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How Much Influence You Lose on YouTube without Video Translation

By Editorial Staff

What if you could increase your YouTube video views by double-digit percentage points with one simple step? Would it be worth it? What if that same step helped to increase not only the views of your video but also the audience participation, including likes, shares, and even comments? Would this be something that you would be interested in as you establish your presence as a YouTube influencer or for your YouTube video marketing campaign? The selective and strategic use of transcription services (and even video translation services) can increase all of these numbers, and as a direct result, help to increase the efficiency of your video marketing, in whatever form it may take place.

There are a great many benefits to using selective closed captioning and even professional translation services for your videos, some of which may surprise you; and make sure to read through to the end for an added bonus to increase your influence among other Influencers to build your audience and following even faster!

The Power of Video Influencer Marketing:

  1. YouTube is the second most popular site on the internet, surpassed only by Google according to Alexa ranking.
  2. According to Cisco, by the year 2022, video will comprise more than eighty percent of all internet traffic.
  3. 78 percent of people on the internet watch videos online every week, with 55 percent of those people viewing online videos every day according to Hubspot.
  4. According to YouTube, more than one billion hours of video are watched every day. (One billion hours is equivalent to forty-one million and six hundred and sixty-seven thousand days worth of video every day)
  5. According to Insivia, someone watching a video will retain more than ninety percent of the message conveyed as opposed to a comparatively paltry ten percent of the message when reading it in text format.
  6. Sixty percent of all people asked by Google would prefer to watch videos online rather than watching television.
  7. In more from the same Insivia data, video viewing online increases by roughly one hundred percent every year.
  8. The top earner on YouTube earned right around twenty-six million US dollars in 1019, at the ripe old age of 7!
  9. PewDiePie became the first single YouTube Influencer to gain more than one million followers to his YouTube channel, and if he can do it … 
  10. According to the MarketingSherpa website, the use of videos in marketing campaigns can increase conversion rates by as much as three hundred percent.

People watch and “listen” to Videos Without Sound for Many Reasons

It is easy to picture that person next to you wasting time while at work watching videos online with the volume turned off. This is indeed one of the many reasons that people watch videos with no sound. YouTube closed captioning is not only important at work, however. Many mobile viewers would greatly benefit from video transcription and translation services because they do not have headphones for their phones in some cases. In other instances, video closed captioning services for the video influencer campaign would be important due to the fact that people in noisy environments often cannot hear the video even with the use of headphones.

People who are multi-tasking often watch videos online without any sound, likely because it will break their concentration. That does not preclude however, the need to use video translation services and to include closed captioning. For whatever the reason may be, far too many people watch YouTube videos online without any sound, but this does not mean that they should be ignored or forgotten, as they make up a very large portion of a viable audience, followers and potential customers. 

How Closed Captioning Alleviates this Problem

For many successful YouTube influencers, their video is both their brand and their product. According to the Scribie website, it can be shown that “Videos without subtitles are only watched 66% to completion. When subtitles are included, 80% more people watch videos to completion. In terms of engagement, subtitles also increase social reach and elicit better responses. They boost video shares by 15%. February 20, 2019”

Closed captioning, as was notably demonstrated in the last section, is not merely about reaching an audience that is hearing impaired, but a very large segment of a potential follower or fan base, not to mention an expanded customer base. 

According to the website, the inclusion of closed captioning, srt files and video transcription increased their video shares by fifteen percent. The reaction rate simultaneously increased by a positive seventeen percent and favorable reactions to calls to action were increased by twenty-six percent. Likes, shares, comments, and views through to the end of the video were all increased through the use of video transcription and closed captioning for the video marketing campaigns.

Closed Captions, Indexing, and the SERP

The srt files are the most common form of closed captioning for YouTube videos. Other options include text files, but the number of programs available make the srt files a simpler choice for many people. These srt files further benefit the video influencer as they are also indexed on all of the major search engines, improving the placement of the video on the search engine results page or SERP. 

One YouTube Influencer by the name of Leron Amin conducted their own research and noted that including the srt files only in English, “Adding captions to my YouTube video added an additional 1,046 words and 393 indexable search terms. Best of all, my target keyword density increased by 68 terms, and my keyword diversity increased by 12 terms.” How much more can be accomplished in a more digital, global realm using video translation services in addition to the video transcription?

It should also be noted, that simply by establishing a video transcription strategy to add video closed captioning, these numbers increased on all of the search engine results pages, including the internal search engine on YouTube, Google, Yahoo, Bing and even other less popular search engines. The inclusion of video closed captioning has also been shown in numerous studies to increase viewers, shares, likes and even on-site recommendation promotions.

