Top Dad Influencers to Follow on Instagram

By Editorial Staff

Dads are an essential part of every family, and while we often see mom influencers on Instagram, dad influencers are sometimes not recognized enough. Want to add more dad influencers to your follower list? Read this article to learn more — chances are, these fathers might’ve been famous long before they became dads and (also) dedicated their time to content creation.

1. Julian Claßen



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A post shared by ! Julian (@julienco_)

Julian Claßen, also known as “Julienco_”, is a German YouTuber and entrepreneur. Julian is known for having one of the largest YouTube followings in Germany and for having a large following on Instagram. He’s also the co-founder of the skincare product brand “Bilou” and a loving father of two children, Lio and Emily, with his wife, Bianca Heinicke. 

Julian is primarily known for posting beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content on his platforms. He also occasionally posts about his personal life, business ventures, and thoughts and opinions on various topics. This dad is the perfect person to kick off our top list of dad influencers.

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2. Cole LaBrant



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A post shared by Cole LaBrant (@cole.labrant)

Cole LaBrant is an American internet personality, YouTuber, and one of the top social media dad influencers. He rose to prominence through the app Vine and has since become a popular figure on other social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. He is known for his comedic videos, vlogs, and family-friendly content, and he is particularly popular among young audiences. 

Cole is married to fellow internet personality Savannah LaBrant, who is also a social media influencer and YouTube content creator. Together, they raise four lovely children. The LaBrant family is known for their close-knit relationship and positive, uplifting content, which has resonated with many fans and followers.

3. Justin Baldoni



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A post shared by Justin Baldoni (@justinbaldoni)

Justin Baldoni is an American actor, director, and entrepreneur. He’s best known for his role as Rafael Solano on the hit CW series Jane the Virgin. In addition to his acting career, Baldoni is also a director. Justin even directed several episodes of Jane the Virgin as well as other television shows. Not only did he play an amazing dad on screen, but he also is a dad influencer worthy of recognition.

He is also the founder of Wayfarer Entertainment, a media company that creates content centered around social issues and human stories. In addition to his work in the entertainment industry, Baldoni is also known for his public speaking and advocacy work, particularly in the areas of gender equality and mental health.

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4. Jason Nash



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A post shared by Jason Nash (@jasonnash)

Jason Nash is an American comedian, writer, and one of our top dad influencers. He’s best known for his comedic sketches and vlogs on YouTube where he amassed a large following. Nash is also a writer and has written for various television shows and movies, including Punk’d and MTV’s The Hard Times of RJ Berger.

In addition to his work in comedy and entertainment, Nash has also co-founded the multimedia company Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment. He has released several comedy albums and tours nationally, performing stand-up comedy for live audiences.

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5. Tom Fletcher



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A post shared by TomFletcher (@tomfletcher)

Tom Fletcher is an English musician, singer, songwriter, author, and dad influencer. He is best known as the lead vocalist and guitarist of the British pop-rock band McFly, which he co-founded in 2003. In addition to his music career, Fletcher is also a successful children’s book author and has published several best-selling books for young readers. 

Tom’s known for his unique storytelling style, combining music and storytelling, which helped him win awards for his writing. Fletcher has become a popular figure on social media, where he frequently shares his daily life and creative projects to his growing audience.

6. Ryan Serhant



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A post shared by Ryan Serhant (@ryanserhant)

Ryan Serhant, an American real estate broker, author, and television personality, is widely recognized for his success in the industry. He’s even been named among the top real estate agents in New York City! With the founding of The Serhant Team, a luxury real estate brokerage firm, he has established himself as a leader in the field. 

In addition to his real estate career, Serhant is an author and public speaker and often shares his experiences and success in the industry. His life and work are also frequently shared on social media. His posts on family life and love rank him among the top dad influencers online.

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7. Joe Swash



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A post shared by Joe Swash (@realjoeswashy)

Joe Swash, an actor and television presenter from England, is known for his successful career in the entertainment industry. He rose to fame through his portrayal of Mickey Miller on the hit soap opera Eastenders, where he was awarded Best Actor at the British Soap Awards. 

Joe is not only an actor but also a talented television host, having fronted shows such as I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! NOW! and Dancing on Ice. He also made a name for himself as a radio host and is actively involved in various charity and fundraising efforts. With his quick wit and charming personality, Joe is a beloved figure in the UK and continues to captivate audiences with his work. Joe is one of the top dad influencers who truly does it all!

8. Matthew Patrick



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A post shared by Matthew Patrick (@matpatgt)

Matthew Patrick, also known as MatPat, is an American internet personality and creator of the popular YouTube channel “The Game Theorists”. He is best known for his in-depth analysis and discussion of video games and pop culture topics, and his channel has over 15 million subscribers. Patrick has also worked as a writer and producer for several other popular YouTube channels and has written books on video game theory and analysis.

Though his personal life is relatively private, Mat still shares great moments on his Instagram and holds a spot as one of the top dad influencers.

9. Sergei Urban


Sergei Urban, also known as TheDadLab, is a father and creator of family-friendly content. He’s best known for his creative DIY projects, science experiments, and life hacks that accumulate tons of engagement on Instagram and YouTube.

Sergei’s content is focused on providing educational and fun activities for families, especially for fathers and their children. He has a large following on social media, which allows him to provide tips and inspiration for new families. Family bonding is crucial for a child’s development, so Sergei is a resourceful father for those looking to create long-lasting memories.

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10. Jonathan Saccone Joly



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A post shared by Jonathan Joly (@jonathanjoly)

The last top dad influencer to make our list is Jonathan Saccone Joly, an Irish-Italian internet personality and filmmaker who rose to fame as a vlogger on YouTube. He typically documents his life alongside his wife and children. Jonathan and his family have since become known for their vlogs, and these videos showcase their daily lives and experiences. Also known as a travel influencer with fun tales to tell, Jonathan is a father you can’t miss out on. 


This article was written by Kate Hale

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