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How to Enhance Your Customer Experience by Improving your Social Media Game

By Editorial Staff

The global pandemic has pushed more consumers online than ever before, and with that changing marketplace comes the need to innovate your online footprint. Consumers have higher expectations of digital platforms. One of the best ways to engage with them is through direct communication and excellent customer experience.

Customers want to feel heard by companies. They want to know they are buying from a reputable source, and that they are going to get the value they are paying for. For that reason, following up with reviews and comments has become imperative for companies trying to stand out in the digital space. 

With so much information coming at us from all angles, it can be very difficult to prioritize, respond, and leverage our social media traffic to create a customer experience that attracts and retains our clients. Here are some elements for you to consider.

How to stay organized

Personalization is now so ubiquitous in the market, that 72% of consumers say they’ll only engage with personalized customer experience. In fact, 90% of online shoppers are willing to share their behavioral data with companies in exchange for discounts and rewards. With this trend, the ocean of consumer data has become a galaxy. 

Thankfully, the need created by this deluge of consumer data has created a space for the development of social media data. Depending on your business, there are different platforms that offer different functionality to meet your needs. A general rule when choosing the right provider for social media management software is to look for a provider that does the one thing you need the most better than the rest. For example, if your company is primarily a retailer, then a provider that does event management might not be for you, but data security is a must. 

How to leverage bad reviews on social to get good attention

Customers expect prompt responses. Over 53% of customers expect a response within 7 days. Having a personalized response to negative reviews and comments shows the consumers you are listening, you care, and that you want to do better. The good news is that the number of good reviews is growing. But most comments are still negative.

To make things more complex, reviews on different platforms require different responses. You can’t respond to a Facebook review the way you would on Instagram or Twitter. With so many different platforms to leave reviews, having the right social media management software is really the only way to stay on top of engaging your customer experience online. 


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The human touch

While it can be tempting to let the technology do the customer service work, a 2019 survey found that 86% of customers still prefer speaking to a human being over AI chatbots. While customers expect a response within 7 days, that’s more the bare minimum than the golden standard. The best strategy seems to be to use automation to connect your customers with a human agent who can help them in real-time. 

In order to make that happen, your best option is to develop your digital presence on an omnichannel system. Not only does it provide a customer who clicks on your Facebook ad on their phone the ability to seamlessly switch to their desktop or tablet to troubleshoot a problem or complete a purchase, but it also makes it easier for your human agents to stay connected. Omnichannel has been able to increase customer retention by up to 91%.

The power of person to person conversations

It’s 2020. The coronavirus has created huge growth in e-commerce markets, and 87% of the customers are on social media. It was hard to stand out on the online ecosystem before, and with the market saturated, it’s not getting easier. With over 50% of US shoppers saying they won’t feel comfortable going back to brick and mortar shops post-pandemic, things don’t look like they’re going back to the way they were.


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That means to make your customer experience stand out, you need to make the customer feel the human connection they aren’t getting right now. Using conversational customer engagement software to connect your live customers to a live agent quickly will not only help finish more transactions. It will also encourage your customers to recommend you to their family and friends. 

People talk. By providing an excellent customer experience of your brand, your customers will be 77% more likely to recommend you, and 86% more likely to repurchase. If you listen to what your customers want, your customers will reward you in kind. After all, friends support friends.

Mikkel Andreassen is passionate about customer experience in every color of the beautiful customer engagement spectrum. He loves building great connections with his customers, which often lead to meaningful friendships that last a lifetime and inspire his work. Driven by the genuine belief that CX is the pivotal force that drives a successful business, he is currently at the helm of Dixa’s customer experience strategy.

This article was written by Mikkel Andreassen

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