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Best Contact Management Apps for Effective Networking

By Editorial Staff

In the burgeoning digital age, contact management is more than convenient. It’s necessary. With hundreds of friends and connections in different circles, good contact management apps can elevate work and play. The apps on this list do everything from forming groups to organizing contact information and even blocking spam. Read through our list of the best contact management apps for effective networking to find the best fit for you.

1. Covve

Covve is the new intelligent address book. The app is designed to help you manage relationships and create business opportunities. You can organize your contacts, set smart reminders, keep discussion notes from calls, and carry out paperless transactions all while keeping your data safe and private. Powered by AI, this contact management technology helps you stay in touch, grow, and leverage your network.

2. Top Contacts

Top Contacts is an advanced contact manager that adds powerful CRM features to the familiar list of contacts. No need to synchronize across multiple apps, log all relevant info, events, tasks, and files for each contact directly in the app. Use grouping, tags, and filters to organize to your tastes. Create general and separate calendars and to-do lists for your contacts. Any and all ways you could think of for organization and efficiency.

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3. A2Z Contacts

With A2Z, you can easily create, edit, and delete contacts and groups. Send mass texts and group emails. This app was designed with user-friendliness in mind, and there are endless ways to organize and manage your contacts. View recently created contacts. Share or print contacts. Create backups. Get notifications, and much more. 

4. Sync.ME

At over 5 million downloads, Sync.ME uses a unique reverse phone lookup approach to ensure privacy and effectively block spam. The app identifies robocalls and telemarketers so you can avoid unwanted callers. In order to remain up to date, Sync.ME consistently checks and syncs your contacts with the most reliable information, including photos, addresses, and numbers.

5. CircleBack

CircleBack is one of the only contact management apps that keeps your address book up-to-date and duplicate free through its proprietary SIQ and contact duplication features. This app is a business address book, a duplicate merging app, and a contacts update app all in one. Other unique features include email signature capture, contact backup, smart merge, and address book sync among many other useful features.

6. Simpler

Is your address book a mess? Simpler will fix it in a few seconds. Merge all your contacts and eliminate duplicates with a few clicks. Backup the full contact list for safekeeping. Save and create specified groups. Use smart dialer to search and call people within the app. For further organization, use smart filters to quickly find the contacts you need through company and job title searches and even by birthday.

7. Contacts+

With Dialer, SMS, Caller ID, and Spam Block, Contacts+ is one of the leading contact management apps. The all in one design makes it easier to connect with friends and coworkers as well as protecting you from telemarketers and other unwanted calls. More than this, Contacts+ is customizable. Choose your theme, set reminders, and call people all straight from the app.

8. Groups

Groups contact management is your contact list, but improved. Groups works with your native contacts and phone capabilities, so it’s entirely private. And the recipients do not need to have a common app like Facebook or WeChat. Groups allows you to manage and sort contacts, easily communicate with large groups through text or email, and search within groups by any attribute.

9. Cardhop

Cardhop’s search engine is incredibly intuitive, letting you search, add, edit, and interact with your contacts using a simple sentence. Enter a name and see their full info card. Enter a name and email to immediately edit contact information. Or type in a command like “call Jane D.” and Cardhop will instantly start a phone call.

10. Cloze Relationship Management

Cloze is like a personal assistant for your professional relationships. With smart CRM, and inbox and contact all in one app, Cloze pulls from your apps to automatically create one view of every person and company. See all their contact details and your complete history through the organizational power of the app, no extra effort required. 

This article was written by Christiana Sinacola

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