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Top 25 Funniest YouTube Channels (Updated)

By Editorial Staff

Whether you are having a bad day or you want a mid-day pick me up, having your go-to funniest YouTube channels on hand is the best way to cure a case of the Monday blues. Since everyone has their own idea of what is funny, we’ve pulled together a list of the top 25 funniest YouTube channels for all different types of people. From talk show channels to a talking orange we’ve got all the bases covered. Many of these YouTube creators include top YouTube trends that you can check out as well!

Top 25 Funniest YouTube Channels

1. The Ellen Show

  • 33,898,023 subscribers
  • Joined Nov. 20, 2006

Female comedian and icon Ellen DeGeneres has made it very easy for her fans to watch the best moments over her 16 seasons of The Ellen Show. If you aren’t familiar with Ellen, she has her own talk show on NBC where she interviews celebrities, plays pranks, and makes fun of herself. Whenever musicians have new music being released or a new film is coming out, every celebrity makes sure they have some time on The Ellen Show. Ellen keeps the show light-hearted and fun by messing with her guests and incorporating her audience into the shows. She has various segments on the show that she will post on her YouTube channel such as “drop the beat,” “taste buds,” and “burning questions.” If you are looking for the inside scoop on celebrity gossip, or just want to have a good belly laugh at people embarrassing themselves check out The Ellen Show on YouTube. 

2. David Dobrik 

  • 13,716,307 subscribers
  • Joined Dec. 19, 2014

If you use social media at all you should be familiar with David Dobrik and his hilarious short videos. David is the king of pranks and you will be guaranteed a smile and laugh when watching his videos. His goofy laugh mixed with absurd pranks on his friends make an appearance in every one of his hundreds of vlogs. His video titles are always full of clickbait to draw you in but you can expect tons of surprises and laughs throughout them. Not only will you want to watch a few hours of his vlogs, but you will get to know the “vlog squad” members and all of the crazy personalities that it holds.

3. First We Feast

  • 6,941,755 subscribers
  • Joined Feb. 28, 2014

First We Feast started off as a food blog and continues to post content regularly on their website. Their popularity started to grow when their segment called “Hot Ones” hosted by Sean Evans became their dominating video content. If you’re not familiar with their “Hot Ones” series, Sean Evans challenges A-List Celebrities to eat ten chicken wings with rising levels of hot sauce on each wing. He will ask his guests to answer questions and hit them with personal questions as they bear through the heat. No matter who the guest you will surely leave with fun facts on the celebrities, and laugh and how they react to extremely hot wings. The show has had guests such as the cast of Stranger Things, The Jonas Brothers, and Billie Eilish.

4. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

  • 22,001,002 subscribers
  • Joined Jan. 8, 2006

On its seventh season airing on NBC, former SNL cast member Jimmy Fallon has taken over as the host of the late-night talk show. If you can’t make it to Studio 6B in Rockefeller Center to catch a live show, you can tune in weeknights on NBC, or skip the commercial breaks and head to the show’s YouTube channel! The Tonight Show is filled with comedic skits, celebrity interviews, and satire of current events. If you want to get the inside scoop on upcoming Hollywood films and watch live performances from popular artists you can find full performances on their YouTube channel. 

5. The Late Night Show with James Corden 

  • 20,492,801 subscribers
  • Joined Nov. 20, 2006

Another talk show makes the list and this one is CBS’s late-night show with James Corden! British Corden has been the new host of The Late Night Show since 2015 and lives in Los Angeles where the show is filmed. Similar to the other late-night shows, you are able to watch back clips from celebrity interviews and skits from the show, but what James Corden’s YouTube channel is popularly known for used for is for fans to watch new episodes of his segment Carpool Karaoke. In this series, Corden will pick up musicians and celebrities on his way to work. He will ask them questions amidst singing karaoke to their top hits.

6. Tana Mongeau

  • 4,921,109 subscribers
  • Joined April 30, 2015

Tana Mongeau aka Tana Paul is not only a YouTube sensation but has her own MTV reality TV show. Her rated R personality has landed her loyal fans and a whole lot of cash. Coming from humble beginnings Tana often jokes about what she used to do as a reckless tween living in Vegas. Prior to her stunt with Jake Paul, Tana would make videos of her making fun of herself and owning up to being extremely irresponsible and unreliable. Even her storytime videos about her stalker end up making her viewers laugh and think she must be making up stories. Her recent videos have all been about her romance with YouTuber Jake Paul and the journey to their wedding day. 

