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How Moose Toys launched four products in two weeks with NeoReach.









Phase 1

4 Product Launches; 1 Influencer Marketing Company

Moose Toys is an Australian-owned toy design, development, and distribution company that “exists to make kids superhappy!” With the idea of creating their own Wow in all of their toys, Moose Toys wanted to continue to spread the Superhappy all over the world through four new product launches. NeoReach helped Moose Toys by running four influencer marketing campaigns, which helped reach more families than ever before and provided kids with the chance to “access the pure pleasure of play.”

Phase 1

Problem No. 1

Launching multiple product releases and taking over the toy review and youth influencer market for the season in preparation of these drops.

Problem No. 2

Activating a large list of influencers under a very tight deadline. Over a hundred influencers were activated for these campaigns, with 39 and 42 in the first two campaigns and then much smaller groups of 12 and 10 influencers in the last two.

Problem No. 3

Influencers ran the campaigns and posts themselves but with this large of a scale, they needed Neo Reach’s help. NeoReach shipped out toys and products to every influencer in order for them to be received and posted about within two weeks.

Phase 2

Phase 2

2 Weeks, 4 Products

With a tight timeline of two weeks, NeoReach took over Moose Toys’ influencer marketing for the season by collaborating with the biggest toy, youth, and toy review influencers on Instagram and YouTube. In only two weeks, Moose Toys launched four products with over one hundred influencers, using one influencer marketing company.

Goo Goo Galaxy

We partnered Moose Toys with 39 influencers to run campaigns in order to tease the release of new toy Goo Goo Galaxy, which the influencers then reveal one week later. The campaign was mainly led through Instagram through the top performing toy influencers and also had ties to YouTube by working with major toy review videos.

For this first campaign, 39 influencers on Instagram and YouTube teased the Goo Goo Galaxy toy one week before it was released. NeoReach handled shipping toys out to all of the influencers in a tight timeframe and was also able to help these influencers in their campaign to effectively communicated that Moose Toys was about to release a new toy, without giving the toy away.

Capsule Chix

In Moose Toys’ second campaign for Capsule Chix, NeoReach activated 42 creators across Instagram and YouTube with 44 pieces of unique content posted. Similarly to the Goo Goo Galaxy campaign, these influencers revealed the new toy that was Capsule Chix, highlighting the dolls’ unique personalities, encouraging the audience to collect the whole set.

Capsule Chix’s campaign was able to reach over 8,383,000 with over 7,000,000 total impressions across Instagram stories, photos, and videos, and dedicated and integrated YouTube stories.

Kindi Kids

For the last two campaigns, NeoReach focused on using less creators with higher followings to generate authentic endorsements. For the Kindi Kids toy, we activated 12 influencers who posted a total of 16 pieces of unique content that achieved dedicated posts in throughout some of the internet’s biggest youth influencers. These influencers were encouraged to use their creativity in showcasing the details and storyline of the products.

Top creators for this campaign include Instagrammer Everleigh Rose, whose dedicated video received over 375,000 likes and 2 stories that had over 1.4 million views! By activating less creators and focusing on a greater impact, we saw even more ROI than before, at a staggering 9.21x.

Creator Content

In these four campaigns for Moose Toys, NeoReach was able to activate and work with some of the biggest toy and youth influencers on Instagram and YouTube under a tight window of time.

Moose Toys Cast of Influencers

All of the major toy review channels and young influencers participated in this campaign, creating the top videos in this niche. Anyone searching for toys and toy reviews, ran into Moose Toys and the 103 creators that NeoReach activated for these campaigns.

Everleigh Rose

Very popular Instagram and YouTube creator with over 4,500,000 followers, that creates engaging toy and entertainment content.

Toy Caboodle

Family friendly toy channel with 1,500,000 subscribers that creates videos of toy collections, unboxings, and reviews.

Taytum and Oakley Fisher

Identical twins that have over 3 million followers on Instagram and regularly post cute photos highlighting their toys, costumes, and fashion.

Epic Toy Channel

Family and kids YouTube channel that makes videos featuring new toys, games, movies, and comics with a following of over 1,230,000 subscribers.

Destiney Green

Blogger and Instagram influencer with over 245,000 people following her favorites in beauty, family, and wellness.

Tiffany Ashley

Blogger and motherhood Instagram influencer with over 174,000 followers.

Samia Ali

Four year old Instagram influencer with over 142,000 followers on the platform that she shares toy collections, unboxings, and reviews with her parents.

Crazy Pieces

Channel that follows a family of 12’s journey of toys, games, movies, and comics, with almost 100,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Nephi Garcia

Blogger, designer, and Instagram influencer with over 376,000 followers who creates designs based off of his daughters’ favorite toys, books, and comics.

Brianne Manz

Blogger and Instagram creator of Stroller in the City that has over 170,000 followers and posts family vlogs, toy and stroller reviews, and more.

Tara Herron

YouTuber who makes family friendly videos on a channel with over 100,000 followers that feature her two children in artistic and creative photos.

Delivering Motherhood

Instagram creator with over 35,000 followers and posts regularly about her journey as a mother and her daughters’ childhood.

Phase 3

The Results Are In... (drumroll please)


Earned Media Value




of audience reached were female


of audience reached were married


Year-olds were primarily reached

Through NeoReach’s campaign management, Moose Toys was able to reach over half a million unique engagements during their four campaigns. The four product launches received strong endorsements from the influencers posting the content as well as many positive comments about the products from their followers and viewers. There were over 195 pieces of unique content posted, which received over 40 million impressions.

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