favorite creator not on the list and going to VidCon? Tweet us at @NeoReach! We want to know!

This article was written by Misha Talavera

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