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Top 15 Celebrity YouTubers

By Editorial Staff

We all love to follow our favorite celebrities. Whether it’s what diet they’re on, what they wore on the streets of New York, or what their favorite pastime is, WE’RE HOOKED. Lucky for us, more and more celebrities are creating their own YouTube accounts to connect with fans in a whole new way. Now we can see Jennifer Lopez at home rather than on stage. We can see how Will Smith is with his awesome family. YouTube is enabling us to get an inside look at our favorite celebrities from their perspective. Here are the top celebrity YouTubers.

Top 15 Celebrity YouTubers

1. Jennifer Lopez

  • 11,699,737 subscribers
  • Joined Nov. 18, 2005

JLo is our top celebrity YouTuber (I mean, are we shocked?). The pop sensation is taking over YouTube with her vlogs. The idol is giving fans the opportunity to get a peek inside of her personal life and her true self. I love being able to see the real person behind the celebrity, and that is exactly what Lopez is enabling us to do. Her videos follow her through her tour, workouts, days in her life, and her adorable relationship with Alex Rodriguez! JLo embodies what a celebrity YouTuber hopes to provide to their fans. She is also great motivation to get your booty to the gym!

2. Gordon Ramsay

  • 11,289,022 subscribers
  • Joined April 28, 2006

Confession: I’m obsessed with Gordon Ramsay. I LOVE his cooking videos and by the looks of it, 11 million other people do too. His videos obviously revolve around cuisine but, by having his own channel, Ramsay is able to provide tons of cooking content with his own twist. He has so many videos and playlists like Gordon Behind Bars, Scrambled: On the Road, How To: Gordon’s Kitchen Tips, Gordon’s Great Escape, and that’s only scratching the surface. Ramsay truly opens your eyes to new cooking techniques and recipes you cannot wait to make. If you’re ever feeling like you need some cooking inspiration or just some ~food related~ entertainment, head over to Gordon Ramsay’s channel.

3. Will Smith

  • 6,598,129 subscribers
  • Joined Dec. 14, 2017

Don’t let Will Smith’s late start to YouTube fool you, he is taking the website by STORM. He vlogs some of his most exciting days like birthdays, red carpets, skiing in the desert, and bungee jumping out of a helicopter… casual. I seriously have yet to watch one of his videos and not laugh. I don’t know how someone can be so funny. Honestly, just watching him interact with his friends and family is such entertaining content. Also, it doesn’t hurt that the Smith family is literally #goals. Smith also includes footage of projects he is working on, giving viewers an inside look. If you haven’t checked out one of his videos, you need to. I mean it.

4. Kylie Jenner 

  • 6,164,763 subscribers
  • Joined June 26, 2015

Kylie Jenner’s YouTube channel is yet another outlet we can use to Keep up with the Kardashians. I personally can never get enough so this YouTube channel is a dream. The best part of Kylie’s channel is that we get to see completely new and unique content that she created, a change of pace from the reality show we all (secretly) love. Getting a first-hand glimpse at the celebrity YouTuber’s life through her vlogs is something fans eat up. I’m really not sure why it’s so much better through YouTube BUT it is and you should watch it, like now. ~~Keep on keeping up~~

5. Shay Mitchell

  • 4,019,471 subscribers
  • Joined Oct. 7, 2011

The actress and Instagram sensation has taken her talents to YouTube. Mitchell’s claim to fame was her role on the hit show Pretty Little Liars. Her loveable personality and sense of humor have captured the hearts and attention of millions! She is one of my favorite YouTubers to watch because she is so real on her channel and has a good variety of content like Q & As, tutorials, and behind the scenes. She posts tons of videos but at the moment she is posting her Almost Ready series. This follows her path through her pregnancy and becoming a mom! Mitchell also posts travel vlogs in her Shaycation playlist. 

