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How to Make Money with Influencer Marketing in 2020

Whether you are a big marketing agency or a social media influencer with limited followers, you both need to appreciate the power of the ability to make money with influencer marketing in 2020 and ...


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How Much Influence You Lose on YouTube without Video Translation

What if you could increase your YouTube video views by double-digit percentage points with one simple step? Would it be worth it? What if that same step helped to increase not only the views of your ...


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How Artificial Intelligence Can Transform Influencer Marketing

Along with the latest developments in natural language processing and machine learning, artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the business as we know it. AI has already disrupted the world of ...


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SEO Business Secrets: The 4 Pillars of Effective Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a necessary part of commerce, thanks to the growing population of internet users and its increasing influence on everyday life. Over 53 percent of the global population are ...


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Top 10 Animal Influencers on Instagram

Nowadays, people spend a lot of time on Instagram. Most of the Instagram audience is students. Unfortunately, this can cut from your time and ability to deal with more important things like studying, ...


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10 Reasons Why Your Brand Should Use WhatsApp for Business

WhatsApp is a famous application that millions of people throughout the world use daily as a convenient messenger. However, this instant message app has enormous potential that not everyone is aware ...


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How to Leverage Social Media to Capture Gen Z Customers in 2020

Today social media has taken over all aspects of human life, especially business. With more than a whopping 3 billion active users around the world, it can provide an unprecedented audience reach ...


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5 Mortal Sins of Content Marketing in Social Media

When done right, content marketing can increase brand awareness, build trust, and generate more revenue. If your content marketing efforts aren’t bringing any good results to your business, you are ...


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What Is the Future of Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing has made some huge strides in the past few years. One of the reasons why it’s so effective is because people are tired of seeing ads and pitches everywhere they go. Brands and ...


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Build Buzz with These Social Media Marketing Techniques

BUZZ Marketing Buzz Marketing is an event marketing that helps the brand to communicate with the customer through a visual content marketing approach. It is a subset of word of mouth marketing and ...


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How to Spot Fake Instagram Accounts

If you’re on Instagram, you’ve probably come across a number of fake accounts. You may not even have an idea that these accounts are not authentic. The importance that is placed on the number of ...


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Top 5 Social Media Networks to Use to Become a Powerful Influencer

Influencer marketing is no longer a trendy topic in digital marketing, but an essential key to healthy branding and business development. Every successful startup has backed up its launch through ...


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How to Optimize your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn, over the past few years, has increased in popularity and importance since it allows people to connect and expand their careers with other professionals. However, if a person enters LinkedIn ...


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9 Ways to Leverage Facebook for Business Success

Hey! Are you looking to reap the amazing benefits of Facebook for business success? You will be surprised to know that the fastest growing social media network has over 2.38 billion monthly active ...


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Personal Branding for Influencers: Tips & Tricks

Have you ever Googled yourself? What shows up? The results you see are the first impression people will have of you. Are they good enough? Is the knowledge you share about yourself across Facebook, ...


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How to Become an Instagram Influencer in 2019

Being an Instagram influencer is not easy, but it is even harder to become one. It’s difficult, but it is not impossible, and there are ways that you can become an Instagram influencer if you ...


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5 Critical KPIs When It Comes to Evaluating Influencer Marketing



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How to Negotiate with the Best Social Media Influencers



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10 Marketing KPIs You Should Never Forget to Measure

Marketing KPIs are perhaps the most important part of your business growth strategy. These key performance indicators serve as more than just a monitoring kit, they actually give you a clear ...


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Key Trends Shaping Influencer Marketing in 2019

Even though influencer marketing is hardly a new concept, it seems as if it was always used by marketers as a crutch or for the purpose of one-off campaigns. However, things have changed in the past ...


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How to Engage Your Audience by Understanding Social Media Psychology

With over 3.1 billion active social media users, social media marketing is more important for businesses now than it was ever before. While primarily created for entertainment, social media proved ...


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5 Types of Brand Influencers: Which One is Right for You?

There are various types of brand influencers, but which one is the best for you in 2019? Surely, the new informational era has brought new influencers to the social media market, but here are five ...


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How to Reach Out to Influencers Effectively

In the ever-expanding world of social media, influencers have become the newest group of sought-after people. Effective influencers have a wide-ranging reach, swaying their followers and fans to ...


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What’s the Deal with Virtual Influencers?

Throughout 2018, we saw virtual influencers rise in popularity. This begs the question: have we entered a real-life episode of Black Mirror? AI and CGI influencers have gained substantial followings ...


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7 Hidden Signs It’s Time to Renovate Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

There’s no debate around the fact that influencer marketing is an effective strategy for businesses to promote their products in front of a wide audience. When you team up with the right influencer ...


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5 Ways to Increase E-commerce Sales with Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a powerful advertising tactic. Just think about it. When you’re planning to buy a new gaming console, do you go straight to PlayStation or Nintendo’s website or do you ...


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Determining the Right Type of Content for Social Media Marketing

Social networks from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and Snapchat offer great opportunities for marketers, and a strong social media marketing plan involves both evergreen and one-off content. Yet ...


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Top 15 Funniest Memes of 2019 (So Far)

Memes are constantly changing, they are no longer just a popular image with some text written above and below. As of 2019 they have transcended that concept and are no longer limited to a singular ...


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How to Write an Influencer Marketing Brief That Gets Results

There’s no denying the raw power that influencer marketing has had on the world, and as a business trying to sell your products and services and get your name out to the masses, using an influencer ...

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