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What Is Social Media Marketing?

By Editorial Staff

Communication, like any other construct, has been continuously evolving since the earliest record of its conception in the human race. What was initially a means to navigate survival, has developed into a multidimensional navigation of all aspects observable within human consciousness. The influx of technological development has increased the speed, efficiency and form which we utilize to convey our message. Business communication and related outreach have greatly been influenced by the increasing prevalence of social network in the last decade. Social media has become a staple in today’s world of advertising and targeting marketing. So, what is social media marketing exactly? 

Social Media

Synonymous with community in the 21st century, social media has become a staple in the context of our everyday communication. These channels act as a medium for collective input, expression, interaction and collaboration. In fact, Social media is THE fastest growing development in the history of the world!

Social Media Icons
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Such influx leads business-minded individuals to capitalize on the ability to generate traffic or attention for respective ventures through social media outlets. The diversity of social media outlets makes it easier than ever to analyze and traffic certain demographics of consumers.

Marketing in the social media sphere involves creating content suited to the context of each outlet in order to maximize engagement and sharing. This process involves coordinating which audience has the greatest prevalence on a given outlet and then specializing content that will succeed given the platform.

Social Media Consumers
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Every social media marketer wants their content to go viral. Engagement is key with users; The more people engage with your post, the more they will share it and so on and so forth. This is why putting your content in front of the right audience on the right platform is so important. A witty tagline may get lost in the extensive dialogue of a thirty minute YouTube video but may also receive a massive amount of reposts (retweets) on a text-limited application like Twitter.

Engagement on Social Media
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Comparing a social media profile with a business would correlate shares with sales and followers with capital. The amount of shares an account receives essentially indicates how successfully they “sell” their content. Their base of followers increases as they gain more shares and expand their outreach. A page with a large number of followers can be contacted by a certain product or company to advertise with them in exchange for monetary or product compensation. A larger page typically requires greater compensation to reach their audience.

Businesses and Social Media
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As technology continues to consume our communication channels, social media will continue to grow in utilization and potential application. For the everyday user and marketers alike, understanding your respective platform is key.

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This article was written by Evan Schimek.

This article was written by Editorial Staff

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