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How NeoReach helped raise awareness for Semrush's Global Marketing Day Webinar and Back to School Contest.


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Phase 1

Raise Awareness for Semrush's Global Marketing Day Webinar and Back to School Contest

Semrush is an online visibility management platform that offers tools for SEO (search engine optimization), PPC(pay-per-click), content marketing, and competitive research to help users optimize their digital presence and stay ahead in the online landscape.

Phase 1

Goal 1: Forge Strategic Partnerships

Semrush got in touch to team up on an upcoming back-to-school contest, seeking a wide creator reach and influencers to inspire their followers to join the fun. They also reached out for our support in spreading the word about Global Marketing Day, an exciting online conference and webinar.

Goal 2: Amplify Engagement

We partnered with Semrush for two influencer campaigns. For Global Marketing Day, our goal was to reach digital marketers and content creators, urging them to register and share the event page. In the Back to School contest, we targeted online store owners, bloggers, students, and digital marketing professionals, focusing on driving entries and expanding campaign reach.

Phase 2

Phase 2

Creative Amplification for Back to School Buzz

In the Back to School Campaign, we strategically targeted content creators, urging them to share compelling content on their channels with CTA links and utilized paid media for enhanced reach, resulting in remarkable awareness across social platforms and increased contest entries.

Global Marketing Day Triumph: Diverse Creator Activation

For the Global Marketing Day Campaign, we successfully activated 9 creators and secured 17 placements to build awareness leading up to the webinar day. Utilizing Bitly, we tracked clicks, surpassing expectations with 1.1M impressions and a mix of Micro, Mid, and Macro creators globally, achieving outstanding success.

Set Up and Executed the Campaigns

For both the Global Marketing Day and Back to School Contest campaigns, we strategically leveraged TikTok and Instagram, engaging influencers to reach diverse audiences. The Global Marketing Day effort involved 9 influencers promoting event registration, while the Back to School contest enlisted 13 influencers to drive entries. Paid media amplified reach in both campaigns.


In the Global Marketing Day campaign, we exceeded expectations with 9 creators, 17 placements, and 1.1M impressions. A mix of Micro, Mid, and Macro creators globally contributed to success, effectively raising awareness. The Back to School campaign reached online store owners, bloggers, and students, generating 1M impressions, 12 creators, 13 posts, and 2.4K clicks. Both campaigns addressed Semrush's goals, driving engagement and contest entries.

Creator Content


#greenscreen If you have ever used Semrush for your marketing, SEO, content creation needs, you have the chance to earn a cash prize with the Create with Semrush Contest just by sharing your success in a creative way! #ad @Semrush #CreateWithSemrush

♬ original sound – TikTok Strategist | Delsa


Enter the contest today with the link in my bio to win up to $5000! ⭐️💸 And if you’re looking for inspo on what to submit, check out all the tools Semrush has for freelance writers! SEO keyword research and topic research are two of my go-to’s for writing articles. #ad @Semrush #CreateWithSemrush #freelancewriter #makemoneywriting #writingcontest #copywritingtips

♬ Smiles & Sunsets – ultmt. & Hz.


#ad I’m looking forward to hearing from all the experienced marketers at this event hosted by @Semrush, I might have to stay up for 24-hours to hear from all of them lol #GlobalMarketingDay #FreelanceCopywriting #Copywriter #DigitalMarketing #Digitalnomad #Marketingstrategy

♬ original sound – DENÉE TAMIA

Semrush Cast of Influencers

See the headliners spoiling the mothers in their lives


41.8K Followers on TikTok

Denee Tamia

50.9K Followers on TikTok

Mia Salas

26.2K Followers on TikTok

Lucas O’Keefe

345K Followers on Instagram

Phase 3

The Results Are In




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By activating a diverse group of marketing and social media oriented creators, The Global Marketing Day effort achieved 1.1M impressions globally, while the Back to School Contest generated 1M impressions and 2.4K clicks. Our influencer strategy effectively addressed Semrush’s goals, raising awareness for their events and engaging their target audience.

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