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How to Get Sponsored on Instagram   

By Editorial Staff

These days you are either an Instagram influencer or want to be one! With an average earning of $300 per sponsored post on Instagram, it’s easy to understand why becoming a social media influencer is all the craze these days. In fact, Instagram has become the sixth most effective at influencing their purchasing decisions. But don’t let these statistics intimidate you! Although the number of Instagram influencers is on the rise, so is the number of sponsors. What I mean is, the market for Instagram influencers is currently booming! But where do you begin? That is where NeoReach comes to the rescue. In this blog, I will share everything you need to know about growing your brand in order to get sponsored on Instagram.   

Know Your Brand

What is your goal? What kind of influencer are you? What kind of photos do you post? Does your feed have a cohesive theme? What kind of products or services do you hope to promote? There are MANY types of Instagram influencers. You can be a lifestyle influencer, fashion influencer, food influencer, travel influencer, theme park influencer, etc. But, how do I know what category of influencer I fit into? Influencers are categorized based on the kinds of photos they post, their unique style, personalities, feed theme, or activities of daily life. The first step in achieving sponsors on Instagram is to define your brand! Knowing your brand will allow you to find sponsors that share similar audiences. For example, let’s say you are a travel influencer looking for sponsors. You will have better luck contacting potential sponsors that promote hotels, airlines, and travel destinations rather than a sponsor that promotes fashion. Once you establish and grow your brand, the followers and sponsors will come rolling in. When you are an influencer you are seen as an expert by your followers. Here are three easy steps to revealing your own personal brand: 

  1.   Evaluate your content
  2.   Evaluate your interests
  3.   Evaluate your goals 


Instagram influencer

Post Often

Consistency and engagement will help you catch the eye of potential sponsors. Posting once a day is ideal for achieving the best engagement by your followers and other Instagram users. Posting often not only encourages engagement but also account growth and prosperity- it’s a win-win! The recent Instagram update includes a new algorithm that makes it challenging for those who do not post as often to get favorable placement on user’s feeds. Posting often, increasing engagements, and ensuring your posts are seen, are crucial for the success of sponsorships. If you gain enough of a following, you may even qualify for verification! Find out how to become verified on Instagram here.

Expand Your Audience

Don’t know how to gain followers? Have no fear! I will share some tips with you to help you expand your audience and get the sponsors you desire for your upcoming Instagram posts: 

  • Use hashtags: Hashtags allow your posts to become discoverable to people looking for a specific topic. 11 hashtags is the optimal number for success. Those using hashtags get 12% more engagement! 
  • Tag brands: Do you like the brand of that shirt you are wearing in your latest post? Tag it! Tagging brands could potentially lead to brand deals and sponsorships in the future. You may even be featured on a clothing page, allowing your account to be shared with the masses! 
  • Use geotags: Tag your location! Users interested in a given location will search for it and find your picture. It may score you some followers and sponsors! 
  • Network: Like and comment on other users’ pictures. This will increase both their engagement and yours! There is no harm in making Insta-friends! Find out how you can negotiate with the top influencers here.
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Improve Outreach

If you have a large following and distinct brand, the only stopping you from obtaining sponsors is yourself! You can start by emailing brands to inquire about sponsored posts. Let brands and businesses know that you are willing to work with them! It is helpful to add contact information to your bio. This will allow a brand to access you directly. The business profile feature on Instagram allows you to link and email or phone number with ease. 

Know Your Worth

If you are able to communicate your worth, you will find higher-paying sponsorships. The more followers you have, the more money you should expect. The current standard is $10 per 1,000 followers, however, this varies depending on your unique contract and sponsor.[1] For instance, you may have one sponsored post for $300, and then offer to throw in an Instagram story for an additional $50. As the influencer, the power is in your hands! Do not hesitate to negotiate until you achieve the salary you sought out to find. 

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This article was written by Kyleigh Eaton

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