Best TikTok Marketing Case Study From 5 Industries

By Editorial Staff

In the influencer marketing space, a TikTok marketing case study is one of the most effective ways to show off a brand or an agency’s impressive results from a specific campaign. Especially when it comes to new, popular platforms like TikTok, displaying your impressive metrics from running a successful campaign comes in handy when attracting new clients.

With a well put together TikTok marketing case study, influencer marketing agencies can persuade potential clients to work with them, as they highlight the significant successes of a campaign and show how they helped a previous client solve their problems with creative solutions. Brands from any industry can publish a TikTok marketing case study to build credibility and establish themselves as a leader in their category. If you want to learn more, here’s our list of the 5 industries that put together the best examples of how to write a successful TikTok marketing case study.

1. Toy Industry – Moose Toys

For this campaign, the Australian-owned toy manufacturer Moose Toys partnered with NeoReach to achieve a viral product launch on TikTok for their new line of collectibles, Oh! My Gif. To do so, Moose Toys needed to create a standout campaign that allowed users to recognize the brand and product. Additionally, Moose Toys had a goal of gauging interest in their brand from TikTok micro-creators in order to see who would be interested in involvement in future campaigns.

To meet these goals, NeoReach created a creative strategy that would thrive on TikTok, so they developed an original song and choreographed a unique dance specifically for the campaign. Then, the NeoReach team recruited 52 TikTok influencers who posted their content with the song and a hashtag that both linked back to the Oh! My Gif TikTok page and landing page that NeoReach created to gauge interest from other creators.


loving these #ohmygif collectibles! #ad

♬ original sound – OhMyGif! Moose Toys

By recruiting top-performing TikTok influencers, such as Addison Rae, Brent Rivera, Lexi Rivera, Konnor Fisher, and Giulia Pompeino, the campaign gained mass success and even inspired organic content from other users on the app. Some of the most impressive metrics noted in the TikTok marketing case study were:

  • 4.45x ROI
  • 7,000 videos made using the Oh! My Gif original song
  • 100,300,000 views of the #OhMyGif hashtag
  • 24,000,000 views from paid content
  • 75,000,000 views from organic content

Looking to run a successful TikTok campaign? Check out this blog for advice on where to start and how to drive a massive ROI. 

2. Food Industry – Quevos Chips


You had us at healthy chips, @quevos 😍 #sharktankproducts #quevoschips #ketosnacks #healthysnacking

♬ Reflections on 52nd – AGM3

The rising brand Quevos entered the snack game with a delicious egg white chip that is high in protein and fiber but very low in carbs. Knowing the immense impact of social media, and the power of influencers on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, Quevos decided to go beyond traditional media and advertise their product through digital strategies. After discovering this new all-natural brand, NeoReach worked with a trusted partner and fellow influencer marketing agency, Influence Hunter, on a stellar social media campaign to spread brand awareness, drive website traffic, and increase sales through influencer marketing. 

To market their brand on social media, Quevos targeted micro and nano-influencers who promoted health and wellness. Specifically, their team wanted to direct attention to Keto influencers, fitness influencers, and health and wellness influencers based in the United States. Quevos’ goal was to earn high impressions and reach, to get as many people to hear about Quevos chips. To do so, they recruited influencers to take product displays, video reviews of the product, and host giveaways on their accounts. 

The influencer marketing agencies working with Quevos were also able to track performance by creating the hashtag “#eatquevos” on TikTok and Instagram. Plus, they instructed influencers to send viewers directly to the Quevos website via Instagram Story Swipe-Ups. Overall, the social media campaign was pushed on multiple platforms, such as Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. On all platforms, the majority of influencers that Quevos chips worked with were young wellness-loving women, health-conscious mothers, and family-friendly influencers that are always in search of healthy snacks for their children.

3. Sports Industry – DraftKings 

DraftKings is one of the most prominent sports betting operators in the United States. With marketing efforts in every industry trending towards TikTok, DraftKings knew TikTok was an important platform to run their next campaign on. Overall, DraftKings aimed to take their TikTok account to the next level by boosting brand awareness, increasing their follower count, and reaching new audiences.

To launch the campaign, NeoReach activated 50 influencers across TikTok during the start of the NFL season, creating a total reach of over 66M on the platform. All influencers, despite having various audience demographics, had 80% of their audience within DraftKings’ target market. From using the hashtags #MakeItReign and #TouchdownDance, creating an original TikTok dance, and licensing an original song, NeoReach had phenomenal engagement from TikTok users. Some of the influencers activated for this campaign were:


DUET Grandma with your best touchdown dances! 🏈 @draftkings #MakeItReign #Draftkings #Partner

♬ Make It Reign by DraftKings – DraftKings

As a result of the campaign, NeoReach and DraftKings saw impressive metrics, such as:

  • Increased TikTok followers by 30K
  • 400+ pieces of organic fan content
  • 34.3M hashtag views
  • 1.83x ROI
  • 8.1M+ TikTok video views

Looking to run an epic influencer marketing campaign on TikTok? NeoReach has the best experience in creating viral campaigns that convert on social media. Sign up here! 

4. Entertainment Industry – MTV

MTV worked with the influencer marketing agency Hireinfluence to launch their #MyMTVStyle campaign to promote their Capsule Collection and its presence at Walmart. To reach the Gen Z audience, Hireinfluence used TikTok as their primary platform, recruiting 9 top-performing influencers to share their outfits from the collection. Each influencer styled three looks using pieces from the collection and showed off their quirky, fun personalities and style to match the brand’s image. The influencers recruited for the campaign all specialized in fashion and style categories and reached a target demographic of a 14-25-year-old audience.

The campaign took off on TikTok and Instagram, as influencers also shared their videos on their Instagram Stories with Swipe-Up links to take their followers directly to the MTVxWalmart page. The campaign performed beyond expectations and achieved 16.1M impressions and 216,600 engagements. 

5. Beauty Industry – NYX

For this campaign, NYX wanted to promote their Butter Gloss product line amongst the beauty community. Since TikTok is full of creative beauty content creators, NYX decided to partner with TikTok to reach a new, massive audience and raise awareness with new and engaging content.

NYX and TikTok developed the #ButterGlossPop Hashtag Challenge Plus, which prompted the TikTok community to apply Butter Gloss with their own personal flair. An original, high energy catchy song also contributed to the campaign’s massive success. Not only could the TikTok community easily jump in on the fun, but they could also simply click through to an integrated shopping experience. This made the product line easily accessible to an engaged and interested audience.

The NYX #ButterGlossPop Hashtag Challenge Plus was viewed more than 11B times and successfully inspired over 2M pieces of user-generated content. Plus, TikTok achieved a 42% lift in brand awareness for NYX and a 79% lift in ad recall.  

Interested in working with a top beauty influencer? Check out this blog for some of the best beauty YouTubers to work with.

As you can see, writing a compelling TikTok marketing case study with notable metrics is one of the most important and powerful strategies for showcasing your campaign’s results and marketing methods. A successful TikTok marketing case study will not only promote your services and skills, but it will also showcase your agency’s abilities, ideas, and achievements – which is key for attracting new and potential clients. Take notes from the case studies above, and get started on one of your own!

This article was written by Selena Ponton

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