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Moose Toys Campaign Teardown: Oh My Gif!

By Editorial Staff

Following the demise of the United States’ most well-known toy retailer, Toys R Us, in 2018, the toy industry faced a steady decline in sales by 4% the following year. Since then, the toy industry has encountered a downturn due to the industry’s focus on traditional forms of paid media and the non-acceptance of digital campaigns. For Moose Toys, the toy manufacturer aimed to adapt to its audience of young digital natives and center their marketing spend on social media.

Through this strategy, the company needed to directly reach audiences of children and teens who prefer YouTube and online creators’ recommendations as opposed to television ads. Here’s an insight into how NeoReach used key strategies to activate influencers, track campaign performance, and celebrate the launch of Moose Toys’ Oh! My Gif collectibles by leveraging TikTok.

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Moose Toys

 Founded in 1985, Moose Toys is an Australian-owned company that has quickly risen to be the fourth-largest toy manufacturer in the United States. Currently, Moose Toys products are sold in 85 countries and range from collectibles, crafts, dolls, games, and youth electronics. Not stopping at toys, the company has also stretched itself into creating creative content, entertainment, and has made impressive worldwide licensing deals. Aiming to reach more kids globally, Moose Toys also prides itself on building powerful partnerships with the internet’s biggest digital creators, such as:

Creating Excitement for Moose Toys Beyond Traditional Media

 With toy-related content from influencers becoming saturated on YouTube, Moose Toys needed to turn to another popular platform to promote a new toy launch. However, with no evidence of previous viral toy launches on TikTok, Moose Toys required fresh strategies and perspectives to leverage the platform. Unlike YouTube, Moose Toys couldn’t rely on unboxing reviews and wanted to go outside of the box to successfully cater to TikTok and its users.

With Moose Toys’ goal to engage the platform and create a viral presence, it was crucial to use the TikTok algorithm to the brand’s advantage. By finding a way to work the algorithm, Moose Toys could keep the Oh! My Gif campaign fast-tracking for success to create long-lasting value and extend reach and inspire organic content from more users. 

To best meet the brand’s goals, NeoReach designed a standout campaign approach that boosted the brand’s online presence. To do so, NeoReach:

  1. Selected influencers tailored to the campaign through our software-backed data to ensure Oh! My Gif collectibles were promoted by breakout influencers and top-performing niche creators with high growth rates and relevant audience demographics. 
  2. Took care of the licensing for an original song and hired a choreographer to create an original dance for influencers to use to unify their content.
  3. Created an Oh! My Gif’s TikTok account that creators could link back to when using the unique song and hashtag.
  4. Created a landing page where viewers could sign up for a free collectible.

Targeting ‘cool teens’, NeoReach’s creator strategy activated 52 influencers across TikTok with relevant audiences between 23K and 280M followers. By partnering with various sized creators, NeoReach ensured audience variety and added an organic feel behind the campaign.

Despite the differences between influencers, the original song and dance created by NeoReach allowed creators to put their own spin on the sponsored content while still unifying their videos so viewers could correlate them with Moose Toys and Oh! My Gif collectibles. While the campaign focused on TikTok, some influencers also shared their video content on their Instagram Story for cross-promotion, to drive their Instagram followers to TikTok, and to increase impressions amongst their super fans. This method generated an additional 270K+ views and 43 Instagram stories for the campaign. 

To go along with the unique song and dance, NeoReach also created a TikTok account specifically for Oh! My Gif that gained 15.4K followers and increased brand development. When visiting the account, users were led to a landing page that NeoReach developed, hosted, and deployed in order to gather responses for email sign-ups. Knowing Moose Toys’ goal to gauge interest from various audiences, NeoReach collected informational applications from interested micro-influencers on the landing page for a free Oh! My Gif collectible.

NeoReach was responsible for logistics and operations, so all email correspondence, toy shipments, and informational flyers included in the shipments were designed and fulfilled by our team. By sending out free collectibles, NeoReach inspired organic adoption of the product which led to additional promotion from more users on TikTok with the unique song, dance, and hashtag to get them trending on the platform.

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Standout Content and Influencers

Throughout the campaign, there were standout influencers that produced content with the highest amount of views, reach, and IMV. These videos were mainly geared towards younger teen audiences but spanned across multiple niches including music, comedy, family content, and toy content categories. By doing so, Moose Toys was able to work with popular creators that each draw in different viewer demographics to reach a variety of potential new customers that would purchase a collectible.   

The information featured in the table below was pulled from the standout sponsored content posted between June and July of 2020 on YouTube by standout creators identified in the campaign. 

Influencer/Handle NameTotal ViewsTotal IMVTotal Reach
Konnor Fisher5,200,000$336,016.25383,700
Brent Rivera4,700,000$315,186.8028,700,000
Lexi Rivera3,800,000$255,184.4011,900,000
SM6 Band1,900,000$122,346.601,400,000
Ben Azelart1,800,000$121,721.759,000,000
Giulia Pompeino1,800,000$126,148.803,100,000

Konnor Fisher is an up-and-coming TikTok creator best known for his comedy and special effects videos. Brent Rivera is a former Viner famous for posting relatable, kid and teen-friendly videos who has since amassed millions of followers on multiple video-sharing platforms as a social media personality. His sister, Lexi Rivera, is also a video creator that joined forces with her brother to post comedic challenges and prank videos on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

SM6 Band is a pop-rock band made up of six siblings that post music, fun challenges, and family pranks on their TikTok account. Ben Azelart is a TikTok star and YouTuber best known for his hilarious prank and challenge videos with Brent and Lexi Rivera. Giulia Pompeino is a Spanish TikTok star and YouTuber that has quickly gained millions of followers for her comedic dubs and sketches.

Final Results

With a mission to drive viral, organic views, NeoReach found roaring success from running the campaign. NeoReach was not only able to track micro-influencer sign-ups, but also built relationships with micro-creators on behalf of Moose Toys to motivate them to create videos with Oh! My Gif collectibles.

NeoReach also found that developing a dedicated landing page for the campaign was a fantastic way to collect data and begin building an inventory of influencers that Moose Toys can explore for each of its future campaigns. As a result, the landing page drew in 33K website visits and 7K+ sign-ups from interested micro-creators. 

NeoReach also found that creating a product-specific TikTok account, that linked to an original song, drove more organic content that was on-brand with the campaign. The original song boosted the campaign as thousands of organic accounts utilized the song and their combined earned views overtook those from contracted influencers. Therefore, the organic lift provided more in value than NeoReach paid for because 7K additional users utilized the original song to create TikToks despite only 52 creators being contracted.

This is a testament to both virality and the power of partnering with influential creators, as the campaign’s hashtag grew to be viewed 100.3M times. To put it into perspective, TikTok content alone generated 3.2M likes and 24.4M views, which tripled our projection of 7M views.

The Oh! My Gif campaign achieved massive success with a cheaper budget than traditional media methods due to NeoReach’s use of standout campaign strategies combined with their selection of rising creators and mega-influencers. As a result, the campaign received over a staggering 3.8M fan engagements across 94 pieces of content, resulting in a 4.45x ROI. Our team was able to draw in $1.8M in earned media value and $1.7M in engagement value achieved with a $400K budget.

Going forward, Moose Toys will continue to integrate NeoReach’s strategies into future campaigns and inspire other toy companies to follow in their footsteps when it comes to successfully marketing product launches

Download the full report Moose Toys Oh My Gif Campaign Teardown – NeoReach

This article was written by Selena Ponton

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