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10 Best Instagram Story Ads

By Editorial Staff

Instagram story ads are brand advertisements that appear on a user’s stories feed. They can run as long as 15 seconds and always appear with “Sponsored” underneath the brand’s name. They also typically include a call-to-action at the bottom of the screen that directs users to “learn more”, “install now”, or even “shop now”. If users click this option, they will be taken directly to the company’s page.

A huge advantage of Instagram story ads is how naturally they come across to consumers. They appear in between stories of accounts users follow, so the ads don’t feel as forced as other types of pop-ups.

If you’re interested in running an Instagram story ad but don’t know where to begin, use these 10 best Instagram story ads as inspiration:

1. Prada

Prada’s Instagram story ad paired well with its overall luxury strategy. The story has multiple shots that are abruptly pieced together, creating a sense of mystery.

Prada Instagram story ad

These gaps created by the ad are designed to draw people in to find more information. The curiosity they evoke in consumers leads them to click for more.

2. Noom

Noom’s Instagram story ad successfully uses the element of surprise. The unconventional story shows a woman about to crush eggs with a hammer.

noom uses ig story ads to catch viewers attention

This strange image contrasts the other stories on a user’s feed, making the ad stand out even more. Video ads allow advertisers to use effects like slo-mo that add another layer of interest.

3. M.Gemi

This ad by M.Gemi offers users an exclusive look behind the scenes at how their products are made.

M Gemi ig story ads to promote their products to consumers

This transparency makes consumers feel more knowledgeable about and connected to your brand. It’s refreshing for consumers to see a brand that has nothing to hide.

4. Audible

This Instagram story ad is specific about something only their services provide. By saying “Listen only on Audible”, they’re creating a sense of exclusivity that stands out among competitors.

Audible utilizes social ads a digital marketing strategy

In addition, the “Listen Now” swipe up is a skillfully placed call-to-action that makes it easy for users to get to their site.

5. Brooklinen

Brooklinen’s Instagram story ad does a good job of offering an easy reward. With just one swipe, customers are able to get free shipping on their purchase.

Brooklinen IG story ad create a clear call to action

This easy incentive drives customers to take action in the 15 seconds or less the ad is on the screen.

6. Thrive Market

Thrive Market understood that Instagram users love sharing their diets and health tips on the site, so their story ad showed their target audience they’ve taken the pain out of shopping while on a diet.

Thrive Market is getting their name infront of customers through their Instagram story ads

The add is straightforward, showing how their products have nothing to hide. This clarity speaks volumes to those dieters who want to know exactly what’s in their food.

7. Postmates

Postmates does a good job evoking a call-to-action in users who come across this Instagram story ad. The mouthwatering food appears right next to a deal that expires in just 7 days.

Postmates social media strategy includes IG ads in feed and in the story

This limited-time offering compels users to take advantage of it while they can to avoid missing out on the deal.

Increasing the pressure to click can sometimes be as easy as offering deals for a shorter period of time.

8. CPK Frozen Pizza

CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) does a great job with this Instagram ad at using video effects. They used the boomerang effect, which takes 10 photos and turns them into a short, repeating clip.

California Pizza Kitchen uses instagram ads to visually entice customers

The unique effect paired with the visually appealing aesthetic made this an ad that would stand out to anyone swiping through stories on Instagram.

9. Daily Harvest

This Daily Harvest ad does a good job of keeping things clear and simple. It offers compelling images of food products they offer while also adding in a call to action with a discount for users who swipe up.

Daily Harvest matches their creative ads to foodie feeds native to instagram

10. Thrive Causemetics

This Instagram ad by Thrive Causemetics does a good job of raising brand awareness. It has strong copy and illustrates the company’s focus on “clean beauty”.

Thrive Causemetics ads are the perfect way to connect face to face with customers

For a consumer who doesn’t know much about this brand, this story ad would create a positive first impression. A swipe up encouraging users to shop is also present, creating a good call-to-action.

Other Notable Instagram Story Ads:

1. HelloFresh

Coupled with their influencer marketing campaign, Hello Fresh promotes posts on Instagram story ads

This ad offers a clear copy and a good example of a call-to-action with the swipe up. However, it comes across commercial-like. The partnership with Jessica Alba would have been a lot more effective as an Instagram story ad if it were filmed in a more natural way.

2. Holiday Inn

Holiday inn used Instagram story to promote their brand messaging

Holiday Inn’s Instagram story ad does a good job of acknowledging the purpose of why its customers’ book stays with them. This ad demonstrates how they’ll always be there in life’s biggest moments through a simple photograph and some straightforward copy. The simplicity allows the message to be easily received.

3. Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond social media ads on instagram stories

Bed Bath and Beyond doesn’t always come to mind when you think of sleeping, but this Instagram story ad highlights how they can help their customers get a deeper sleep. The copy is extremely clever and the swipe up comes across naturally.

This article was written by Ryan Eaton

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