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Digital Marketing

Is Instagram Removing Likes?

Rumors are spreading of an update on Instagram that would remove the ability to view like counts on Instagram photos. A tester leaked screenshots of the new update in April, validating that the ...


Digital Marketing

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Communication, like any other construct, has been continuously evolving since the earliest record of its conception in the human race. What was initially a means to navigate survival, has developed ...


Digital Marketing

The Best Social Media Platforms for Your Business: Instagram vs. Snapchat

Should your business have an Instagram or a Snapchat account? With both social media platforms on the rise, this has been a pressing question among business owners. Before providing a solid answer, ...


Digital Marketing

3 Ways B2B Marketers Can Use Facebook Watch Party

B2B marketing is continually evolving and embracing new content features and forums to connect with prospects and customers. As Facebook is the go-to social network that encompasses all generations ...


Digital Marketing

Social Media in 2018: 13 Stats That Might Surprise You

If you’re going to look up social media statistics, you’re likely going to drown in a sea of information, interesting and not-so-interesting stats, and stats that might even contradict ...


Digital Marketing

5 growth hacks for turning site visitors into leads

There are four billion users on the internet who go through millions of web pages every day. So how do you drive traffic to your website and increase your conversion rates? Follow these five hacks to ...


Digital Marketing

Leveraging the Olympics

5 minute read The monumental reach created by the Olympics provides an unusual scenario for network television channels and businesses alike.  The Olympics is a thrilling couple of weeks where a ...


Digital Marketing

Our Bite-Sized Review of: Reuters 2017 Digital News Report

Reuters news reporting service, who has a policy of taking a “value-neutral approach”, recently conducted a study of how media is being consumed in a range of countries. Reuters sixth annual ...


Digital Marketing

LinkedIn Website Demographics Get Professional

In the coming weeks, LinkedIn will be introducing a new program called Website Demographics. This new tool allows B2B marketers to see what kinds of audiences they’re attracting with their ...


Digital Marketing

What’s The Difference Between Self-Service Platform & Managed Services?

NeoReach provides influencer marketing solutions for global brands and agencies. We have two primary offerings: a Self-Service Platform and Managed Services. While these 2 offerings can be ...


Digital Marketing

The One Man Show

This post was originally published on TV[R]EV. Natural creators aspire to materialize their vision without friction or compromise. Emerging technologies enable these creators to come closer to this ...


Digital Marketing

The 9 Major Social Media Networks By The Numbers

It’s hard to keep track of today’s major social media networks, especially when a new one seems to become the next big thing every quarter. To help you navigate the space, we’ve put together ...


Digital Marketing

How Things Go Viral

How Things Go Viral We hear the phrase all the time. In movies, articles, magazines. It’s what we secretly wish will happen when we post a Tweet, a Facebook status, or a picture on Instagram. But ...


Digital Marketing

Cinematic Seconds: Retention Marketing

Retention & Movies Retention. Retention. Retention. Attracting a new customer is far more difficult and costly than retaining an old one. Customersthatstick reported that it is 16 times more ...


Digital Marketing

The Return of LeBron James Through Social Media and GIFs

So, after all the hype, rumors, gossip, hearsay, and predicted outcomes, LeBron James is going back to the team that drafted him number 1 overall back in 2003: the Cleveland Cavaliers. James took a ...


Digital Marketing

5 Hidden Psychological Reasons Cats Dominate The Internet

Welcome to the Internet – the land where cats reign supreme. Searching the term “cat” into Google returns over half a billion results. Are you obsessed with viral videos of cats? It’s not ...


Digital Marketing

You Made Facebook $200, And Didn’t Even Know It

You willingly tell Facebook who your friends are, where you live, what movies you watch, what brands you like and what your hobbies are. By clicking a simple “like” button, posting a short ...

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