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Determining the Right Type of Content for Social Media Marketing

By Editorial Staff

Social networks from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and Snapchat offer great opportunities for marketers, and a strong social media marketing plan involves both evergreen and one-off content. Yet determining when and how to leverage the advantages of each unique type of content isn’t always as clear.

Evergreen content is designed to have long-term appeal and continue to attract readers well after its initial publication. One-off pieces, on the other hand, are generally tied to a time-sensitive event and are expected to become less relevant once that date passes. Using each at the right times will create both immediate and sustained interest in your brand.

Of course, it’s still essential to follow best practices for each campaign and platform you publish content on. While for email, these include personalizing subject lines and verifying email addresses, best practices for influencer marketing include offering something of value and working with influencers that embody your brand values.

Evergreen Content for Long-term Readership

Unlike one-off content, evergreen content may be valuable to your readers for weeks, months, or years after being published. One piece can continue to attract readers and build a backlink profile over time without requiring any additional work, giving your brand reliable value over a longer period.

The drawback to evergreen content, in general, is that it’s difficult to encourage a response from your audience. Calls to action, for example, play a crucial role in driving sales but are typically associated with a launch or other specific event that would usually be advertised in a one-off piece.

Graphic of man applying evergreen content to a website
Credit: Content Studio

Using One-off Content for Immediate Action

Compared to evergreen content, one-off pieces generally see a greater audience in the period immediately following publication, followed by a steep drop-off once the content is no longer relevant. One-off content is generally written to promote a seasonal or otherwise time-limited interest.

One-off content can be particularly valuable when promoting a product launch or other event that your audience is likely to be interested in. Newsworthy events are likely to be shared by a large number of people and potentially reach new customers, so it’s important to leverage one-off content in the right situations.

Graphic of one-off email content
Credit: Evergage

One-off and Evergreen Pieces Complement Each Other

Using the optimal mix of evergreen and one-off pieces of content will give you the best of both while avoiding the drawbacks of sticking exclusively to either format. A steady stream of evergreen content, for example, can help mitigate the quick decay of most one-off pieces, ensuring that your readers stay interested even when there’s no limited-time event or launch.

This balance also makes your team’s workload more consistent. A marketing strategy that involved too much one-off content at specific times would involve long hours leading up to the event followed by a much easier period. Regularly published evergreen pieces, on the other hand, provide your writers with predictable schedules and mitigate the rush associated with launches and other events.

Successful influencer and social media marketers understand that effective marketing in the digital age requires both one-off and evergreen content. Achieving a strong return on investment is the greatest challenge in social media marketing, and striking the right balance between these two types of content is a great way of maximizing your ROI.

Graphic of the benefits of combining evergreen and one-off content
Credit: Kinsta

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This article was written by Rae Steinbach. Rae is a graduate of Tufts University with a combined International Relations and Chinese degree. Rae is passionate about travel, food, and writing, of course.

This article was written by Editorial Staff

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