Top 10 Instagram Influencers with Photo Filters

By Editorial Staff

Photo filters are an essential part of making your picture pop, but photo editing can be tedious and difficult to get right. Luckily, most photo editing apps allow users to make professional presets for their followers to use so they can make their photos special. For this blog, we are breaking down the top ten list of Instagram influencers who have their own preset photo filters. From color reducing presets to extreme contrast photo filters, these influencers have something for everyone with their affordable photo presets. 

1. Jack Morris


Instagram photo filters influencer Jack Morris

Jack Morris is a photographer and travel influencer on Instagram. He offers a host of photo presets, in collaboration with his girlfriend @gypsea_lust, which are available at These filters are a one-click use filter that is available on mobile or desktop devices to take your photos to the professional level. The presets are on Adobe lightroom and require the application in order to run the preset filters but they are well worth the price and effort to get them. The most popular filters include a higher contrast and brightness that makes the colors and environment in the photo pop. The shadows used on these filters also accentuate minor details to give you the feeling that you are standing right where the picture was taken.

2. Aspyn Ovard


Aspyn Ovard's Instagram

Aspyn Ovard is an Instagram lifestyle influencer and mother of one. Her Instagram is full of high-quality photos of her and her family but her magic comes from her Adobe Lightroom ability. Aspyn sells both mobile and desktop photo editing packages that add a bright and colorful feel by adjusting exposure, orange saturation, and luminance for skin tones with the occasional temperature adjustment. Her photo presets require Adobe Lightroom and are platform-specific so make sure you select the correct version. So, whether you are a budding influencer or just want to make your personal page a little more colorful, Aspyn has the presets for you!

3. Stormi Bree


    Photo filter influencer Stormi Bree

Stormi Bree is an American singer, actress, model, and beauty pageant winner. After her success in the Miss Teen USA, Stormi Bree turned to Instagram to become a social media influencer where she has found great success with her media postings. Stormi Bree offers photo filter presets through her website that have their unique components so that her followers can edit their pictures just like her. Her most famous preset filter set is the Lightroom Preset Pack 1. The preset pack comes with a variety of edits that focus on warm and cold hues which are perfect for enhancing the environment of a beach day trip, romantic date night, or intense sunset. Her filters require both Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Creative Cloud to use if you choose to buy her presets!

4. Hello Fashion


Christine Andrew's Instagram

Christine Andrew or HelloFashion on Instagram is a lifestyle and travel influencer who specializes in high-quality posts from around the world. Christine recently released her photo presets that are meant to bring light and beauty to the colors we see in her photos. The edits take an old fashion approach with coloring to give it a grainy but colorful addition. She sells these presets in packs of six with descriptions detailing each set and what she uses them most for. Currently, she has over 35 presets available for purchase so you are sure to find something you are looking for. 

5. The Blonde Abroad


Photo filter influencer The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad was launched in 2012 as a travel influence blog and Instagram page. Kiki, the owner of the social media accounts, left her career in corporate wealth management to pursue her dreams of travel influencing. Since that time she has garnered hundreds of thousands of followers through her breathtakingly beautiful pictures on social media. Kiki says that the magic of a picture isn’t only the location but the editing as well. That is why she has developed her Lightroom presets that focus on the different terrains of an environment. Her jungle presets highlight deep greens and the depth of pictures while her fire and ice collection focus on temperature manipulation and saturation. All of her sets are available for purchase on her website so that you can become an editing pro like her!

6. Samuel Taipale


Samuel Taipale's Instagram

Samuel Taipale is a Finnish freelance photographer who currently lives in Norway with his wife. Samuel was raised in the land of a thousand lakes where he fell in love with the wilderness and nature. This childhood passion has transformed into an inspiration for him to pursue photography at the professional level with commercial clients such as RedBull, Canon, and NatGeo. But the magic of his photography doesn’t just come from his astounding skills as a photographer and the breathtaking beauty of nature. Samuel is one of the most skilled photo editors in the industry today and has taken these skills into the world of photo presets through Adobe Lightroom. His presets allow you to capture the full beauty of nature no matter how sunny or cloudy. His attention to detail and desire for perfection make these presets some of the best on the market so go check them out!

7. Emily Davies


Photo filter influencer Emily Davies

Emily Davies is a commercial professional photographer who specializes in event photography and food photography. She is described by her clients as professional, prompt, and prepared as she takes stunning photos for them. Emily has used her talents to create photo presets that accentuate the texture and color of food and events. Her presets include events, weddings, foods, and multiple other specific occasions to mimic the emotion of the occasion. Her editing and photography skills are some of the best and are why she has been featured in prestigious magazines such as the Food Network. Whether you are a foodie or want to update those wedding photos, Emily Davies has got something for you. 

8. Meg Legs


Meg Legs' Instagram

Meg Legs is a travel influencer, photography extraordinaire, and blogger for her Instagram account @Meg_Legs. In addition to those titles, Meg is also a model and professional photo editor. Her edits focus on faded tones with high contrast and a darker background that bring the photos a hazy feel. These aspects come included with her presets which are available on her website and are free for desktop downloads. 

9. Lisa Homsy


Photo filter influencer Lisa Homsy

Lisa Homsy, like more on our list, is a photographer and travel influencer. She maintains a personal connection with her followers and will even individually edit photos for them (for a price). Lisa was born in Montreal, Canada where she started out with her DSLR camera and a dream of traveling. Since that time, she has gone on to become Instagram famous and release her own Lightroom presets so that her followers can make their own pictures unique. These presets are available on her website and she drops new sets almost every month. Even if you can’t find what you are looking for with her presets, you might find just the perfect fit if you wait a little longer. 

10. Jaci Marie Smith


Jaci Marie Smith's Instagram

Jaci Maire Smith is a native of Arizona and at 22-years-old she is well on her way to influencer fame. Jaci offers Lightroom presets on both mobile and desktop platforms, both of which do not require a subscription to another service. As a travel blogger and Instagram travel influencer, Jaci is always searching for the next adventure. Her most popular presets include seasonal presets which highlight the tones and emotions of winter, spring, summer, and fall. 

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This article was written by Harrison Loew

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