7. Dolan Twins

  • 10,369,074 subscribers
  • Joined March 9, 2014

Ethan and Grayson Dolan are twins living in LA who love to relate and entertain their followers. Not only are they adorable to look at, but they also produce unique creative videos of them building things, making fun of each other, and pulling massive pranks on one another. The twins do everything together and you will rarely see videos with other content creators on their channel as they like to keep their videos consistent and fun. If you’ve ever thought of publicly pranking your sibling you will surely get some great ideas from watching their videos. You can’t help but find yourself laughing at the twins high off of laughing gas after getting surgery, or watching one twin’s reaction of his picture plastered across a billboard in LA. 

8. Emma Chamberlin

  • 8,380,238 subscribers
  • Joined June 13, 2016

Emma Chamberlin uses her carefree youthful personality to make her fans laugh at her seemingly strange day to day activities shown in her vlogs. She often films videos of her doing activities by herself promoting independence and self-love which we can all support! Her cooking videos and videos of her pushing herself out of her comfort zone are hilarious as she truly comes up with original content that only she could pull off. For example, you can watch a video of her sewing her own outfit and living on her balcony for 24 hours… a bit strange but highly entertaining! There were speculations that Emma is secretly dating Ethan Dolan and you can see many collaborations with the Dolan Twins on her channel. 

9. PewDiePie

  • 100,576,096 subscribers
  • Joined April 29, 2010

PewDiePie aka Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is a Swedish comedian and video producer who recently got married to long-time girlfriend Marzia Bisognin. The 29-year-old has a whopping 100 million subscribers on his channel, making him the second most subscribed YouTuber to date! His channel has over 22 billion views and grows every day. His channel features a variety of different videos, ranging from random vlogs to his famous his “Let’s Play” video series, where he records himself playing video games. PewDiePie’s videos are energetic and slightly obnoxious as his extreme personality truly differentiates him from all other YouTubers. 

10. Ryland Adams

  • 4,386,347 subscribers
  • Joined Feb. 9, 2010

Ryland Adams also known as Shane Dawsons’ fiance has gained popularity on YouTube since his debut as a host and producer on Clevvar in 2017. He is known to be very boujie and loves designer items which you can see when watching his videos. He will often feature Shane, his sister Morgan and the rest of their squad in his vlogs who make the videos even more entertaining and easy to binge-watch. You can find videos of James Charles and Shane doing his makeup as well as him dressing up in Jeffree Stars’ designer wardrobe. In 2018, Ryland won Vlogger of the Year at the Shorty Awards, and we can’t wait for what extra things he will do next! 

11. Nigahiga 

  • 21,399,901 subscribers
  • Joined July 20, 2006

Nigahiga, AKA Ryan Higa, is a 29-year-old comedian, actor, and YouTube personality. He has been creating content since 2006 and currently has 24 million YouTube subscribers and previously ranked as the most subscribed YouTube channel in the early 2000s. The native Hawaiian now lives in Las Vegas, where he makes YouTube videos and works on his comedy career. Higa started making YouTube videos in 2006 with his friends for fun, as most YouTubers do. They began by making lip-sync videos to popular songs and then shifted to a variety of comedic series. His most well-known video is “Nice Guys,” racking up 76 million views. When you look back at Ryan’s older videos you will find a lot of random hilarious videos and now most of his uploads are of his podcast with fun guest stars on every episode. 

12. Smosh

  • 24,726,732 subscribers
  • Joined Nov. 19, 2005

Friends Ian Hecox and Daniel Padilla founded Smosh in 2005. Since then, their channel has gained a massive international following due to their hilarious sketch comedy videos. Today they have 24 million subscribers, landing on our list of the most subscribed YouTube channels, with a total of 8 billion views to date. Smosh is well-known for their video game themed music videos and hilarious nerdy skits. Alongside their main channel, the founders also started numerous other channels such as ElSmosh, Shut Up! Cartoons, and Smosh Games. Every other Wednesday they publish new videos to their series titled, “Every [Blank] Ever” and “The Big What If”, while every Friday they post new comedy sketches for us to view.

13. Jenna Marbles

  • 19,925,017 subscribers
  • Joined Feb. 16, 2010

Jenna Marbles is a YouTube sensation that most millennials grew up watching. Marbles is a YouTube personality, blogger, comedian, and vlogger. She started her career as a writer for Barstool Sports and entered into the YouTube world in 2010. She gained notoriety from her 2010 video titled, “How to Trick People into Thinking You’re Good Looking,” which showcased her wild and aggressive humor to the world, kickstarting her future career. As of today, her account almost has 20 million subscribers and more than 3 billion views. She is infamous for her slightly crude and brutally honest videos in which she discusses her life as a female and offers her tips on how to navigate through this wild world we inhabit. 

