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Beyond the Gym: Emily Skye Net Worth Breakdown

By Editorial Staff


38-year-old fitness model and Australian social media influencer Emily Skye is one of the top fitness influencers globally. Founder of the online fitness program Emily Skye Fit, the entrepreneur, has amassed a significant following from her exercise regimens. She currently boasts a staggering 2.7 million followers on Instagram and 76.5K subscribers on YouTube. So, what gives Emily Skye her fame, and what’s her net worth? So what makes her famous, and what is the Emily Skye net worth?

If you love creators and want to give love to this strong-willed fitness influencer, read more to see our Emily Skye net worth breakdown.


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Emily Skye is one of the highest-grossing fitness influencers across the globe, although her roots in Australia make her unique in her journey to worldwide success. She was born on January 7th, 1985, in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. She began her career as a model for popular magazines Oxygen and Grazia, among others at a meager 15 years old. 

Raised single-handedly by her mother, Emily Skye has had a rough upbringing. Plagued with insecurity throughout her childhood, Skye frequently struggled with her sense of self-worth. Modeling brought forth an illusion of purpose for Skye and helped her reign in the underlying feelings of depression she struggled with in her early years. 

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However, despite the solace that modeling offered the mogul, she was depressed. At only 18, Emily Skye made an unsuccessful attempt at her own life. It appears that this was a wake-up call for Skye. She quickly quit modeling and began her fitness journey to combat her negative feelings of self-worth. Now, she’s one of the most famous fitness figures in the world, and we’re glad she’s here with us today!

Owner of James Cosmetics, partner of Women’s Best, “You Can by Emily Skye” podcast host, and founder of Emily Skye Fit, let’s dive into this entrepreneur’s life with an extensive Emily Skye net worth breakdown! If you love podcasts, check out these top female podcasters! 

Personal Life

Mother of two children, Izaac (2) and Mia (5), Emily Skye has a busy personal life. At 24, she began dating her now husband, Declan Redmond, and the pair currently live with their kids in Gold Coast, Australia. Here, she lives a luxurious lifestyle, owning multiple homes and investments.

Her genuinely positive attitude and encouraging mindset set Emily Skye apart from many of her counterparts. Coming from once an unhealthy mental and physical lifestyle, Skye understands the struggles of many individuals starting out in their fitness journeys. She can inspire many people, including fitness influencers, who hope to live a similarly reformed lifestyle through her story alone. 


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Emily Skye Fit

Emily Skye is perhaps the best known for her achievements within her fitness program Emily Skye Fit. She hosts an array of specialized exercise programs on her website,, including an upper body blast regimen, a foundations course, and the new body sculpt max program.

She currently hosts over 600 workouts and eight dedicated fitness programs for all proficiency levels. These are categorized into two specialties: weight loss and strength and tone training. Additional features include a vast meal plan repertoire that comes in various specialty diets and expert advice from Emily Skye herself in helping customers achieve their goals. She offers exclusive tips from herself and her dedicated team, as well as meditations to help guide the anxieties that often surround working out.


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Perhaps most impressive of all are Emily Skye’s pregnancy regimens. She offers plans for both pregnant and postpartum mothers to achieve their goals while overcoming the challenges of childbearing safely. This is unique to the fitness influencer, as many women are lost in the physiological changes of having a baby. Emily Skye offers these women a chance to achieve their dreams while pregnant for as little as $10 a month.

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2011 was the year that Emily Skye began competing in fitness competitions, and she did incredibly well. She participated in WNBF Figure and Fit Body and won both. She then went on to win WNBF Best Body Swimsuit and place second in the INBA Fitness Model competition without any excruciating diets.

More recently, Skye has been immortalized on the cover of “Women’s Health Magazine.” She has appeared on various platforms, from BBC and HuffPost to the famous talk show Today. Additionally, she received “Social Media Star of the Year” from Cosmo Women of the Year in 2016.


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The most frequent of this fitness mogul’s advertisements stem from her brand James Cosmetics. Currently, a 30% off special for Mother’s Day sets can be found on her Instagram page using the link in her bio. She also partners with Women’s Best, offering the discount code “EMILY” to her followers. Beyond her explicitly stated partnerships, however, Emily Skye doesn’t appear to accept brand deals with external companies.


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The Emily Skye Net Worth

As of 2023, Emily Skye’s net worth is estimated to be about $36 million. Her annual income is around $2 million, likely due to the fees associated with her fitness program Emily Skye Fit. Also contributing to these numbers are Skye’s wildly popular social media profiles, revenue from her cosmetics company, and her partnership with Women’s Best. 

As Emily Skye makes a name for herself among all fitness influencers, the Emily Skye net worth is destined to grow. Skye has taught the fitness community the importance of self-care and women’s physical well-being.

This article was written by Madeline Fait

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