6. Madelaine Petsch

  • 4,735,950 subscribers
  • Joined June 20, 2017

Any Riverdale fans? Madelaine Petsch aka Cheryl Blossom is the next celebrity YouTuber on our list.  The Riverdale star took her talents to YouTube to create content that her fans love. Petsch is great at posting videos that her fans truly love. From tutorials to day in the lives to set tours, there is something for everyone. Because of her stardom from her show, Petsch focuses a good amount of her videos on Riverdale related content where she includes her costars. She also does a lot of Q and As to increase follower engagement, which is always appreciated. 

7. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

  • 4,452,579 subscribers
  • Joined Nov. 24, 2005

If you ever need the motivation to get active check out The Rock’s YouTube channel. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that this man is an absolute unit. Not only is he a beast in the gym, but he is also hilarious and so entertaining to watch. His videos truly delve into his life and his time in the ~Iron Paradise~. It’s hard to not love this guy from his personality to his dedication, he is the whole package. He also posts videos about different movies and projects he is involved in.

8. Jack Black (Jablinski)

  • 4,259,535 subscribers
  • Joined Dec. 21, 2018

“What’s Jablins Jabils?” This is the first thing you hear when you click on one of Jack Black’s videos. Jack Black, better known as Jablinski on YouTube, has created a channel that mainly focuses on gaming. The celebrity YouTuber creates videos revolving around his hobbies, daily life, and unique humor. He shares videos of games like Fortnite and Minecraft. He has a variety of content to entertain followers like vlogs. His channel showcases his amazing sense of humor that made him famous! Seriously, I dare you to watch his videos and not laugh. 

9. Maddie Ziegler

  • 3,500,056 subscribers
  • Joined Nov 9, 2015

Maddie Ziegler’s claim to fame was her role on Dance Moms. Since then she has made a career for herself as a dancer, actress, judge, brand representative, and social media star. Basically she can do it all, including YouTube! Her channel is full of collaborations with other stars, get ready with me, hauls, challenges, vlogs, and videos that showcase the brands she works with like Fabletics (super cute athleisure clothes). Ziegler’s channel is lighthearted and gives viewers an inside look at her daily routines.

10. Josh Peck 

  • 3,332,993 subscribers
  • Joined June 8, 2017

Josh Peck is known for his role in the legendary Nickelodeon show Drake and Josh. He had a strong presence on Vine with tons of hilarious and unique videos. His YouTube is the perfect extension following the heartbreaking demise of Vine. Peck’s channel is full of vlogs featuring other celebrities like David Dobrik, Liza Koshy, Miranda Cosgrove, and Tana Mongeau… to name a few. His videos are full of different challenges, LOTS of mukbangs, and other content that will provide for days of quality entertainment. We also get to see adorable videos of his wife and son that will make your heart melt.

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11. Noah Schnapp

  • 1,995,272 subscribers
  • Joined Dec. 19, 201

Noah Schnapp, otherwise known as Will from Stranger Things, has a seriously good YouTube channel. His videos feature a lot of content revolving around Stranger Things and his co-stars. He also collaborates with popular influencers and YouTube stars like Sommer Ray, the Dolan Twins, and Lilly Singh. He features a lot of different challenges. Schnapp’s videos are great for fans of Strangers Things and fellow YouTube addicts. They are fun and give us an inside look into the star’s life. I love being able to see someone’s personality outside of their character and that is exactly what this channel enables us to do!

12. Russell Brand 

  • 1,877,807 subscribers
  • Joined Jan. 1, 2007

The comedian and actor is known for his witty comments and hilarious movies. His YouTube channel shows a different side of him. His playlists include spirituality, wellbeing & mental health, politics, and recovery. We also get to see recordings of his podcast, Under the Skin. Brand uses his past experiences and current interests to provide his subscribers with useful information. He truly focuses on personal growth and overall health. Brand’s videos about politics, known as the Trews, showcase his opinions on British politics. We also get insight into how Russell Brand got clean from his addictions. He is very open about his journey, he even wrote two books about it! Overall, Brand’s channel is very calming and is a great change of pace from most of the popular YouTube channels.

