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Promote a travel based user generated content campaign and resolve operational bottlenecks in influencer contracting, relationship management, and performance tracking.







1 Week

Campaign Duration

Phase 1

How to Lift a Brand Using Influencers

Through this campaign, we aimed to spread the values of community, diversity, and the celebration of our human experience.

Phase 1

Why Influencers?

Influencers have cultivated a massive reach and deep relationships with millions of fans. By connecting with these influencers, Airbnb can reach millions of people through trusted channels, scale up content production, and spark social conversations.

Why NeoReach?

Airbnb partnered with NeoReach for its expertise in launching large-scale influencer campaigns and its online platform to identify, analyze, and manage influencers.

Phase 2

Phase 2

Generating Exposure for Airbnb’s Functional Video via Influencer Marketing.

Influencers mentioned and linked to the Airbnb Functional video to drive traffic and interest. Through the stories told from the lens of the creators, coupled with their existing audience and reach we were able to climb to new heights.

Creator Content

YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat & Twitter were activated for this campaign to showcase firsthand travel experiences with Airbnb– an integral part of the journey.

Two Creators Lead The Way

We carefully selected the right influencers who reflected Airbnb's commitment to community, diversity, and the celebration of the human experience.

Shannon Beveridge

Lifestyle and Travel Influencer with over 900K YouTube subscribers.

Rachel Nguyen

Lifestyle Blogger and Vlogger with 134K YouTube subscribers.

Phase 3

Did a Roster of Two Have Impact?


Total Impressions


Shares and Retweets


Total Comments


Total Likes


Total Impressions

We kicked off the campaign by consolidating the KPI goals, creative guidelines, and target influencer profiles. Published posts were tracked and reported in real-time through the online dashboard.

Our goal of spreading the values of community, diversity, and the celebration of our human experience was achieved. Is it possible to run a successful influencer campaign with only two influencers? We certainly think so! 

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