TikTok Pranks to Try at Your Next Family Gathering

By Editorial Staff

Family gatherings always stir up a slurry of events – whether it’s gossip on the newest family drama, catching up with your favorite cousins, or your aunt who finished off a bottle of wine by herself, you never know what to expect. If you are looking for something fun to do together, take our TikTok filter quiz to find out which effect on the app you are! However, family gatherings also provide the perfect opportunity to pull a prank and make the whole crew laugh. Here are some TikTok pranks you can try at your next family gathering that are kosher enough to keep you out of trouble, but are sure to keep everyone entertained and create fun memories.

Andy’s Coming!


#Ilovemypeeps#Andyscoming ming

♬ original sound – rennon_amalie

If you’ve seen the classic Toy Story films then this line should sound familiar. In the movie, all the toys drop to the floor whenever their human, Andy, enters the room and they have to pretend they’re inanimate. This TikTok prank is the same idea: in a casual group setting, have one person shout “ANDY’S COMING!” Everyone that’s in on the prank should immediately drop to the ground and play dead. Be sure to plan ahead and get all but one in on the joke. Whoever is left standing will be confused and shocked when everyone around them suddenly collapses!

Pasta Back Crack Prank


Back crack prank on my dad #backcrackchallenge #fyp #foryou #foryourpage

♬ original sound – Cece 🦋

Put a few pieces of uncooked rigatoni between your molars and ask a family member to crack your back. When they go to crack it, crunch down on the pasta in your mouth and watch their reaction as they freak out. Make sure you apologize afterward because this is one of the TikTok pranks that will surely make their hearts drop into their stomachs when they think they’ve broken your spine.

Best pasta types to use for this prank

  • Rigatoni
  • Fuselli 
  • Penne

Break out in a TikTok dance


Their faces at the end 😂 #takeyoudown #takeyoudownchallenge #igotplansformeandyou #danceprank #filipino #filipinomoms #filipinodads #lola

♬ Chris Brown – Take You Down (Remix) – J E S S


practicing in front of family first… where should I try this in public?😂 #hipsdonttliechallenge #familypranks #familyprank #prank #filipino #🇵🇭

♬ Hips Don’t Lie – Miguel González

TikTok dances are great ways to keep up with trending content while also confusing those who are watching you. When people least expect it, blast your favorite song with an accompanying dance and alarm them with your flawless execution and questionable actions. This works especially well if those being pranked have never seen you do a TikTok dance before. You can be the sole prankster or get your whole family involved, leaving out one member who will be the victim of your random dance outbreak.

Search for these things on TikTok to find tutorials for easy group dances to teach your family:

  1. #NaNaNaChallenge — look for videos of people sitting on a staircase: 65.2 M views
  2. Laxed (Siren Beat): 51.4 M videos
  3. #SpongebobDance:  3.9 M views
  4. Blinding Lights: 723.7 K videos

Another version of these TikTok pranks would be to film yourself doing a TikTok dance in front of your family, but flip your phone camera so it’s filming your audience members instead of you. You’ll film their reactions, and depending on how impressive (or atrocious) your dance moves are, you’ll have their responses captured.

Food Pranks



Show how kind of a relative you are by offering your family members a delicious homemade treat, like a chocolate “peanut butter” cup, only to have them bite into it and have a raw egg yolk burst in their mouth! You can get pretty creative with this one, just make sure you’re being safe and not using anything inedible that would be harmful to ingest. Hopefully, if you tell them that it was a TikTok prank, they’ll forgive you afterward.

Other food pranks to try:

  • Mayonnaise filled “cream” donuts
  • Chocolate covered jalapeños, shallots, or tiny pickles
  • Cupcakes with mashed potato “frosting” (use a piping bag for a realistic look)

If you’re having trouble thinking of the endless options, here’s a list to give you more ideas.

Water Cup Pranks


It’s been 24hours here’s the results @condensedicecream #pranked #socialexperiment #watercupprank #prank #epicfail #pranks #wentviral #fyp #foryou

♬ Went Viral – Jaylyn


There are several variations to these types of TikTok pranks, but the classic and easiest execution is to have someone put their hands flat on a table with their palms facing down, put a cup full of water on each hand, then walk away. They’ll quickly realize that there’s no way to take the cups off without completely spilling one of them, and they’ll be stuck there until you decide to set them free.

In case they are the reckless type, make sure there are no valuables or important papers lying around so they don’t get wet. If you want to up your TikTok prank game, you can get on a stool and hold a glass of water against the ceiling, then have someone take a broom and push it up against the bottom of the cup. Quickly run away, and they’ll be stuck holding a cup against the ceiling with no way of getting high enough to remove it themselves (use a plastic cup just in case).

These TikTok pranks are sure to liven up your next family gathering, so try one next time you’re all together, or if you’ve been quarantined at home with your family for a little too long and want to keep things interesting around the house.

This article was written by Inna Oh

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