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Top College Athlete Influencers on TikTok

By Editorial Staff

Athletes are celebrities in their own right, showcasing their talents and inspiring the next generation of athletes on the big screen and social media, so it’s fair to call these athletes “college athlete influencers.” College athletes are the hometown heroes or the pride and joys of their universities, working tirelessly to bring glory to their teams. 

In recent years, college athletes have also emerged as powerful influencers on social media, attracting millions of followers and engaging with fans worldwide. These athletes use their platforms to showcase their talent, inspire others, and promote their brand. Here are some of the top college athlete influencers on TikTok, showing that their stardom extends beyond the stadium or court. 

Olivia Dunne

Olivia Dunne is a gymnast at Louisiana State University. She has nearly 7.5 million followers on her TikTok account @livvy and is well known for posting her incredible flips and stunts. She also posts behind-the-scenes looks at the LSU Gymnastics team heading to the NCAA championship meet. Olivia is a college athlete influencer on TikTok, and her incredible talent has allowed her to be sponsored by brands such as Grubhub, Vuori, BodyArmor, and American Eagle. 


a moment for the leo> #foryou #gymnastics #lsu

♬ nathan nakamura was here – nate

Haley and Hannah Cavinder 

Haley and Hannah Cavinder are twin sisters who play basketball for the University of Miami and made it to the Final Four with their team in 2023. With 4.5 million followers on their TikTok, the twins are well known for dance videos and funny skits. Haley and Hannah typically poke fun at the life of an athlete, making their content more authentic and genuine. Their prominent personalities make them recognizable on the court, and the pair are some of the most well-known college athlete influencers. 


still got our dancing shoes on 💃🏼 #fyp #basketball #twins

♬ DC tsompathegoat – tsompathegoat

Alexa Hendricks 

Alexa Hendricks is a star volleyball player from Kentucky with an incredible athletic career at the University of Louisville. Although Alexa has graduated from Louisville and is no longer actively playing volleyball, she is still a famous influencer and posts memories from her college days and tips for volleyball athletes. Alexa has 145.6k followers on TikTok. 



♬ original sound – alexa hendricks


Masai Russell

Next up on our college athlete influencers list is Masai. Masai is a hurdler and sprinter for the track and field team at the University of Kentucky. She is a graduate student majoring in health sciences, and during her senior season, and has medaled in the NCAA championships.

Rocking her TikTok with 501.6k followers, Masai posts fun content, “get ready with me”, and helpful athlete tips. Because of her prevalence in the sports world, she partnered with Gymshark as one of their college influencer athletes.


Thanking God for every step of the way💙 broke the collegiate record today in the 100h 🫶🏽 #fyp #masairussell #trackgirl

♬ Original sound Jhacari – jhacari


Makenzie Steele 

Mackenzie Steele is a distance runner for Clemson University’s track and cross-country team. As a college athlete influencer, she posts content centered around days in her life as a runner, delicious recipes, performances on track, and wholesome team moments that athletes relate to. Mackenzie has 22.4k followers on TikTok and is often sponsored by health food companies or promoting discounts on kitchen essentials. 


i hope you enjoyed my sound effects THANK YOUUU @slatemilk @alterecofoods #OneDegreeOrganics #EloHealth 🫶

♬ Sunday – HNNY

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A.J. Henning 

A.J. Henning is a junior wide receiver on the football team at the University of Michigan. His talent as an athlete is undeniable, as he was awarded the Special Teams Player of the Year in 2022. A.J. is also a two-time All-Big Ten selection as a return man. Pretty impressive, right? A.J. currently has 437k followers on TikTok. He typically posts about his love for football alongside motivational and relatable content for his athletic audience.


20 mil or never play again?😂 tag a teammate that does this #fyp #foryou #umich #michigan #lockerroom #cfb

♬ original sound – Katie Wilson


Spencer Lee 

Spencer Lee is a wrestler for the University of Iowa, with 86.3k followers on TikTok. He posts workouts, wrestling behind the scenes, and highlights from his time at Iowa. As one of the most popular wrestling college athletes, Spencer has partnered with Barstool Sports, Ironside Apparel, and MGC Sports Agency. If you love wrestling, you have to check him out!


Fan art 🔥 #capcut #tcgpokemon #pokemon

♬ NEON BLADE – MoonDeity


Abbey Levy

Abbey Levy is a goaltender for the hockey team at Boston College. As a graduate student, she has had many years to build her brand as a college athlete influencer. When not on the ice, Abbey posts hilarious content with her teammates, like pre-game rituals and days in the life, always showing off her goofy personality. Abbey has 35.8k followers on TikTok and is an inspiration to female athletes. 


The most expensive halloween outfit on the market. #D1hockey #BauerGoalie #girlshockey #bostoncollege

♬ original sound – Abbey

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Khoi Young

Next on our top college athlete influencers is Stanford gymnast Khoi Young. Although his career as a college athlete influencer is just beginning, Khoi has already been a two-time NCAA All-American recipient and has 65.8k followers on TikTok. Khoi posts videos of himself and his Standford teammates showing off their skills, motivational advice, and unfiltered looks at the sometimes tough life of college athletes.


Idek how I did the last one #gymnastics #sports #olympicsport #competition #pommelhorse #calisthenics #strength #gym

♬ original sound – Khoi Young


Angel Reese 

And finally, we have Angel Reese! Angel Reese is a basketball player for Louisiana State University, often known as the “Bayou Barbie.” With 1.7 Million followers on TikTok, and a recently acquired NCAA championship title under her belt, it’s no doubt that Angel is one of the best college athlete influencers. She often posts OOTDs, and looks into her life as a D1 athlete, both the highs and the lows. The best kinds of college athlete influencers are the ones transparent about their competitive lives.


@didirich2 @tea.cooper2 BADDIESSSS😍

♬ In Ha Mood – Ice Spice

Final Thoughts

College athlete influencers have emerged as a significant force in the world of social media, using their platforms to engage with fans, promote their personal brand, and inspire others. With millions of followers on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, these athletes have the power to influence opinions, shape trends, and drive conversations. 

By sharing their stories, showcasing their personalities, and promoting their values, college athlete influencers have become some of the most influential voices on social media, representing the best of what it means to be an athlete in the modern era. Their powerful voices make them incredibly valuable influencers for brands and the heroes of their audiences.

This article was written by Abigail Adams

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