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Activating the 2024 Olympics

By Editorial Staff

The Olympic flame for the 2024 Olympics in Paris was lit on Tuesday, April 16, during a special ceremony at the archaeological site of Olympia – the birthplace of the ancient Olympic games. The Olympic flame, in addition to symbolizing hope, symbolizes the announcement of the beginning of the games. 

The games themselves will begin taking over Paris starting at the end of July until mid-August. However, marketing campaigns surrounding the games have already begun, and they have gotten us so hyped to watch our favorite summer sports

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Marketing Campaigns for the 2024 Olympics


  • Game You’re In

In collaboration with the 2024 Olympics and Paralympics, the international consultancy Deloitte has assembled “Team Deloitte,” comprising 25 top-tier athletes. Among them are 19 Deloitte professionals, alumni, and sponsored athletes on their journey to the games. This initiative was initiated last year, highlighted by the launch of “Game You’re In.” In this campaign, Team USA athletes share insights on their potential influence within their sports and how Deloitte supports them in achieving broader success beyond athletics.

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  • Megan Thee Stallion’s Olympics 

NBC, the U.S. broadcaster for the Summer Games, enlisted Megan Thee Stallion to introduce viewers to the 2024 Olympic games. The acclaimed artist showcases her talent alongside four stallions, albeit ones with wings, the ability to breathe fire, and a proficiency in French. “And that’s the Olympics, Hot Girl style,” she quips, revealing that it’s all part of her presentation to a perplexed group of executives. But fear not, she has an explanation for that too. 

  • Peyton Manning in the Sky

In autumn 2023, a 20-second promotional video emerged featuring Peyton Manning, slated to co-host NBC’s Olympics coverage. In the clip, Manning greets viewers while soaring with a colossal baguette and savoring wine. It’s certainly an unconventional sight.


  • Saluting the Coaches

Presenting a 100-second film showcasing Olympians and Paralympians in training, global financial services provider Allianz shines a spotlight on the invaluable contributions of coaches and support personnel. Recognizing the pivotal role they play in preparing athletes for the pinnacle of their sporting careers.

Additionally, Allianz plans to launch a 10-part online series elucidating different facets of the Games, including distinguishing features between the 2024 Olympics and Paralympics. Moreover, the company sponsored a one-day event in Paris last year, featuring disabled athletes, and rolled out an advertising campaign aimed at raising awareness about the forthcoming event.


  • Tomorrow Begins Today

NatWest, the banking brand, is sponsoring Team Great Britain, aligning with its TV campaign “Tomorrow Begins Today.” The campaign champions the potency of motivation in empowering individuals to realize their aspirations.

Moving forward, the bank’s Olympics-related initiatives will emphasize aiding individuals in achieving their savings objectives via its mobile app. Additionally, it aims to foster the growth of emerging businesses through its Accelerator Program.

Paris 2024 Olympics

  • Games Wide Open

In a bid to promote the Paris 2024 slogan, “Games Wide Open,” organizers unveiled a compelling film. This montage juxtaposed iconic moments from Olympic history with scenic spots across the city, aiming to ignite tourism and evoke inspiration.

The slogan encapsulates the boundless possibilities inherent in every athlete participating in the 2024 Olympic games.

Closing Thoughts

From Deloitte’s empowering initiative with “Team Deloitte” to NBC’s captivating collaborations with artists like Megan Thee Stallion and Peyton Manning, each campaign has added a unique flavor to the prelude of the games. Allianz’s tribute to coaches and NatWest’s motivational campaign further underscore the profound impact of the Olympics on individuals and communities worldwide.

However, it is Paris 2024’s “Games Wide Open” campaign that serves as a poignant reminder of the limitless potential encapsulated within the Olympic ethos. Through breathtaking visuals and stirring narratives, the campaign not only promotes the upcoming event but also celebrates the universal values of unity, perseverance, and excellence that define the Olympic movement.

As we eagerly await the unfolding of the Paris Olympics, these marketing campaigns have not only heightened our excitement but also reinforced the profound significance of this global event. With the torch lit and the stage set, the world eagerly anticipates the transformative moments that await us during the summer of 2024. Let the games begin.

This article was written by Alyssa Micalizzi

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