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The Return of LeBron James Through Social Media and GIFs

By P.J. Leimgruber

So, after all the hype, rumors, gossip, hearsay, and predicted outcomes, LeBron James is going back to the team that drafted him number 1 overall back in 2003: the Cleveland Cavaliers.

James took a struggling Cavalier team to the playoffs in 2006 – their first NBA Playoffs appearance since 1998. In the 2009 Playoffs, LeBron and the Cavs battled the Orlando Magic to an upsetting loss in the Conference Finals.

  You know the story…In 2010, James became an unrestricted free agent, and in a move that was criticized by many, announced his decision on a live ESPN special entitled The Decision. You probably remember this quote: “I’m taking my talents to South Beach.”


So, obviously Cleveland fans were upset.
… And burned his jerseys

… and rallied to show their disdain


The Decision really killed basketball in Cleveland, and to show for it, ticket prices for the Cavaliers plummeted. In his final season with the Cleveland, LeBron and the Cavs made it all the way to the Eastern Conference Finals and had an average ticket sale price of $195. The very next year, prices plummeted to an average price of $51. All the while, LeBron began building a legacy in Miami.

Next, we speculated. And we took to social media to do so

Just about everyone speculated what it would be like to have LeBron on their team.


Then the decision the people have longed for all month had been reached. Like a gentleman, he announced his decision via a Sports Illustrated column: LeBron James is returning home to Cleveland. Sorry Miami


And once the news that the Internet has been craving – finally broke –  Twitter did what Twitter does best…


Even our Lord and Savior weighed in…

And Miami was all like…

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This article was written by P.J. Leimgruber

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