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Top 10 Youtube Influencer Agencies to Take Your Brand Viral

By Editorial Staff

With over 2 billion active users globally, Youtube is the breeding ground for viral sensations. The overwhelming amount of traffic makes it a marketing tool every brand wants to capitalize  on- exposing its content to the masses. Tapping into this realm, that houses hour after hour of video, may seem daunting. We have collected our top picks for Youtube influencer agencies that eliminate the stress and develop a strategy for your brand. As a medium that 8 out of 10 marketers agree is the most effective marketing tool, run, don’t walk, to establish yourself on Youtube.

1. The Influencer Marketing Agency (IMA)

IMA is the leading agency for everything influencer marketing. Started by two female  founders who sought to be at the forefront of the blogging phenomenon, it has now transformed into a full-service agency with a specialty in youtube influencers. IMA’s mission is focused on building authentic connections between brands and their audience through Youtube, an aspect that is often missing from YouTube influencer agencies. From influencer matchmaking, content strategies, and campaign management, IMA stands out amongst the rest. 


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Notable Campaign: Hello Fresh – #RefreshWithHelloFresh

Focused on building a community of home chefs and remind people how enjoyable cooking from scratch can be. 

2. Neoreach

NeoReach is a full-service influencer marketing agency that has sourced, managed, and reported over $250 million worth of influencer marketing campaigns. Their expertise pairs brands with only the best candidates to optimize brand recognition and ensure the Youtube campaign comes full circle with a variety of services:

  • Managed Services
  • Influencer Marketing Software
  • API Integration
  • Fraud Detection & Reporting

These tactics, strategized by a team of experienced experts, ensure a campaign that generates meaningful impressions on Youtube. Neoreach integrates their influencer database of over 5 million and social insights to provide only the best influencer marketing initiatives.


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Notable Campaign: Walmart – Star Wars Social Media Takeover

A campaign designed to generate awareness of the Star Wars product line launch in a family-friendly manner.

3. The Influencer Marketing Factory

Priding themselves on a tailored experience to each brand, The Influencer Marketing Factory heads a data-driven approach to Youtube marketing, focusing on brand awareness metrics and conversion frequency. Each detail, from the campaign narrative down to understanding KPI’s, is curated by a team of experts. Alongside Youtube, they offer TikTok and Instagram as viable platforms to create an ROI-oriented influencer campaign. The Influencer Marketing Factory seeks to educate its clients on the various aspects of social media marketing with their full-scale model.

Notable Campaign: Gismart – Beat Maker Go and Karaoke Face Apps

Promote usage of new music apps to creators across the world through a social media campaign across various platforms.

Looking to campaign in the music industry? Check out our list of the top music influencers in 2021 here.

4. Socially Powerful

Touting an 11x higher ROI than traditional forms of digital marketing, Socially Powerful reverse engineers the outcome to create a campaign that is at the intersection of technology and humanity. Whether you are looking for brand awareness or increased sales, Socially Powerful’s approach ensures their target analysis and Youtube storytelling approach will draw attention to the brand and influence the masses. This is one of the Youtube influencer agencies with a sector dedicated to micro-influencers, whom they believe are equally as valuable assets in brand awareness and offer the unique capability of virality. 

Notable Campaign: Hyundai – FIFA World Cup with Hyundai

Raise awareness of the Cheering Stadium platform in partnership with Hyundai’s World Rally march for the Championship.

5. Sociallyin

With a business model revolving around social strategy, content production, community management, and paid social advertising, Sociallyin offers services driven by results. The agency promises to build brand authority on any budget with YouTuber marketing strategies. Sociallyin’s three-step process, research, development, and results, incorporates all the latest innovations in social media and technology. With a focus on loyalty and engagement, this is one of the top YouTube influencer agencies because it cites success in evolving brand image through digital strategy.

dick's sporting goods just for kicks

Notable Campaign: Dick’s Sporting Goods – Play by Play

Present a shoe launch in an unconventional manner to increase audience excitement as a whole.

Looking to run an epic influencer marketing campaign on YouTube? NeoReach has the best experience in creating viral campaigns that convert on social media. Sign up here! 

