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TikTok Fashion: An Evolution of Style

By Editorial Staff

Preppy chic or edgy? Casual… or maybe boho? Try Y2K and 90s fashion. TikTok and its clever algorithm coupled with its inviting creators have together breathed new life into fashion trends. Through quick-paced edits and music, creators are able to showcase their personal style and give styling tips to their followers. TikTok fashion has changed the world of online style; with a scroll and a follow users are able to keep up with the newest trends and find a unique style that fits them.

Styling My Mom’s Old Clothes

Notes of nostalgia have been found in the very recent fashion trends of the 90s and 2000s aesthetics. In 2021, a popular trend developed in which creators attempted to style and coordinate outfits using their mom’s old clothing items.

The trend was scattered in almost every lifestyle influencer’s content, from YouTube to Instagram, but found most of its success on TikTok. Exciting editing and intimate narrations or simply a Doja Cat chorus gives a great foundation to various outfits and creative transformations of restyled pieces. 

TikTok fashion creators will cleverly cinch in the waist of a dress to make it more form fitting or layer the fabrics and tops in a way that hasn’t been done before. Tattered denim jackets, fitted blazers, and broken-in low-rise jeans, these young creators have brought back trends of the past, making them cool and wearable once again.

Is This A Fit, Or Is She Just Skinny?

Ridiculous pairings and far-fetched styles are simply the way of gen-z fashion. However, many creators have pointed out that many outfits circulating online that are deemed as the newest caliber of fashion and style are actually just outfits on a skinny person that fits perfectly into the standard of beauty.

Therefore, the people are actually praising the body type and not the outfits. This reveals the still prominent societal issue that connects a thin body to being fashionable, and ultimately, being attractive. 

This tag-trend was first popularized by TikTok creator @sanrizzle or Santina. In addition to her “Is This a Fit or Is She Just Skinny?” videos, Santina also makes GRWM videos while talking about her life. Her most popular video on TikTok surrounds model Kendall Jenner with nearly 10 million views.

The video shows Jenner wearing a light-washed mid-rise pair of denim jeans, a super cropped buttoned top, and a brown shoulder bag paired with sunglasses. Santina assembles a similar outfit on her own body and then asks her audience, “What would this outfit be if her washboard abs weren’t a part of the accessory?”


in conclusion: Kendall Jenner is not a style icon, she is just skinty

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

Old Money Aesthetic

A very popular trend that has surfaced on TikTok is the “Old Money Aesthetic”. They swoon over New York style that bleeds generational wealth and effortless class. This topic was covered on an article on “The Cut” which summarized old money as “minimalist in fashion” in which “the women referenced are usually blonde, long-locked, and oh-so thin,” building the untouchable and coveted nature of this trend.

A TikTok creator @prettyinpreppyy, Stefana Gelati, sports old money looks for her nearly 50,000 followers. It is significant to note that this trend has allowed older brands to find a new life with a new generation.

Gelati created a fashion edit that showcased “Brands that scream Old Money” that included Tommy Hilfiger,  Loro Piana, and others to her thousands of followers. Through trends and the latest fads, brands get free advertising. 


#oldmoney #oldmoneyaesthetic #nycaesthetic #fashiontiktok #gossipgirl #preppyaesthetic #preppyoutfits #fashionedit #privateschool

♬ originalljud – .

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What I would wear… 

The ‘What I Would Wear…” trend showcases TikTok creators adorning their preferred outfits for various occasions if they were in attendance. From ‘what I would wear to the Met Gala’ to ‘what I would wear if I were in Outer Banks’, TikTok and its users are proving that they must dress to impress, even in their fantasies.

Popular TikTok influencer, Nava Rose, came on trend with outfits she prepared for if she were certain movie characters. Revealing what she’d wear as a  Hogwarts student (complete with wand and all) or a Pokemon Trainer: pink patterned, school-girl skirt with a white top, cropped pink cardigan, and a pink beret, of course. 


idk if this has been done already but if u do this tag me! 💕 what I’d wear in movies #mystyle #tiktokfashion #whatidwear

♬ Stunnin’ (feat. Harm Franklin) (Explicit) – Curtis Waters

This trend on TikTok truly knew no bounds. Actresses such as Debby Ryan and Shay Mitchell have paid homage to their most notable roles through their videos, topping them off with the tag #whatidwear.

Debby Ryan hopped on the trend nearly two years ago wearing different outfits, and seamlessly transitioned, as all of her most iconic characters: Jessie Prescott from Jessie, Bailey Pickett from Suite Life on Deck, Patty Bladell from Insatiable, and Tara Adams from Radio Rebel where she even did the thing.


the president said to make a tiktok… #whatidwear

♬ Stunnin’ (feat. Harm Franklin) (Explicit) – Curtis Waters

In her busy closet, actress and occasional influencer Shay Mitchell, initially in a plain white robe, appeared first in a cheetah top and black sunglasses as Peach Salinger from You, a blue tracksuit as Emily Fields, and a cropped fur jacket over a blue and green tie-dye top as Stella Cole from Dollface. These open-ended trends give free rein for all to participate and garner a notable amount of views.

Shay Mitchell racked in 14 million views from her ‘What I’d wear’ video, and Debby Ryan, although she rarely interacts or posts on the app, garnered over 129 million views.


Who’s your fave?! #whatidwear #ootd #summerlooks

♬ Stunnin’ (feat. Harm Franklin) (Explicit) – Curtis Waters

For some influencers, “what I’d wear” to the Met Gala is a very real scenario. Read more about the new media celebrities in attendance here.

GRWM for… 

The acronym GRWM stands for “Get Ready With Me’”, and this isn’t something new. GRWM videos have been around since the late 2000s on YouTube, however, they typically focused more on the makeup and morning routine portion.

But in this era, where TikTok’s swipe algorithm has become addictive, TikTok fashion influencers such as Madeleine White and Hannah Harrel focus mostly on the fashion aspect of getting ready— and their followers can’t seem to get enough.

@madelienecwhite, or simply Maddie, showcases her outfit process from getting invites to influencer events to apartment hunting to a regular day running errands. Even on her bad days, White garners at least a million views per TikTok from her 2.6 million followers.


Horror is editing this AFTER coming home from the event and realizing the back of ur hair looks DISASTROUS 😭 #grwm #ootd


Similarly, Hannah Harrell films herself getting ready for nights out with her friends and gives tips on how to look “put together all the time.” Harrell recommends matching jewelry and coordinated colored accessories to form a more cohesive outfit. 

Through TikTok, creators and followers have found a new platform to showcase their unique styles and connect with people that want to dress well but need inspiration. Through its innovative algorithm, TikTok has linked its creators with their audience in a way that cannot be undone. By prioritizing inclusive trends and addictive engagements, TikTok fashion influencers have found a novel way for people to find inspiration for styling clothes and accessories through a simple swipe of the finger.


This article was written by Victoria Huynh

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