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Influencer Spotlight: Kombucha Girl AKA Brittany Tomlinson

By Editorial Staff

Brittany Tomlinson, also known as Kombucha Girl, is one of TikTok’s top influencers that has continuously gone viral for her short, funny videos. Recently signed to United Talent Agency and featured in a Super Bowl commercial, Tomlinson has risen to influencer status and has used her virality to score brand deals with well-known companies. How did she do it? Read on to find out!

Who Is Kombucha Girl?

Tomlinson, born in 1997, is a 22-year-old Texas A&M University alum and former “theater kid” from Dallas, Texas. After always being described as the “funny friend”, Tomlinson decided to create a TikTok account in July to share the hilarious content that she would normally post on Snapchat. In August 2019, she decided to try kombucha for the first time after watching Cody Ko and Noel Miller’s YouTube video on GT Dave, the founder of a kombucha company. Deciding to record her reaction, she used TikTok to capture her hilarious clip that launched thousands of memes online. Within three days of posting the video, it gained over 1.8 million likes and 336,300 shares. Now, the video has over 12.3 million views, 2.1 million likes, and 11.1K comments. With that amount of engagement, the video found itself on TikTok’s list of the top viral videos of 2019.

What’s Next for Kombucha Girl?

Since the summer, Tomlinson has continued to post viral videos that earn nearly the same amount of likes as her kombucha video. With more than 100 videos on TikTok, 47 million total likes, and 2.7 million followers, she is constantly getting recognized in public and has become verified on all of her social media accounts. On Twitter, she has gained up to 721K followers alongside her 237K followers on Instagram and 186K subscribers on YouTube. Her social media fame has also led to her being interviewed by The New York Times and Hollywood Reporter.

Among her success, Tomlinson credits monetization as the most helpful part of her virality. By monetizing her social media presence, Tomlinson was able to make up for the fact that she lost her job at a Dallas bank as a result of her viral videos. Soon after losing her job, Tomlinson flew to California for meetings with companies like GT’S Living Foods, the kombucha brand run by GT Dave. Now, she frequently partners with the brand and other kombucha brands to film reviews on her YouTube channel and kombucha-making videos on her Instagram.

Besides kombucha, Tomlinson has earned sponsorships with Chipotle, Crocs, FabFitFun, KIND, and HelloFresh. With her management team and talent agency, UTA, she has successfully formed her own brand identity. In December of 2019, Tomlinson relocated to Los Angeles and has since collaborated with influencers like Chase Keith and Emmy Hartman. Her move also allowed her to partner with the American Music Awards to announce their 2019 nominees.

Living the Dream

Before going viral, Tomlinson, who graduated with a communications degree from TAMU, dreamed of writing copy for Super Bowl commercials. But due to her influencer status, she has not only been able to rack in lucrative brand deals, but she landed herself in her own Super Bowl commercial as a star. On February 3, 2020, Tomlinson appeared in the commercial for Sabra Hummus alongside Megan Thee Stallion, Ric Flair, T-Pain, Becky G, Mel B, and more. Her appearance in the commercial has solidified her influencer career, proving that her virality isn’t short-term. 

As for her current content, Tomlinson continues to share hilarious videos on her TikTok where she does impersonations, films comedic makeup tutorials on her YouTube channel, keeps her followers updated on her life and new opportunities on Instagram, and even sells merch with Mantis Merchandise. Most recently, you can catch Tomlinson in a new episode of The Things Happen, a podcast hosted by Brendon McNerney and J. Cyrus.

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This article was written by Selena Ponton

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