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Top 21 Bitcoin Influencers on Social Media

By Editorial Staff

When you think of Cryptocurrency, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Bitcoin. Bitcoin has become the Gold Standard for the cryptocurrency market and has been the focus of the conversation surrounding the future currency market. With billions of dollars on the line, it is important to understand the workings of blockchain and Bitcoin in a variety of ways. For this article, we will be diving into the top 20 Bitcoin influencers in the sector. From professors to hedge fund managers, this list will give you a comprehensive look into the market.

1. Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter and Square, has become one of Bitcoin’s biggest advocates and influencers. Since Bitcoin’s inception, Jack has been supporting the cryptocurrency movement and has even launched a crypto division of Square called Cash App which allows consumers to buy Bitcoin. Jack has also recently endorsed plans and lead the coalition to introduce its adoption in Africa. This movement is one of the most ambitious for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a whole.

2. Roger Ver

Alternatively known as “Bitcoin Jesus,” Roger Ver is one of the world’s first investors into bitcoin startups like, Z.Cash, and BitPay. Roger is one of the five founders of the Bitcoin Foundation, a group that is attempting to advocate for its adoption as a currency medium. Roger leads the industry in invested assets thus far in startups and has started the Creation of Bitcoin SV which would be a physical representation of the currency.

3. Brian Armstrong

Brian is the Co-Founder and CEO of Coinbase which is the world’s largest Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges in the world with almost 7 billion held in the exchange. Brian previously worked at Deloitte and Touche as an Enterprise Risk Management Consultant and has applied those skills to the crypto world. Most recently he has started GiveCrypto which is a non-profit attempting to give Bitcoin to the less fortunate.

4. Tyler Winklevoss

Tyler is the Co-founder and CEO of Geminia, a cryptocurrency exchange that allows customers to purchase digital assets. He also is the Principal of Winklevoss Capital, an entrepreneurial venture capital fund that derives its cash base from the Bitcoin market. Tyler is also an ex-olympian and has utilized his platform to advocate for the growth of cryptocurrency to make a “frictionless” currency market for the future.

5. Adam Back

Adam Back is a highly talented cryptographer and creator of Hashcash. Hashcash is a proof-of-work system that limits email spams but has most recently been utilized as a part of the Bitcoin mining algorithm needed to extract blockchain. He is also the CEO of Blockstream which is one of the founders and development teams behind Bitcoin Core, a wallet service. Adam has also presented the importance of Bitcoin at the G20 Meeting of Finance Ministers this year to advocate for the currency as a future medium.

6. Andreas M. Antonopoulos

A Greek advocate, Andreas is the host of the podcast “Let’s Talk Bitcoin” and is one of the primary industry authors. Andreas is the CTO of Third Key solutions that offers consulting and cryptographic key management solutions for individuals and companies that utilize decentralized currencies. Andreas leads the way in practical solutions to the issues presenting Bitcoin in the current currency market. Andreas has been supporting Bitcoin since 2012 and has the sole mission of combating corporate propaganda that disenfranchises cryptocurrency and Blockchain solutions.

7. Jameson Lopp

Jameson is the CTO of Casa, the leading provider of Lighting Bitcoin Nodes and key security. This is incredibly important for Bitcoin because it gives access to the consumer without exposing them to digital risks. Jameson has also recently founded Casa Covenant which is a tool for passing along Bitcoin wallets to rightful heirs in the event of the original owner’s death. Lopp has most recently started which offers real-time node stats that promote user security and reliability.

8. Barry Silbert

Barry Silbert is the CEO and founder of the Digital Currency Group, an investment firm that does comprehensive services for budding Bitcoin-based companies. Digital Currency Group incubates, funds, and launches startup companies that are seeking to reinvent the currency market. Silbert is also the founder of Bitcoin Investment Trust, an open-ended private trust sponsored by Grayscale Investments LLC. Additionally, Silbert created SecondMarket which is a platform that companies can utilize to raise capital from Bitcoin mediums.

9. Tuur Demeester

Tuur is the founding partner of Adament Capital, a Bitcoin Alpha fund that has invested in cryptocurrency startup companies. Prior to his work with the Alpha investment firm, Tuur was the editor and Chief of Adamant Research, a research firm that analyzes the impact of Bitcoin on currency markets and the viability of cryptocurrency.  Tuur has a background in economics from Austrian schooling and is now an economic analyst for CoinDesk. Tuur has been with Bitcoin since 2012 and developed the capital for his alpha fund by investing when it was $5 per share.

10. Charlie Shrem

A founding member of the Bitcoin Foundation, Charlie started the service known as Bitinstant, a service that allows consumers to use Bitcoin as a currency in over 700,000 locations around the world. Charlie has also founded CryptoIQ, an advisory firm that recently released a new podcast titled “Untold Stories” which talks about the traction cryptocurrency is establishing across the market. Shrem is also the leading advocate on improving the financial technology sector to allow for better payment methods for consumers and avoiding the complications of international currency exchanges. Charlie has been an advocate since 2011 and is considered one of the fathers of the Bitcoin Boom.

11. Jimmy Song

Jimmy Song is a current stand-in lecturer at the University of Texas as the leading opinion on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency markets. He is the advisor and lead instructor on Blockchain programming and is a renowned author, consultant, and fellow. The author of several leading books on cryptocurrency, Jimmy has gone as far as to say that the CPI index is a fraudulent index that incentivizes governments to avoid cryptocurrency mediums. Jimmy believes that with cryptocurrency we can normalize prices for goods and reduce international inequality in CPI indexes through Bitcoin.

