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Top 10 Global Influencer Agencies

By Editorial Staff

Influencing is becoming one of the fastest-growing sectors in the technology and social media world. With the importance of influencer marketing rising, social media icons and other well-known internet sensations are looking for a way to reach a bigger audience. This has led to the creation of influencer agencies that assist in influencing your desired field online. For this article we will be looking at the top ten global influencer agencies and what their competitive advantage is. Influencer marketing is growing at a rapid pace, but these companies are on the pulse of how to give you the best advantage in the sector.

1. Viral Nation

With a 95% client retention rate and top performance in global campaigns, Viral Nation is at the top of our list for their skill set. Viral Nation is a global agency with offices in Japan and Canada. They are in every corner of the world, for both SMB’s and enterprises, for B2C & B2B, and for all verticals whether it’s mobile apps, beauty, food & beverage, technology, travel & hospitality, and beyond. Their mission statement is to be the gold standard social influencer marketing agency and they have the firepower to back up that statement. While a global company, Viral Nation also offers services from their brick and mortar establishments in both Japan and Canada!

2. Obviously

With clients such as Google, Warner Brothers, Heineken, and Coca Cola, Obviously is a powerhouse in client acquisition and influencer marketing performance. Obviously has offices in New York, San Francisco, and France, giving them one of the most adaptable strategies in the market. Obviously focuses on 6 main performance aspects: White Glove Service, Network Management, Influencer and Social Strategy, Live Events, Customer Acquisition, and Custom Work. By attacking these fronts, Obviously gives their clients comprehensive services in the market with some of the best performance for Fashion, Food, Lifestyle, and Technological based corporations.

3. IMA

IMA was started in 2010 by two young people who saw a growing trend in popularity for blogging. They soon learned the value of influencer marketing and launched the full agency in 2013. From then to now they have become one of the premier global influencer agencies in the world. IMA focuses on an authentic approach to influencer marketing and encapsulates the true story of the brand. This approach leads them to develop an emotional connection with the brand image and fuel it towards success. IMA is unique in this aspect as well as their collaborative approach with clients to ensure an original marketing plan.

4. SugarFree

SugarFree is one of the global influencer agencies for some of the top international companies in the world. With clients such as TikTok, Amazon, FOX, Microsoft, and Walmart, SugarFree has made its stamp on the influencer marketing industry by working with elite brands. SugarFree prides itself on being a diverse group of marketing professionals, social media gurus, talented creators, and data analysts. This agency believes in the idea of a collaborative approach to influencer marketing in order to guide the image of the brand in the right direction. SugarFree focuses on 5 main categories: Creative Content & Strategy Direction, Influencer Casting & Recruitment, Contracting & Implementation, Campaign Execution, and Detailed Reporting. Through these categories SugarFree provides a comprehensive approach that will ensure success.

5. NeoReach

NeoReach is one of the premier global influencer agencies in the world that represents leading brands and Global Fortune 500 companies. With their recent expansion to Japan, NeoReach is branching out to become an expert in all markets around the world. NeoReach has worked with Amazon, The New York Times, Honda, BET, and Walmart just to name a few. NeoReach focuses on 3 major categories for their services: Search and Analysis, Monitor and Manage, and Tracking. Through these mediums, they put the power in the hands of the clients and provide them with the tools to succeed. With over $250 Million in marketing campaigns managed since its inception, NeoReach is the Gold Standard for the influencer marketing world.

6. August United

Working with Kroger, PetSmart, Persil, Microsoft and P.F. Chang’s, August United has clients of extremely reputable brands. This entry on our list of global influencer agencies works through 6 main strategies: Influencer Strategy, Influencer Activation, Network Development, Content Creation, Social Media Marketing, and Influencer Brand Retreats. August United makes sure that their clients work in a collaborative and creative environment. They have also produced high-quality results such as 61% organic visibility through a YouTube campaign with PetSmart.

7. Carusele

Carusele’s mission is to be more than just an influencer marketing agency. Carusele strives to connect brands and consumers through a collaborative and unique content and marketing approach. Carusele provides both full-service program management and support services for in-house teams. Their work with Tyson Tastemasters increased sales by 48% by providing clarity between the brand and the consumer. With Revlon Mascara, they increased sales by 205%. It is obvious to see that Carusele can back up their reputation with hard results that will benefit the growth of their clients.


PMYB is one of the leading creative global influencer agencies working with elite B2C brands. Their competitive advantage is the Chromo-Influencer strategy which identifies the most effective influencers for brands to improve their ROI and they guarantee those results. While PMYB has a focus on data-driven and scientific influencing, they maintain a disruptive missions based approach which allows for interaction with leaders from the brand and PMYB. With over 17,000 global influencers operating in 47 countries, PMYB has an extensive reach for brands that crave a global presence. Additionally, PMYB delivers personalized campaigns catered to the target audience, image, and objectives of brands, using demographically targeted influencers to ensure a local responsiveness that is unparalleled in the marketing world.

9. Open Influence

Open Influence has a focus on creativity and utilizes a Creative Tea to use a top-down method to campaign design which results in a cohesive brand experience. This is their competitive advantage and why they made our list. At the bottom line, Open produces results with their account managers that bring life to campaigns every step of the way. Open is also a data-driven agency to inform their decision-making process, creative ideation, and execution with their clients. They offer a hands-on approach that analyzes daily data and adapts based on the scenario. They believe that the social media landscape is changing constantly so they should too!

10. Zorka Mobi

Working with trusted brands such as Uber, AliExpress, WeWork, and Hennessy, Zorka Mobi is one of the most prestigious global influencer agencies in the world. Zorka Mobi uses a unique tracking system that includes creative social advertising, performance-forecasted CPU, and innovative strategies. With predictive media adjustments, post-campaign reports, and influencer analysis, Zorka Mobi is on the pulse of what they need to do in order to adapt brands to maximize sales and drive exposure. Additionally, Zorka Mobi always looks to have a performance-based approach that is driven by their User Acquisition Team to find the best influencers for your market and brand.

This article was written by Harrison Loew

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