14. Jake Paul

  • 19,640,695 subscribers
  • Joined Sept. 19, 2013

Jake Paul, who covers all the bases when it comes to social media, is also known to have some of the funniest YouTube videos on the internet. Whether they are staged or real events in his videos, Jake makes sure to keep his audience entertained. As the king of Clout, Jake leads Team 10 in doing crazy stunts, pranks, and throwing wild parties for all of his followers to see. If you think pranks like sinking someone’s car in a pool or watching a Lamborgini get covered with peanut butter you should definitely check out Jake’s channel. Recently since he has been in the spotlight for his fake marriage to Tana Mongeau, you can see their staged love story grow over the past few months. Many of his videos also star “mini Jake Paul” aka Tydus from the Talbott Family so if you love adorable kids your heart will melt for Jake’s videos with his mini. 

15. Shane Dawson

  • 22,279,834 subscribers
  • Joined Sept. 21, 2005

Shane Dawson is an American comedian, actor, author, and everything else Hollywood as well as a YouTube sensation. He started his YouTube channel in 2005 and has since gained 22 million subscribers and 5 billion views. Over the years Shane has adopted a new style and he is now known for his documentary series’ on famous YouTubers. No matter what the tone of the video is Shane’s empathetic personality is always able to make fun and bring a laugh out of everyone. Alongside his main YouTube channel, he has released songs, podcasts, and a film in which he directed and starred in himself titled Not Cool. Shane has also written a memoir and a book, as well as a short film on his other YouTube account Shane Dawson TV.

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16. Annoying Orange

  • 8,620,328 subscribers
  • Joined Jan. 11, 2010

The Annoying Orange is exactly what you’d expect… a very annoying orange. This citrus fruit has human eyes and mouth and likes to run his mouth. He lives in a fruit cart with various other fruits that star in his show. The orange is always annoying the other fruits with funny jokes and his crude humor, but it has further evolved into a TV series, a video game, and a whole line of merchandise. The channel launched in 2010 and has gained 8.6 million subscribers and over 6 billion views. 

17. Trisha Paytas

  • 4,889,949 subscribers
  • Joined Jan. 3, 2007

Trisha aka blndsundoll4mj is very unapologetically herself and has oftentimes paid for it but we can’t help but love her! Trisha is 31 years old and lives in LA pursuing her music and social media career. Her big blonde hair and love for pink sequins make her stand out in a crowd. Her YouTube videos are definitely not for young children but tailored more towards young adults as some of her content involved rated R topics. She has been launching her music career as of recent and you can see behind the scenes vlogs on her channel. She also recently got out of a relationship with YouTuber Jason Nash and their messy breakup details are all exposed in her videos if you are looking for some extra drama to spice up your day. Trish loves to eat and has endless Mukbang and drive through videos that will satisfy any craving you might be having. Her wild and unfiltered comments and opinions make her videos fun to watch and follow her along her journey. 

18. CollegeHumor

  • 13,472,886 subscribers
  • Joined Oct. 9, 2006

CollegeHumor is your go-to YouTube channel for all of you looking to binge-watch cringe-worthy skits and games. Over the years their content has changed a bit and is tailored for an older crowd, therefore we don’t advise young children to watch their videos. The YouTube channel features and uploads CollegeHumor’s original videos that you can also see on their website. It all started off with the website which has since grown their YouTube channel to have over 13 million subscribers and over 7 billion views. 

19. Miranda Sings 

  • 10,828,367 subscribers
  • Joined Jan. 30, 2008

You may recognize Miranda Sings from her iconic red lipstick that’s spread across her mouth. Miranda is a character that Colleen Ballinger created for her YouTube channel in 2008. Ballinger is an American actress and comedian whose career skyrocketed after introducing Miranda Sings to the world. Since starting her channel she has accumulated over 10 million subscribers and creates new videos every week for her loyal fans. Miranda loves to sing, dance, and record video tutorials for her fans. She is quite a character, with a narcissistic and quirky personality. Her background story is that she is homeschooled and believes that she is the most talented person in the world! She shares her untapped “talent” through recording videos and has a famous phrase “Haters Back Off!” Miranda Sings was such a hit, that Netflix created a comedy series based on this character called “Haters Back Off.” However, this show was discontinued in 2017.

