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Look out for These Social Media Trends in 2020

By Editorial Staff

It goes without saying that the most prominent of the social media trends is that social media usage is expected to continue its phenomenal growth. What does this growth look like as we enter 2020, a new year and a new decade? Above all else, there continues to be a push towards authenticity– from brands and influencers alike. This strive for authentic content and interaction is driving actions in the digital hemisphere. We are looking into the social media trends shaping the future with new social media marketing tactics, emerging platforms, and changing user preferences.

1. Expanding User Demographics

NeoReach’s influencer marketing predictions unveiled the changing landscape of the social media user. No longer are these platforms restricted to Millenials, Gen Z, and beyond who identify as growing up on technology. As younger generations join the digital sphere, so do the older generations. Social media usage is growing in both directions. Brands are presented with more opportunities to interact with various consumer segments through their social platforms, expanding their main point of contact with their target customers. Celebrities, CEOs and business elites are defining a new class of influencers with a devoted audience.

2. Social Goes Singular

Social media trends show company and brand strategies are returning to their roots of one-on-one and small group messaging. Components of sponsored ads, customer service contact, intimate stories, and direct messaging in place of email communication are outshining public interactions. Social media allows for faster, more direct exchanges to solve problems and provide information quickly and directly. You don’t need to check the growing unread emails in your inbox. Now, you can get a notification when your issue has been addressed and immediately respond.

For brands, tools like Hootsuite are proving their worth, allowing companies to manage complaints, messages, and praise on their various social accounts and manage replies in a timely fashion. We’re not just talking about DMs and tagged posts, this also includes staying on top of comments on your posts and mentions in others. 42% of customers have come to expect a response within the hour of posting and 32% expect it within only 30 minutes! This social media trend is demonstrating its effectiveness as consumers and companies prefer this informal interaction to get real resolutions, bringing brands closer to their audience and promoting loyalty and greater satisfaction.

These companies have completely transformed their customer service with Twitter:

  • Nike

With a monumental social following, prompt customer service is a must for Nike. Their @NikeSupport account was created specifically for attending to customer inquiries. The dedicated system makes it easier for customers to reach out with a problem and has a dedicated staff to address concerns.

  • Spotify

With their customer support account @SpotifyCares, Spotify is able to provide timely responses and updates to issues. They have even separated to form another account @SpotifyStatus which updates followers on the current status of popular issues and company initiatives. Multiple accounts also create multiple places for customers to seek assistance and feel taken care of. 

  • Starbucks 

This coffee giant has created an engaging and fun way to interact with its customers on Twitter. Starbucks has mastered when to bring its personality into replies and when to keep it strictly professional– showing their dynamic nature. Their separate account @MyStarbucksIdea allows customers to submit and discuss ideas to improve Starbucks’ products, service, and company as a whole.  

3. Getting Personal

As social media continues to become a saturated marketplace, social media trends show brands need to return to their “humanity.” With competing messages and daily decisions, it is easy to lose track of your brand voice. To maintain the connection with your audience, companies need to go back to basics and remind us of the humans behind the posts and the company.

Netflix is cascading into our feeds with this tactic. Their clever and relatable memes are reminding us why we love their service and create a point of connection.

4. Visual Takes Center Stage

In the constant effort to rise above the clutter, visual content on social media is becoming tailored, customized and full of flavor. Video continues to be the main eye-catcher moving forward. But, keeping content relevant, interesting and versatile is responding positively with audiences. Want to drive brand awareness and engage consumers? Companies like GIPHY are building GIFs for campaigns usable on most social platforms as a way to provide more shareable content for brands. Entertainment partners like Universal Studios and food and beverage companies like Pepsi and Dunkin are capitalizing on this social media trend.

5. Interactive Technology on the Rise

The growing popularity of voice technology in our everyday lives has made it vital for social media to adapt. Out of necessity to stay relevant, social media trends are showing “voice-forward” experiences. Similarly, new developments in AR have advanced the potential for social selling. This seamlessly integrated feature is paramount to effectively capturing digital marketing investment on social platforms. Filters, stickers and try-on interactive content are showing renowned success. You probably could have guessed that from the numerous Instagram randomly generated selections like What Disney character are you? that this trend is for real.

6. TikTok Taking Over

TikTok’s rise to fame has been quick and fitting that it will continue. As we discussed, short-form visual content is just long enough to capture our attention. Piquing our interests, it is more likely to be shared, recreated and liked as a quick hit. In our busy and overstimulated online culture, TikTok is succeeding in the area of just enough to keep you hooked. It’s bringing out new stars reminiscent of YouTube’s famous, like the Hype House, and capturing an increasingly larger portion of Millenial and older demographics. With this trend, there is no stopping TikTok any time soon.

Brands killing it on TikTok:

Both as a platform for branded content and an extension of their influencer marketing initiatives, Chipotle is hitting the ground running with TikTok. They have already launched numerous viral campaigns and trending hashtags. 



Utilizing TikTok for its creativity and quirkiness, @StayTunedNBC is driving some serious engagement.

7. Virtual Gatherings

Whether it’s a Bachelor watch party or any type of live stream, as with the return to 1:1 meetings social media trends are revealing increased importance of virtual gatherings. People are building community by connecting at the same time in the same virtual space around a shared interest or goal. Online seminars initiated this style in the education space, but it is continuing in a diversity of content.

Facebook even launched Watch Party for groups with the exact intent of fostering online communities. Buzzfeed’s Tasty Community is doing just that, and quite well.

This article was written by Gabrielle Sinacola

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