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5 Ways to Increase E-commerce Sales with Influencer Marketing

By Editorial Staff

Influencer marketing is a powerful advertising tactic. Just think about it. When you’re planning to buy a new gaming console, do you go straight to PlayStation or Nintendo’s website or do you check reviews from your favorite YouTube vloggers?

The fact of the matter is that influencer marketing can yield up to 11 times higher returns on investment compared to traditional marketing. According to a study conducted by Snap Inc., 31 percent of individuals make their final buying decisions after being influenced by celebrities and influencers. In short, consumers follow influencers who love the same products and share similar interests as them.

Today, the ones that can benefit the most from influencer marketing are e-commerce businesses. By looking for and collaborating with the perfect influencer, you can boost your e-commerce business alongside new brand advocates. Below are five tried-and-tested ways to increase e-commerce sales with influencer marketing.

Choose an Influencer That Best Suits Your E-Commerce Business

Not all influencers are right for your business. There’s a perfect influencer out there that best represents your chosen niche.

Firstly, never pick an influencer that doesn’t promote products or services from your niche. It should be someone who’s already well-known among your target audience and one that they trust, as well.

Another thing to consider is whether or not that particular influencer has high social engagement among followers. This way, there’s a higher chance they can bring good results to your business.

Of course, you also need to know how frequent the influencer updates their followers. For instance, if you choose a blogger, look at how often they post new blogs. Remember that it takes multiple times for your target audience to get exposed to the same message before they actually take action (Read: Buy your product).

Pitch for a Collab

Now that you’ve found the perfect influencer for your marketing campaign, it’s time to take the next step: Getting them to collaborate with you. This is a vital step and you need to arm yourself with proper pitching tactics to convince them to partner up with you. After all, you’re probably not the only one sending them a proposal, so yours needs to stand out from the rest.

You can try out various ways like letting a potential influencer try out your product or provide them with freebies. Some may also prefer monetary compensation. However, one of the most effective ways to get an influencer to collaborate is by offering sales commissions. You can do this by providing special discount codes that they can share with their followers. They can then earn a commission from the total sales after they’ve used the discount code.

Check out long time user of NeoReach Bijoux Indiscrets’ email template designed to reach influencers in the best way possible:

How are you doing?
Nice to e-meet you! My name is Esther, I’m in charge of the Social Media Channels at Bijoux Indiscrets. 
I’ve found you using Neoreach and I’ve been checking your Instagram and YouTube profile – I really loved your posts & videos! We would like to do the promotion for our St. Valentine’s campaign with you, we would like to propose you a promo code to your followers.
I attach the catalog and press materials where you can have a look at our shop. Our latest collection is Maze a 100% vegan, BDSM-inspired line of accessories, which can be worn over the clothes as daytime accessories, bringing the erotic into the every day, and then transformed into intimate accessories to be used with your partner in private.
I would love to send you some items to review, please take a look at our shop online: 
 We are happy to send you your favorite!
Thank you in advance for your answer and lovely to ‘meet’ you!
Look forward to hearing your tips. 

Un saludo. Best regards,

Graphic displaying person writingGet Influencers to Review Your Product

Reviewing products is a popular advertising tactic among influencers. In fact, according to a Google AdWords study, about 26 percent of consumers get their shopping inspiration by watching videos on YouTube. Additionally, 64 percent of electronics shoppers make buying decisions by watching YouTube reviews.

David Anderson, an author at top writing services says these statistics aren’t surprising at all. He believes that people rely heavily on the feedback of previous customers when it comes to making a buying decision. They scour customer reviews and comments on social media to know whether or not they’re getting value for money.

With this in mind, you need to get potential influencers to review your products in order to establish credibility.

Create One-of-a-Kind Experiences

One surefire way to get your target audience engaged is to provide a unique customer experience. You can do this by announcing giveaway events. Giveaways give people the chance to win something, which is why many would willingly participate in such events. With your e-commerce business, you can decide the rules as per your requirements.

The Body Shop’s Fuji green tea product promotion is a perfect example of creating a unique experience. The company aimed to sell the product in Belgium, so they collaborated with popular Belgian bloggers to promote their green tea.

The Body Shop then boosted social engagement by challenging both fans and influencers to share their healthy moments online, using the hashtag #healthymoment. This was a huge success for the company as they were able to reach over 220,000 people and increased social engagement by 22 percent.

BeautyMinded's Review of The Body Shop's Fuji Green TeaOptimize Your Website

Sure, you can work with the best influencers in your chosen niche to lead your target audience to your e-commerce website, but that will all be for naught if your website isn’t optimized to be responsive. This makes it extra-difficult for potential customers to buy your products using their mobile device.

With that said, you need to make your site mobile-friendly. Make navigation smooth and simple, highlight call-to-action (“Order Now”) buttons by increasing the font, and do away with annoying pop-ups so customers can focus more on what’s important: Your content!

Graphic displaying website optimization
Via Web Solutions, Inc.

 Now’s the time to ditch traditional advertising and make way for influencer marketing to create traction for your e-commerce business. The tips mentioned above are proven and tested ways to help you maximize the results of your marketing campaign. Remember: When done right, a good influencer marketing strategy can lead to tons of sales.

Author’s Bio: Carol is very keen on teaching students new, effective ways of learning. When not freelancing and blogging on education-related matters, Carol enjoys traveling. She takes immense pleasure in visiting new countries.

This article was written by Editorial Staff

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