  • Closed Captioning SRT files are indexed on both internal and external search results
  • SRT files and Closed Captioning being indexed results in higher placement on both internal and external SERPs
  • SRT files and Closed Captioning allow videos to rank for many more keywords
  • SRT files and Closed Captioning will cause videos to be more highly ranked among YouTube “Recommended Videos”
  • Higher placement on the Google and other external Search Engine results pages will result in increased views as well
  • Eighty-five percent of all Facebook videos are watched without sound according to Instagram
  • Forty percent of all Instagram videos are watched without sound according to Instagram
  • A 2019 consumer survey by Publicis Media and Verizon Media revealed that ninety-two percent of video viewers on mobile devices and over eighty percent of people viewing videos on “other devices” watch the video with the audio turned off
  • The same consumer survey found that fifty percent of all video viewers said that closed captioning for the video was important to them for understanding 
  • This same consumer survey discovered that there were a great many different reasons people continually watch video without sound

Closed Captions and Foreign Markets

Globalization seems to be all the rage for 2020, and certainly not without at least some reason. We do indeed live in a digital age and the entire world is quite literally within reach for virtually everyone. Why not capitalize on this fact in the digital realm as well? If a single YouTube Influencer can gain over one million followers in the English-speaking market alone, how much more influence would they have by implementing a globalization strategy through the use of selective and strategic video translation and transcription?

Google is already set up to allow for the introduction of Closed Captioning for videos in different languages, why should this tool not be exploited by video influencers for personal gain? If a product has a global market, why not promote it globally? Video translation services are quite affordable, and given that the number of people earning six figures or more on YouTube alone increases by fifty percent every year, it would seem that this globalization strategy has more than just a chance of being a very profitable and influential portion of any video marketing campaign online.

Closed Captioning and Professional Video Translation

Video transcription services can help to provide you with all of the necessary tools to easily add closed captioning to your video marketing campaign in your native language. Video translation services offer you the option to start your very own globalization strategy and establish your place as a truly global YouTube influencer. 

In the digital age, digital products can be successfully marketed globally, especially if the mainstay of the product base is the video itself. There are all manner of digital products, goods and other services that transcend the language barrier and can be expanded quite literally around the world. Some caution is in order however, as with more than seventy languages being represented on YouTube, it is easy to get carried away or even swallowed up, overstepping the bounds of reason. 

If there is a viable market in other nations, the use of professional video translation services can ensure that the video closed captioning is properly and professionally translated and ready to test those foreign markets. There is no need to expand the world over in a single leap. Test and probe each market through the select use of video translation services and see if you can make your own little niche in those markets. Once a solid foothold has been established in foreign language video markets, then the efforts should be increased and expanded to extend your sphere of video influence to a more global audience. 

The Top Ten Earners on YouTube for 2019 according to Forbes Magazine:

  1. Ryan Kaji – $26 million
  2. Dude Perfect – $20 million
  3. Anastasia Radzinskaya – $18 million
  4. Rhett and Link – $17.5 million
  5. Jeffree Star – $17 million
  6. Preston Arsement – $14 million
  7. PewDiePie – $13 million
  8. Markiplier – $13 million
  9. DanTDM – $12 million
  10. Vanoss Gaming – $11.5 million

Bonus Tips and Information

Do not limit your video influencer marketing campaign to YouTube. Facebook also produces some impressive video numbers as well, in addition to the other platforms that promote video marketing opportunities. The use of professional translation or transcription services is a worthwhile investment no matter what the ultimate goal is. YouTube users have uploaded videos in more than seventy different languages at present. Both video transcription and video translation services should be a regular marketing tool for every YouTube Video Influencer who seeks to be successful in a more global marketplace. 

    • Facebook has over eight billion video views each and every day! (and that is from 2015 numbers according to TechCrunch)
    • More than seventy-five million people visit the Facebook Video platform every day according to AdWeek!
    • One executive level member of the Facebook Team suggested that their platform will be primarily video oriented by 2021 according to the Quartz (qz) website!
    • More relevant here is the fact that over eighty-five percent of Facebook videos are watched without sound according to Instagram! 
    • Roughly forty percent of all videos on Instagram are viewed without sound according to the marketing experts at Instagram
    • Seventy-two percent of all customers prefer learning about products and services through video according to hubspot
    • It is estimated by Cisco Technologies that nearly one million minutes of video are being transferred across the internet each second (One million minutes is equivalent to more than six hundred and ninety-four days worth of videos being transferred every second of every day)
    • According to G2 Crowd, video sharing on Social Media generates twelve hundred percent more shares than text and image content combined
    • A website is fifty-three times more likely to get placed on the front page of the Search Engine Results Page (or SERP) if it includes video
    • According to the Unbounce website, the use of video advertising on a landing page can increase the conversion rates up to eighty percent
    • Nearly one-half of all people who use the internet search for videos about the product or service they are looking for before they ever go to the store
    • According to AdWeek, roughly sixty percent of all people watching YouTube videos do not speak English as their native language (if at all)
    • Use video translation services to translate those information products and internet marketing videos into foreign languages and be the only one selling those products to foreign markets! This is a great tool especially for affiliate marketing campaigns using video promotions and even a great way to get Joint Ventures with the product owners instead of being just another affiliate!
    • Always remember that most audiences hate autoplay!

How many YouTube influencers would gain from an increase in views, followers, subscribers, comments and video shares? All of this can be made possible through the use of Closed Captioning for YouTube Videos, or even video translation strategies for use in foreign-language markets and expanded closed captioning video marketing. If there is a need for professional video transcription or translation services, the potential reward is much more than worth the relatively small risk. Video closed captioning should be part of every video influencer marketing campaign.

This article was written by Paul Fernandez

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