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10 Reasons Why Your Brand Should Use WhatsApp for Business

By Editorial Staff

WhatsApp is a famous application that millions of people throughout the world use daily as a convenient messenger. However, this instant message app has enormous potential that not everyone is aware of. A WhatsApp application is a great tool that even businesses should start using to get better results and achieve them faster. In this article, you will find out more about the potential of this great application for your brand. We will tell you about the importance of WhatsApp for your business, as well as the main reasons you need to start using it right away. 

The Importance of WhatsApp for Business

Here are some solid numbers that prove to you that WhatsApp is the right app you need to use for your business. 

1.5 billion usersWhatsApp is the most widely used messenger throughout the world
180 countriesUse this amazing app
1 millionThe number of people who register daily
3 placeWhatsApp is the 3d downloaded app in the world
3 hoursUsers daily spend in WhatsApp
23 timesUsers check out their accounts

1. High Security
Now let’s discuss the most important reasons your business needs to start using this messenger to reach more people and increase engagement. 

A messaging app like WhatsApp can be characterized by the highest level of privacy and security. These are two main aspects that are consumers care most of all. With end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp is certainly one of the most secure and trusted platforms that will minimize the concerns of your customers. It will be a private place for your business to have all communications with your audience without being afraid of data leak or misuse. 

2. Easily Accessible Platform

The platform is very accessible to anyone. Most people use this application and reaching for your help and support won’t be a problem for them. WhatsApp is easy to use, reliable, and effective. Your audience will stay in their comfort zone in case they have some inquiries about your products or services. People will get the necessary assistance in no time. For you, the app is very convenient in use, and it makes answering all requests a piece of cake.

WhatsApp for Business logo

3. Chance to Get to Know Your Customers Better

WhatsApp Business Messaging allows businesses to gather and analyze valuable consumer data. It will allow you to get to know your customers better, and improve your service, offer more relevant products or services in the future based on the received info. Using this feature you can:

  • ask your customers any question
  • do brief surveys
  • make anonymous polls
  • give personalized responses

It will help you collect priceless information that will show you the right direction for developing effective marketing strategies

4. Enhanced Brand Online Presence

WhatsApp allows you to try out the more personalized communication approach with your customers. You can share important news and updates, tell about your deals and promotions in a more customized and branded way. In this way, you will increase brand awareness. If your customer sees that your business account has been verified and confirmed, they will trust you more, and you will be able to build more tight and loyal relationships

5. Fast Customer Service 

WhatsApp Business feature enables you to provide the fastest and the most effective customer service ever. It allows you to significantly reduce average response time and provide the smoothest and the most pleasant customer experience. Taking into account that most people prefer messaging over phone support, it’s paramount. There is a useful feature of sending typical answers to the most common customer questions to speed up the process and keep your clients satisfied.

WhatsApp for Business customer service capabilities

6. Universal Tool for All Ages

This application is everything you need if you want to appeal to different demographics. The tool unites different generations, and you can gather them on one platform. WhatsApp is used by audiences of different age groups: youth and adults.

Therefore, you will be able to cover all social groups with one single messenger that will allow you to connect with them better and more effectively. 

7. WhatsApp Statistics  to Gain Valuable Insights

WhatsApp offers businesses pretty broad analytics that will help you measure your success and make informed business decisions. With statistics, you can easily get deeper insights about your customers’ online behavior and better distribute your resources. You can:

  • effectively monitor message delivery
  • analyze open rates
  • monitor user activity
  • learn more about demographics and create better buying personas

This valuable info makes it possible to significantly improve your service as well as the readability of your messages. 

WhatsApp for Business ease of use and ability to categorize chats for consumer statistics

8. Communication Through Visual Content

This messenger allows you not just to text your clients but to enhance the communication experience with visual content such as images, videos, or PDF files. You can send your audience relevant visual content that will help them learn more about your company and your products. 

9. Global Engagement

As it’s been already mentioned, WhatsApp is used by 1.5 billion users from 180 countries. Using this app, you will be able to reach your international audience with ease and always stay in touch with your customers wherever they are. If you only want to target the global market, using WhatsApp is something you need to ensure better global engagement and support. 

10. Cost-Effective Solution

WhatsApp is the best cost-effective solution as it’s completely free for you and your customers. It will be very useful for small companies and startups that are at the early stages of their business lifecycles. You can effectively reach your customers and provide top-notch support without paying a penny. 

Summing It Up 

WhatsApp is not just a simple and convenient messenger that people use for their personal needs. As you can see, it is an amazingly powerful tool that offers businesses a great opportunity to connect with their customers. The main benefits of WhatsApp Business are: 

  1. accessibility
  2. security
  3. cost-effectiveness
  4. improved customer service
  5. convenient analytics

This free app has so many benefits, so you should definitely use it for your company to achieve your goals and take your business to the next level. 

Author Bio: Anzhela Sychyk is a Market Researcher and Technical Writer at TheAppSolutions. She likes to learn new things about modern technologies and share knowledge through value-added content, helping entrepreneurs build businesses in a more effective way.

This article was written by Anzhela Sychyk

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