15 Funny TikTok Accounts That Are Sure to Make You Laugh

By Editorial Staff

Upon Vine’s downfall, we were left without a means of comedic skits and humor from the world of social media. In 2019, things took a turn, as TikTok quickly became the new and improved Vine, where users could access thousands of comedic videos and skits. TikTok is best known for dancing and lip-synching, however, TikTok is now home to hundreds and thousands of hilarious videos including short sketches that are similar to the Vine videos we know and love. TikTok videos are a bit longer, creating more time for skits and sketches. TikTokers are known to get creative with their skits, from incorporating dances, popular sounds, and props! Gone are the days of funny vines, but TikTok is here to fill the void that left us wanting more funny video creators. In this blog, we will share the best funny TikTok accounts that are sure to make you laugh.   

15. Conner Wood

  • @fibulaa

Not my best work

♬ original sound – Connor Wood 🐸

Conner Wood is the king of comedy on TikTok. His grade A sense of humor and puns are what have gotten him to 600,000+ followers and counting! His TikToks give you a glimpse of California life on the coast, but with a comedic twist. In this funny TikTok skit, @fibulaa is pictured playing pong with his coffee machine. For more puns, skits, and laughs follow @fibulaa, you won’t regret it. 

14. Lady Efron

  • @ladyefron

MOVE BACK MOM #fyp #pov #GoodMorning #CancelTheNoise

♬ original sound – Brooke Averick

Lady Efron has taken TikTok by storm with her comedic skits and charming personality. She boasts an impressive 700,000+ followers and is among the most popular comedy TikTokers on the app today. Her status on our list of funny TikTok accounts is evident in this recent video where Lady Efron creates TikTok about showing her mom pool tricks as a child… or in this case, as a grown adult.

13. David Dobrik

  • @daviddobrik

Pretty solid tbh hahaha

♬ original sound – DAVID DOBRIK

What would a top comedy influencer list be without David Dobrik? David Dobrik started making TikToks last year, and we are forever grateful. David has blessed us with entertaining skits and grown his influencer platform along the way. Want to know how you can improve your marketing strategy with TikTok like David did? Check out our most recent blog. On one of his recent funny TikTok videos, he attacks his friends with the world’s most powerful water gun… sounds like David Dobrik.

12. Kat Wellington

  • @washyourpillowcases 

Reply to @snickerdoodleoodle good morning Baltimore every days like an open door

♬ Elevator Music – Bohoman

Kat is known for her funny TikToks and collaborations with other funny TikTokers. She posts funny skits, good jokes, and great replies to commentary. In this hilarious TikTok, Kat rips Snickerdoodle’s comment apart as she does a comical makeup routine in reply to their seemingly innocent comment about her appearance on her recent post. 

11. Jason Nash

  • @jasonnash

🎅 + 🍷

♬ busy doin hot girl ish – Chelsea

Jason Nash is a member of David Dobrik’s vlog squad, and a famous comedian, scoring him a spot on our list of funny TikTok accounts. He is a talented writer and drops hilarious skits on TikTok and YouTube. In his most recent video, he does the “I can’t talk right now, I’m doing hot girl sh*t” challenge, but with a holiday twist. 

10. Shawn

  • @eyeout4selen3r 

These came from a dumpster

♬ no im not talking about that – zachary efronald

Number 10 on this list of funny TikTok accounts is my all-time favorite funny TikToker. Shawn, or better known as @eyeout4selen3r, has some of the funniest TikToks this app has ever seen. In this funny TikTok road sign theft, he uses a popular TikTok sound as he denies ever stealing road signs… despite the many road signs clearly pictured in the background. If you want a good laugh, @eyeout4selen3r is a must-follow!  

9. Nick Antonyan

  • @realnickantonyan 

I’ve been told I can be a Victoria secret model

♬ Sound by Charly Jordan – Paris Dawson🍭

Nick Antonyan is a member of David Dobrik’s vlog squad, and a natural comedian. His funny skits and jokes make him one of the funniest users on TikTok. In this funny TikTok, Nick uses a popular sound to make a joke in which he compares himself to a Victoria Secret model. 

8. Jack Martin

  • @jackmartin

I also have like half a fifth of cuervo #college #comedy #pov #greenscreen

♬ Wine Tasting Event – Sofa Thesis

Jack Martin is a younger TikTok comedian. His funny TikTok videos feature relatable jokes and solid punchlines. This video is a perfect example of how Jack’s jokes relate to his audience, as this skit features a college student poking fun at sophisticated wine connoisseurs. 

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7. Jacob

  • @thatsmyboyjacob 

Can you order for me? #comedyskits #restaurant #waitress

♬ original sound – JACOB

Jacob has some of the best original skits on TikTok. His videos are clever, funny, and original. In this funny skit, Jacob makes fun of shy people ordering food as restaurants as he whispers his order to another person in an effort to avoid ordering for himself.

6. Sam Swank 

  • @slamminsammyswank

Always fighting for freedom ✊

♬ original sound – Sam Swank

Another of the funny TikTok accounts known for original skits, Sam Swank is a talented comedian. He posts a variety of skits and jokes, making his account appealing to all! In one of his recent skits, he pokes fun at having to ask your teacher to use the restroom in grade school.  

5. Mitchell Crawford

  • @mitchell 

Moms and their birds… #verizon #galaxys20 5G UW

♬ original sound – Mitchell Crawford

@mitchell is one of the most followed comedic TikTokers on the app. He has racked up over 3 million followers since joining the app. His posts are primarily hilarious skits. In one of his recent skits he makes fun of moms who take pictures of birds out of their window. For more relatable and hilarious TikToks, follow Mitchell Crawford! 

4. Kate

  • @kate 

#duet with @xmasfyp 7 DAYS OUT MY BIG DADDIES

♬ frosty the snowman – everything christmas!

Kate from TikTok has been a hit this holiday season. Her videos typically feature holiday-themed comedy, as she is best known for dueting holiday baking videos and guessing what the finished product will be through jokes and humorous commentary. Here is a prime example of why Kate is so funny and popular on TikTok.

3. Brittany 

  • @brittany_broski 


♬ Baby Elephant Walk – Henry Mancini

Brittany, or better known as “kombucha girl”, is one of TikTok’s best. She gained her fame from a viral funny video of her trying kombucha for the first time and has been a hit on the app since then. In this funny video she tells the story of the time she got a bad haircut 

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2. Parker Kit Hill

  • @parkerkithill

#delayed 🥴 i tried

♬ Drugs (feat. Two Feet) (feat. Two Feet) – UPSAHL

Parker Kit Hill is a very popular TikToker known for his popular skits and videos. He has many viral videos that feature skits, dancing, duets, jokes, and more! His variety of content and funny TikTok videos are what have gotten him over 600,000+ followers on TikTok. In this video, he created a funny dance to popular TikTok sounds. 

1. Kylen

  • @k_the_1 

the similar problems are harder. #fyp #comedy

♬ original sound – kylen ☀️ 🤩

Kylen is a funny TikTok user who has made a bunch of viral skits. He has an impressive 600,000+ followers, and is becoming increasingly popular for his good sense of humor and hilarious content. In this skit, Kylen makes a joke about online school and finals.

Honorable mentions of funny TikTok accounts:

Reggie Couz@officialreggiecouz
Drea German@dreaknowsbest
Ricky Chainz@therickychainz
Sarah Cooper@whatchugotforme


This article was written by Kyleigh Eaton

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