13. Ryan Reynolds

  • 1,578,587 subscribers
  • Joined Nov. 3, 2015

Ryan Reynolds is hilarious, so it’s only natural that his YouTube videos are laugh out loud funny. His sense of humor is unparalleled making his videos absolutely incredible. I can honestly say I chuckled at everyone. A lot of his videos feature his company, Aviation Gin. The “ads” are absolutely hilarious and are spoofs of typical alcohol commercials. Most of his videos feature movies or other projects he is working on but he adds his own little twist to them. If you can’t tell I thoroughly enjoy his videos and I hope you do too!

14. Zac Efron

  • 972,202 subscribers
  • Joined Jan. 31, 2014

Not only is Zac Efron a notable actor, heartthrob, and fitness icon, he is a great YouTuber. His YouTube channel combines his love for health and fitness to create unique (and extremely informative) content. Zac Efron has a really great sense of humor and you can see it shine through his videos. He has three different series on his channel: Gym Time, Off the Grid, and Recovery Time. Personally, I am a huge fan of Gym Time. In these videos, Efron works out with other celebrities and athletes. These workouts are all very different which he claims is the best way to learn more about fitness. They’re also great #fitspo. In Off the Grid, we get a better look at Efron’s personal life and the trips he goes on. No surprise, he’s very active no matter what. Recovery Time follows Efron through his ACL recovery and rehab.

15. Snooki

  • 939,243 subscribers
  • Joined Sept. 15, 2009

Snooki’s YouTube channel is as amazing as you would think. She is a natural entertainer especially when she’s not trying. Her humor and fun personality shine in her YouTube videos, just like it does on Jersey Shore. Snooki’s channel is full of a great mix of videos from tutorials, challenges, DIY, and mom confessions. If you know Snooki, you know that any content she has is going to be hilarious and binge-worthy. One of my favorite things about her channel is how brutally honest she is. We also get to see her ADORABLE kiddos in a ton of her videos!

Why Do YouTube Influencers Get More Views Than Celebrity YouTubers?

YouTube Influencer

Views Celebrity YouTuber Views
PewDiePie 23,270,479,094 Jennifer Lopez 6,748,394,382
Dude Perfect 8,821,855,055 Gordon Ramsay 1,873,008,397
HolaSoyGerman 4,016,999,600 Will Smith 359,009,379
elrubiusOMG 7,948,758,801 Kylie Jenner 281,656,809
Fernanfloo 7,355,437,748  Shay Mitchell



 One thing I have noticed is that the top celebrity YouTubers have nowhere near as many views as the top YouTube influencers. If you look at the table you notice that the YouTube influencers’ number of views is noticeably higher than the celebrity YouTubers’. So the big question is why? First of all, YouTube influencers post more content, on average, than most celebrities. This makes sense because it is literally their job to create videos for their fans in order to continue and gain engagement. The celebrity YouTubers are creating YouTube videos as an additional outlet to reach their fans, it is not their full-time job. Therefore, the ambitions are a little different.

I have also noticed that YouTube Influencers curate their content for their fans specifically. Gamer YouTube channels focusing on gaming, beauty YouTube channels focus on beauty, and so on. They have amassed an impressive following because they are amazing at what they do. Celebrity YouTubers gained their fame from doing what they do best whether it’s acting, singing, etc. Their YouTube channels typically showcase their personal life, not their “best” skills. While I might love to see what Zac Efron does on his vacations, some people who just watched his movie might not. It all boils down to personal preference. In my opinion, YouTube Influencers are so successful because they know YouTube and its analytics better than anyone else.

Want more of the top celebrity YouTubers? Here are some that didn’t make the cut!

  1. Jenna Dewan– 425k subscribers
  2. Karlie Kloss– 767k subscribers
  3. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley– 148k subscribers
  4. Tia Mowry– 601k subscribers
  5. Romee Strijd– 1.04m subscribers
  6. Victoria Beckham– 104k subscribers
  7. Alex Rodriguez–158k subscribers

This article was written by Sarah Dinon

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