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Best Practices: How To Grow Your TikTok Views

By Editorial Staff

TikTok took the world by storm recently. Seemingly overnight TikTok became everyones favorite app, providing hundreds of millions with hours of entertainment and billions of TikTok views without even having to scroll. The auto play feature is one of the most genius ideas as we no longer have to expend precious energy on scrolling through a feed. Instagram was cast aside just like Woody in Toy Story, meaning kids no longer wanted to play with them.

It’s hard to imagine a time where your best friend wasn’t sending you TikToks everyday, and I am sure quarantine has been made much more manageable with TikTok at our side. 

Even in it’s short lifetime there is already so much uncertainty revolving around the Chinese owned company, with rumors of a potential acquisition happening extremely soon.  We still are not sure what Trump’s executive order truly means for the app, but many are confident TikTok will survive another day. Though competitors are constantly popping up with Reels (Instagram), Clash, Tangi (Google), and many more challenging TikToks dominance.


While some choose to sit back and enjoy the content others produce, a lot of people are trying to become the next Addison Rae. Many creative minds have the talent and ability to join the ranks of the TikTok elite, but it can seem impossible to break through and grow your following past a certain point. This is a feeling many can relate to, and a lot of people get discouraged at this point. 


my secret: I use shade deep brunette to add freckles. what shade are you?@itembeauty #wereanITEM #ITEMcofounder

♬ Bulletproof – La Roux

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Never Get Discouraged

While this sounds cliché, it is the single most valuable piece of advice in this article. It is extremely important to remember everyone has to start somewhere while you continue to grow your following. Never forget that PewDiePie once was a Minecraft streamer with a few subscribers on YouTube. At one-point people had no idea who Addison Rae was. Everyone has to start with zero followers (even if your last name is Kardashian). 

It takes most people years to break into the limelight. TikTok views and follwings  are grown steadily over time, people don’t usually wake up to TikTok fame overnight. Often times people have viral videos, but you have to make high quality content repeatedly as one viral moment is often times not enough to attract a large following and consistently more TikTok views.


dc @itsray.2

♬ WAP(feat. Megan Thee Stallion) – Cardi B

You may be able to get a lot of views from one viral video, but people won’t stick around if you don’t keep up the high-quality content that brought your page to their attention in the first place. While it may seem like Charli uploaded her first video and was instantly famous, it took a lot of high-quality videos to get to the point she is at now. If you want to get as many TikTok views as Addison Rae one day, then keep this in mind throughout the journey.

Be Consistent

Imagine you started followed a really funny meme account, and suddenly they switched to Animal Crossing island tours without warning. People follow Charli because she has some of the best choreography on the platform. So, if she started posting skits of her doing stand-up comedy a lot of people would instantly unfollow. People originally followed her because of her dancing, so she would be going against her core fanbase’s interests if she did a complete 180.


dc @sheafreak4jb1

♬ Not The Thermometer Slow Version – IM CRYING 😭

 While is it possible to transition from one genre to another, or to combine multiple genres, it is important to keep uploading similar content. Find your brand and stick to it. If you’re a gamer with some humor, keep uploading funny gaming content. If you are inconsistent your core following will be confused, and it will seem like your account has no direction if you suddenly switch from posting breathtaking scenic trails to sports highlights.

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Profile Picture and Bio

On that note, make sure the first two things people look at, your profile and bio are indicative of what content you post. Don’t have a picture of a basketball player dunking if you post videos of yourself dancing. If you are a meme account  have something funny as your profile picture. People will be confused and automatically associate you with cars if your profile picture is you and a Ferrari (even if you look really cool) but you only post memes. If your profile picture and bio align with your brand you will get more TikTok views.


If you like creating content of you performing TikTok dances make sure to keep up with the newest most popular dance. While you may really like the video of you hitting the whip perfectly, people want to see the newest dance. Unsurprisingly, trending videos get the most TikTok views.

Most people will be actively searching for the newest trend and will stumble upon your videos in the process if you continue to keep up with what is currently popular. This really increases the chances that people will find your content in the first place, which is the most important step in growing your following and consistently getting more views. Make sure to include these trending hashtags in your captions!


Wait what? #cosplay #Harleyquinn #harleyquinncosplay #wipe #morror #fyp #foryou #foryoupage


TikTok has some complicated algorithms that help promote content that they want to push. Even if you are posting content that is not directly related to the music, make sure to include a trending song as your top choice when selecting a sound for your TikTok. This will help you unlock the algorithm and get promoted as much as possible.

TikTok is constantly working with music execs to help make a song popular, it is not a coincidence some of the most popular songs on the radio were originally in viral TikTok videos. The algorithms are no secret, so making them your friend will help you get so many more TikTok views. 

Luckily TikTok makes it easy for someone to figure out what songs are trending so you don’t need to do complicated analytics or research. Just look at what TikTok recommends as a song and you are well on your way to cracking the algorithm

Post at Ideal Times

No matter what niche you are in on TikTok it is extremely important to post at the right time. Think about when you would be on TikTok yourself watching content similar to your own. A lot of people like to wake up and refresh their feed first thing in the morning to see what’s going on. A lot of users have incorporated TikTok into their late-night bedtime routine.  Maybe in the middle of the afternoon when you hit the wall at work or school you like to check out TikTok for a while. A lot of viral TikTokkers will recommend late night, first thing in the morning, and midday to get the most views.


This article was written by Cameron Kanner

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