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How to Become an Amazon Influencer

By Editorial Staff

If you are a highly followed social media user and need an extra source of income, pay close attention! The Amazon Influencer Program is a relatively new initiative where influencers on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook can receive a commission on Amazon products they promote. As a consumer, this program is something you can look forward to! Your favorite influencer’s shirt? It can now be yours within as little as one day with Amazon’s next-day prime shipping! The Instagram influencer program makes shopping your favorite influencer’s closets easy with just the swipe of a finger. If becoming an Amazon influencer is what you’re after, keep reading. In this blog, I will give you all the information you need to become an Amazon influencer! 

Introducing the Amazon Influencer

An Amazon influencer is an influencer on social media who promotes Amazon products specifically. Typically, the Amazon influencer directs followers to a specific product or page with recommended items to purchase on Amazon. But don’t get Amazon influencers confused with Amazon affiliates. Amazon affiliates upload their Amazon finds to a webpage, whereas Amazon influencers do not require a blog or webpage. Amazon influencers simply link items on their social media platforms. For example, a highly followed Amazon influencer on Instagram may post Instagram stories directing followers to swipe up and purchase his or her favorite Amazon finds of the day.  

Check Out These Amazon Influencers

Entrepreneur Mark Cuban and fitness influencer Jillian Michaels are two trending Instagram influencers on social media. You will find them posting their favorite products on Instagram, as well as their many other forms of social media in order to promote Amazon products. Some Amazon influencers, like Bre Sheppard, do not limit their Amazon influencing to one 24-hour story on Instagram. She has story highlights titles “Amazon,” where you can find their favorite Amazon products at any time. In addition, Bre tags her favorite Amazon finds in her photos. This allows her followers to know exactly where her favorite Amazon clothing finds are from.

Learn About Amazon’s Influencer Program

When you are accepted into the Amazon Influencer Program, you will receive a custom URL to easily guide your followers to your product recommendations, all in one shoppable spot. This is your “campaign,” if you will. You will share this URL with your followers in order to encourage shopping! According to Amazon’s Amazon influencer application page, “When customers shop through your storefront, you earn money on qualifying purchases.” In other words, the number of items purchased will determine the reward for the Amazon influencer. New to influencer marketing? Learn all that you need to know here!

How Do I Become an Amazon Influencer? 

You must fill out an application in order to apply to become an Amazon influencer. Those who qualify are reviewed by Amazon and are either accepted or turned down. They are seeking social media users with a very large following, to ensure Amazon products are advertised to the masses. Sounds easy enough right? If you have between 100,000-500,000 followers on various social media platforms, you have a good shot at becoming an Amazon influencer! 

Step by Step 

  1. Application: The first step to becoming an Amazon influencer is submitting your application. You must complete an application to be considered! Amazon will review your application and either accept you or turn you down. Note that you must have a large following in order to be considered. 
  1. Acceptance: If you qualify, and Amazon is interested in working with you, Amazon will notify you! From here, you will 
  1. Storefront: You will work with Amazon to accumulate a list of your favorite Amazon products. This can include anything from your favorite clothing to furniture! Once you create a list of your favorite products, you will receive a custom URL from Amazon, which can be shared with your followers to encourage shopping. 
  1. Advertisement: Now, post your favorite Amazon finds and encourage your followers to purchase Amazon items! More purchases = more commission, which is why most Amazon influencers post their Amazon finds weekly, or sometimes daily!
  1. Compensation: Amazon influencers can anticipate a pretty nice payout if enough recommended products are purchased. How much exactly? Well, most items have a 7% commission! However, in some cases, it can be as low as only 1%, depending on the item and amount of purchases. 
  2. Consistency: The more consistent you are about posting your Amazon finds, more purchases will be made, and more money will come rolling in. 

Which Platforms Should I Use?

Only the following social media platforms will be reviewed for Amazon influencing: Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Regardless of which platform you choose to pursue, you must have an exceptionally high following and/or high engagement metrics. Not sure where to start? This blog will give you clarity.

Social Media Platforms You Should Use

Why Should I Become an Amazon Influencer?

Have you ever received a recommendation from a friend? You likely took their advice, because you value their opinion and like their style/taste. The same goes for social media influencing. Popular influencers are called influencers for a reason… they INFLUENCE their followers to purchase their favorite clothing items, gadgets, furniture, etc. Influencers often offer discounts, information pertaining to sales, and restock alerts. People are eager to find the deals and rep their favorite influencer’s product recommendations. Joining forces with these highly followed and highly sought-after influencers will give you leverage regarding marketing your brand. Regardless of your platform and topic of interest, there are plenty of Amazon influencers ready to display your products. But keep in mind that the majority of these influencers are on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter! 

This article was written by Kyleigh Eaton

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