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5 Types of Brand Influencers: Which One is Right for You?

By Editorial Staff

There are various types of brand influencers, but which one is the best for you in 2019? Surely, the new informational era has brought new influencers to the social media market, but here are five types of brand influencers for you to know.

Introducing the Best Brand Influencers

What are the most important features when thinking of how to find influencers for your brand? The uniqueness of each is noticeable, but the top five are:

1. The celebrity influencer

2. The trendsetter influencer

3. The expert influencer

4. The blogger influencer

5. The advocate influencer

The Celebrity Influencer Will Make You Famous

The first type is the brand influencer, who will procure you with all the necessary means to become a celebrity online. Indeed, this may be an actor, a composer, a painter, or anyone that has a certain amount of fans and followers. Yet, you should know that working with such individuals is costly. In addition, besides offering a large exposure of your brand, you will have no specific target audience. A similar opinion is shared by NeoReach in “How Influencer Marketing Added Fuel to the Fyre Festival.”

The Trendsetter Influencer for Beauty and Fashion

This social media brand influencers will ensure progress in the fields of beauty, fashion, entertainment, or technology. It will be the most practical and significant for you to engage promptly. In other words, you can make the way to the actual fields of respected spheres known as new trends. Moreover, trendsetter influencers will teach you how to get influencers to promote your brand. The top influencers are not easy to find, but the trendsetting type is the one that will provide you with all the necessary means.

The Expert Influencer is Here to Make Things Work

Online influencers are usually the influencers that require substantial attention to their work as they are experienced and demand to be paid highly. For example, NeoReach states in its article“What is Social Media Marketing?” that it is not easy to find good social media influencers. Therefore, you should take into account all the possible varieties of brand influencers.

Most importantly, the expert ones are usually very skilled and they will require you to invest your money into their work. So, don’t be greedy and learn from them by attending webinars and other training courses that cost money.

The Blogger Influencers

The type of social media influencers considered as partly experts and partly trendsetters are surely the blogger influencers. They provide you with the ideal combination of niches and relevant target audiences to ensure that you will reach your goal of promoting the right credentials. Another influential media news agency, Forbes, posted that there are bloggers with 250 million social media followers. This goes along with the Guardian’s similar article that stated that “brands are cashing in on social media envy, and using influencers to sell it.” Those two articles remark on the impact the social media has on people and the way they acquire their income through social influencing.

The Advocate Influencer Will Give You Recommendations

The last type ensures that your most valuable assets for marketing reach their goals. In particular, an advocate can be trustworthy and lead to purchase recommendations even more than other influencers, for example, the celebrity or blogger influencers. Therefore, apart from being loyal to you by giving great advice, the advocate influencers are already fans of your brand of products. They have a significant reach of your brand’s visibility. So, they can increase the attention of your target audience and bring more important customers from the markets that you had no idea of.

Furthermore, this type of social influencer will trade with the customers and investors that you will only benefit from. Shane Barker is one of the best digital market consultants who specialize in website conventions, product launches, and influencer marketing. He highly recommends using advocate influencers to promote your product and increase the visibility of your brand.

Overall, now that you know which brand influencer is best for you, you should have a better understanding of your customer base, too. The reason for you reading this article is therefore set to organize you to choose the best influencer to work with. As the main factor, you should know what includes your customer base and the specific goals that come with it.

Particularly, try to put most of your attention to the details of what you need the most. Whatever your niche may be, you can engage a variety of influencers to promote your trend. Ensure that your authentic content reaches the target audience that will bring traffic and profit for your business online. Furthermore, remember that the influencers are mostly bloggers that like to express their opinion on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube.

Therefore, using those platforms, you can make your brand expand to the required level of interest. Let us know in the comment section below what you think of the five brand influencers and which ones are best suited for you.

Use NeoReach to find a brand influencer that’s right for you. Get started with us today.

Author’s bio: This article was written by Scott Francis. Scott is a journalist, blogger and project management expert. Scott presented his small business ideas at Max Polyakov’s Noosphere conference and after that he opened his own photo studio.

This article was written by Editorial Staff

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