12. Gavin Andresen

Andresen is a lead developer in the movement as the Chief Scientist for the Bitcoin Foundation, a role that requires analysis of Blockchain and international pressures on Bitcoin. Prior to his involvement, Andresen worked with a service called ClearCoin which provides escrow services for consumers utilizing cryptocurrency.

13. Jihan Wu

Co-founder of Bitmain and graduate of economics and psychology at Peking University, Jihan Wu is one of the leading cryptocurrency advocates in the world. Bitmain is one of the premier retail services that offers hardware and solutions for bitcoin mining through AI applications. Bitmain is also the world’s largest computer chip company for Bitcoin mining and has started to build the world’s largest mining plant. Wu also has a background in financial analytics at an equity firm. Before Bitcoin, he was an angel investor in Kaomao, a mining hardware startup that lets consumers mine from an open-ended source.

14. Arthur Hayes

Arthur Hayes is the co-founder and CEO of BitMEX, a platform that gives traders access to trade Bitcoin derivatives in a competitive OTC medium. Before BitMEX, Hayes moved to Hong Kong and worked for Deutsche Bank as a Synthetic Equity Trader with a focus on future currency options. Hayes eventually transitioned to Citi Bank as a Delta One Trader and was the head trader of Citi Bank’s Asian ETF Offerings. His extensive work in the financial sector allowed him to make a viable and professional platform for the decentralized currency that Bitcoin offers. Now, he is one of the most respected Bitcoin influencers in the market.

15. Jon Matonis

Jon is the Chief Economist for Cypherpunk Holdings Inc., a privacy protocol investment company that searches for secure Bitcoin startup companies. Matonis was also a founding Director of the Bitcoin Foundation before branching into his own ventures with investment companies. Cypherpunk is one of the most trusted holdings in the market right now and seeks to address the fundamental issues with Bitcoin; privacy and security. Matonis sees the future of this cryptocurrency as inevitable and wants to improve the user experience through these kinds of investment mediums

16. Stephen Pair

Stephen is the Co-Founder and CEO of Bitpay, a merchant service that allows the use of Bitcoin as a currency for businesses. Pair previously worked as a senior software engineer and development manager for IBM which gave him the technical background to make Bitpay. Stephen understands that one of Bitcoin’s biggest drawbacks is the lack of global viability. Through Bitpay he is giving consumers the ease of access to pay for services through the decentralized currency.

17. Caitlin Long

Caitlin Long is the chairman of WyoHackathon, a celebratory Blockchain event for entrepreneurs which allows the melding of different ideologies surrounding cryptocurrency. Since 2012, Long has been one of the leading advocates of Blockchain and Bitcoin. Long is also the founder of the Wyoming Blockchain Coalition which seeks to represent the growing desire for a decentralized currency and advocate its usefulness to governments. Caitlin was also a director of a pension for Morgan Stanley until 2016 before taking her Wall st. skills to the future of currency.

18. G. Zhang

Zhang is the CEO and founder of Canaan, the world’s 2nd largest supercomputing solution provider with a focus on AI and Blockchain fields. In November, Canaan filed for an IPO in the NYSE and is currently pending approval. Before Canaan, Zhang was pursuing a Ph.D. in economics from Beijing University before shifting his skill set to the Bitcoin mining market. Zhang is best known for his contribution to discovering that embedding software algorithms into FPGA hardware would optimize the mining process which is typically lengthy. Zhang now spends his time advocating for Bitcoin as a creative next step in consumer interaction.

19. Haipo Yang

Haipo is the CEO of ViaBTC, a successful Bitcoin and cloud mining contractor that works with companies seeking to enter the cryptocurrency market. Before ViaBTC, Yang was one of the earliest investors in Bitcoin and has since utilized that investment to leverage influence in the cryptocurrency market. Yang is also the Founder of CoinEx, a global and professional digital coin exchange service provider. CoinEx is dedicated to building a stable, secure, and efficient coin exchange platform for users to incentivize the transition to digital currencies. CoinEx has been wildly successful and now is available in nearly 100 countries in multiple languages which has increased access for consumers and businesses.

20. Dovey Wan

Wan is the founding partner at Primitive Ventures which is a venture capital firm that has a focus on blockchain and Bitcoin-related technologies. Primitive Ventures seeks to incentivize growth in the Bitcoin market by supporting new and valuable startups in the market. She is also the Director at Hardcore fund, a non-profit venture capital fund for Bitcoin developers and works in an advisory capacity for Coindesk. Additionally, Wan is one of the founding members of Danhua Cpaital GP, LLC which invests in early-stage and growth-stage disruptive technologies such as cryptocurrency.

21. Harsh Agrawal

Harsh Agrawal is an award-winning blogger, digital marketer, and entrepreneur. Having been in the Fintech space for 10+ years, he has seen the ups and downs of the crypto market. Being keen on keeping up with the pace of the market at that point, Harsh observed an information gap when it came to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency and that led to the foundation of CoinSutra in 2016.

CoinSutra is an online resource whose sole purpose is reducing the information gap in the current crypto market so that investors can make informed decisions. CoinSurta has an array of how-to guides, long-form guides, articles,  and actionable tips on DeFi, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain.

Harsh, who also loves speaking on stage, attended Bitcoin Miami Event and was the Speaker and Blogging partner for India Blockchain Week in 2017. In 2018, the team of CoinSutra was the Official Media Partner of Token 2049.

Today, CoinSutra is a growing community of 12000+ members and has been featured in renowned platforms like Forbes, IBM, INC, Microsoft, and many more.

This article was written by Harrison Loew

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