20. Logan Paul

  • 19,755,219 subscribers
  • Joined Aug. 28, 2015

The older brother of Jake Paul, Logan is 24-years-old and has been making video content since he was 10 years old. Building his viewership off of pranking his family members and friends via Vine and YouTube, Maverick fans can always expect something crazy to come from Logan’s channel. Now Logan posts less sporadic vlogs but he still creates and highlights his crazy life on YouTube. If you want more of Logan you can also tune into his podcasts YouTube channel, Impaulsive where he brings on his friends and special guests to talk about thought-provoking topics and trends going on in society. You may not be a fan of Logan due to his past, but there is no doubt some of the outrageous comments he and his friends make will make you laugh.

21. The Ace Family

  • 17,468,024 subscribers
  • Joined Jan. 10, 2016

As YouTube has gained popularity, so have Family Channels, which are when a whole family creates content for one designated channel. The Ace Family is one of the most famous and loved out of all the family channels. Husband and wife Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz share hilarious moments of their life with their two young kids. If you love babies you will love this channel! They do countless viral challenges, prank videos, and share the ups and downs of family life. Not only will you laugh at their videos but you will fall in love with the Ace Family along the way,

22. The Onion

  • 1,339,300 subscribers
  • Joined Mar 13, 2006

The Onion is not only a vegetable but now a news publication! The Chicago based satire publication got its start back in 1988 as a printed newspaper and now does satirical commentary on current events. Whether it be sports, politics, or new movie reviews the Onion has got you covered. They are most popular for their website, but also post funny videos on their YouTube channel.  The Onion also owns ClickHole and The A.V. Club which posts new YouTube videos more frequently if you are looking for a good laugh and commentary. The Onion was created to poke fun and entertain its audience with current events and isn’t afraid to share their opinions. 

23. Josh Peck

  • 3,316,740 subscribers
  • Joined June 8, 2017

If you grew up in the late 90s you will be very familiar with Josh Peck as the hilarious child actor from Drake and Josh. Luckily for us, Josh has resurfaced and fully embraced social media, especially YouTube. Since his Drake and Josh days, he has grown up a bit, got married, and has a baby son named Max. He has become an honorary member of David Dobrik’s vlog squad and can be seen in many of the YouTuber’s videos. Of course, Josh’s goofy jokes and commentary has only developed with age and you will not only feel nostalgic watching his videos but are sure to have a laugh as well. Almost all of his videos have guests such as Tana Mongeau, David Dobrik, and Drake Bell! 

24. Joe Rogan

  • 6,171,130 subscribers
  • Joined Jan. 11, 2013

Famous in the podcast world, stand up comedian Joe Rogan hosts his own show called the Joe Rogan Experience. You can watch full episodes on his YouTube channel to get an inside look into his interviews with a wide range of interesting people and comedians. Depending on the episode you can learn mind-blowing facts from people like Neil Degrasse Tyson and Elon Musk or cry laughing during interviews with Bill Burr and Tom Segura. If you are interested in learning a lot and having some laughs along the way you should check out his channel. 

25. || Superwoman ||

  • 2,918,356 subscribers
  • Joined Dec. 26, 2011

||Superwoman|| AKA Lilly Singh started making YouTube videos in 2010 as an outlet. As a student, she struggled with depression, as she did not want to live the traditional life path that she was on. Singh wanted to be different and used YouTube to help her find a place where she felt true to herself. YouTube was her outlet, and by making other people laugh, she felt better about herself. Singh currently has almost 14 million subscribers and in 2017, Forbes listed her as the tenth highest paid YouTuber. Her channel consists of comedy sketches often based on ethnic and gender stereotypes, and she often incorporates her Punjabi parents. Singh uses humor to talk about societal issues, really opening up the conversation to her followers.

Top 5 Fastest-Growing Funniest YouTube Channels

  1. David Dobrik
  2. Tana Mongeau
  3. Emma Chamberlin
  4. Dolan Twins
  5. First We Feast

Want more of the funniest YouTube channels? Here are some that didn’t make the cut:

Liza Koshy 17,200,149 subscribers 2,132,710,003 views
Bad Lip Reading 7,536,323 subscribers 1,160,473,446 views
KianAndJC 3,648,306 subscribers 645,356,607 views
Good Mythical Morning 15,718,659 subscribers 5,668,550,721 views
Zane Hijazi 3,483,118 subscribers 515,645,689 views


This article was written by Eunna Oh

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