How NeoReach achieved over 2.5 Million impressions for IMC Toys with its targeted influencer campaign









Phase 1

Upon Release

A well-established toy company, IMC Toys has created multiple toys popular with children today. They’re well-known for their distinctive, unique characters, social media presence, and of course, their toy collections. Having released two of their newest collections, IMC Toys knew that social media was the place to turn to gain the awareness they wanted for both their brand and their products.

Phase 1

Achieving Impressions:

As mentioned, brand lift was very important to IMC Toys. This is crucial to modern advertising, as many parents and their children are always looking for the next big thing online. Reaching new audiences in a creative way was a must for IMC Toys.

Advertising New Collections:

While brand awareness was one factor in this campaign, IMC Toys also released two big new collections at the start of the campaign as well. Both their VIP Pets and Cry Babies Magic Tears Paci House collections needed advertisement upon release, so these products played a huge role in the campaign.

The Challenge:

With COVID-19 at its peak at the time, IMC Toys was looking for new, creative ways to advertise during quarantine.

The Team

Steph Payas

VP of Operations

  • Outreach
  • Influencer Contracting
  • Content Coordination
  • Campaign Management

Phase 2

Phase 2

Succeeding Expectations

As IMC Toys was looking for the best reach and creative ways to advertise, NeoReach was a perfect fit for the job. Having been in the Influencer Marketing industry for eight years and counting, we have evolved with the industry and are skilled in innovation. We knew that we could create a campaign that would fit what IMC Toys were looking for.

Influencer Implementation:

When looking for influencers to activate, the key audience here was mainly parents, especially parents with daughters ages 4 to 9. Because of this, we activated influencers who have daughters in the target demographic and specialize in family content, where both parents and children would discover the products.

Getting Creative:

Because of the quarantine starting around the same time as the campaign, getting creative was a necessity to IMC Toys’ marketing. The influencers had an original, organic flow to their content, from prank YouTube videos to Pinterest posts. Working with the quarantine wasn’t easy, but the influencers rose above expectations with their unique styles. They even doubled the amount of content posted, which exceeded IMC Toys’ goals.

Using Multiple Platforms:

While marketing, which platform you’re using is foremost. For this campaign, the influencers used various platforms, such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and even Pinterest. All performed very well, and the use of various platforms helped broaden the views and impressions.

Creator Content

Influencer Roster

Check out the top performing influencer cast for the IMC Toys campaign.

Lauren Stewart

Family centered influencer who creates a variety of content, such as podcasts and blogs. She has a reach of over 300K on Pinterest and 320K on Instagram.

The Johnson Fam

Family of four who post mainly vlogs of their daily life, with a big following on multiple platforms. They have over 2M subscribers on YouTube, as well as over 100K each on their individual Instagram accounts.

Phase 3

The Results Are In…










Satisfied brand

As IMC Toys’ goal of gaining more brand awareness and impressions was most definitely met, the campaign was a clear success. Having 2.5 million impressions alone is outstanding, but the fact that this was done with two influencers alone really shows how far a creative strategy can go. The doubling of the content produced by influencers was a big factor as well, proving that with the right team and influencers activated, the goal in mind will be achieved.

For the toy industry, it’s no secret that children and their families will be finding their new favorite products through social media platforms. Social media is part of our society, as it’s how we connect not only to one another, but also with the brands and influencers we follow. Using an Influencer Marketing strategy is key to not only the toy industry, but many other businesses’ success in modern times. Surely we will see strategies such as these evolving as platforms themselves evolve. Innovation and creativity, such as we saw in this campaign, are a necessity to tackling the changes we see in marketing today.

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