6. Sculpt

This business-to-business Youtube influencer agency uses social media to inspire your marketing. Sculpt renders a unique team of experts who build social-media acquisition strategies that help your brand grow, with collaboration at the heart of its efforts. Their approach to a Youtube marketing strategy consists of:

  • Audit and opportunities
  • Clarity and goals
  • Strategy foundations
  • Campaign launch

By leveraging the power of Youtube, Sculpt blends strategy, creativity, and empathy to employ tactics that improve audience, brand awareness, and revenue. Sculpt wants to amplify your brand, not reinvent it. 

Notable campaign: Dave’s Famous – Brand Awareness

Use marketing techniques to establish a connection between the brand and its consumers amongst the product retail distribution.

7. Thrive

What began as a one-man operation has blossomed into a full-service digital marketing agency that services businesses large and small. Acting as an extension of your team, Thrive emphasizes client relationships and results. Their service options include a plethora of options to grow your client base, including SEO, web design, and video production. Thrive’s proven tactics capitalize on increasing brand visibility and user engagement through Youtube marketing strategies, offering a one-of-a-kind take on social ad expertise.

Notable Campaign: Nancy Anderson Fit

A campaign aimed to spread brand awareness and encourage online purchases and participation.

8. Obviously

Always on top of the latest trends in Youtuber marketing techniques, Obviously is a full-service agency seeking to build authentic influencer communities. Housing an influencer database of over 400,000, Obviously streamlines their digital platform with a variety of services to compose the most effective campaign for your brand. With their team of premier marketing consultants, clients undergo a social audit, social strategy, and competitor analysis for a seamless campaign implementation process. Obviously will create a completely original strategy for each of their clients, rest assured.

Notable Campaign: Google Nest Mini – Frozen 2 Campaign

Initiative to start a dance trend that promotes the launch of the popular film Frozen 2 to promote Google’s Nest Mini.

9. Mediakix

Mediakix’s experienced team promises end-to-end strategic and execution partners throughout the entire campaign. With over eight years of proprietary campaign data, your influencer marketing strategy will be crafted with tactics that will achieve your target KPIs. In addition, your brand with get customized reporting and analytics to see how the campaign is hitting key success benchmarks. Their process warrants a rapidly optimized performance, strength identification, and scales reach to maximize impact. Partnering with this pick off our list of YouTube influencer agencies will:

  • Provide performance data from 15,000+ sponsored YouTube placements to build an ROI-generating campaign for any industry.
  • Structure a YouTube influencer program that drives conversions for your business.
  • Alleviate work from your agency’s in-house team to focus on alternative operations.

medikix youtube influencer agencies

Notable Campaign: Tropicana – Grove to Glass 

An opportunity to both drive brand awareness and celebrate Tropicana’s 70th anniversary. 

10. Viral Nations

Dubbing themselves the creators of the unconventional, Viral Nation was started by two college students who wanted to create campaigns that make connections. Continually aiming to exceed client expectations, Viral Nations seeks to make lasting memories and amplify brands to their highest potential. Their strategy toolbox only contains services with proven ROI, backed by data insights, and no shortage of consumer research. Working with all influencers, from ambassadors to celebrities, this is one of the Youtube influencer agencies that establish category exclusivity and content licensing.

Notable Campaign: Victoria’s Secret Pink – Ambassador Program

Collaborating with ‘everyday girls’ to generate positive brand awareness and have a constant flow of content used on VS social media.

Want to learn more about using influencer marketing on YouTube? Check out our guide to breaking into the platform here.

Honorable Mentions


Focused on creating a solution with value, as opposed to just reading off KPI’s, Barracuda is a team of experts fluent in Analytics and Searchmetrics. Their Youtube strategies encourage brand awareness, engagement, and direct response by turning your video content into an asset, or creating them alongside your team.

Vireo Video

An agency fully dedicated to video campaigns, Vireo Video has generated over 2.7 billion views on Youtube for its clientele. Using a combination of SEO optimization, influencer marketing, and advertising, their expertise is unrivaled in the Youtube marketing realm.

This article was written by Kate Reinke

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