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Discord Marketing Strategies You’ve Gotta Try in 2023

By Editorial Staff

One of the biggest newcomers to the social media space is the platform Discord. While its unique structure makes it stand out from other social media platforms, Discord marketing strategies have proven incredibly successful in their own right. While it only launched in 2015, in 2021 it was recorded to have 140 million users, all divided between various communities big and small, and these influencer marketing strategies will help launch your campaign across platforms by activating Discord.

What Is Discord?

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Discord was founded by Jason Citron and Stanislaw Vishnevsky, both of whom had experience with gaming-focused social media platforms and multiplayer gaming. They both wanted a better voiceover IP (or VoIP) service to communicate across during tactical games such as League of Legends, and with that came the idea for Discord.

Discord has shifted away from its gaming focus and has switched to becoming a much more versatile platform, touting its new motto “Chat For Communities & Friends” in 2020, but its structure has stayed fairly simple: split into direct messaging and servers.

Direct messaging is similar to how the function works in other social media platforms — direct communication between two people. Internet voice calls can also run through Discord, as well as images and files. Sometimes, it is possible to form a “group chat” with multiple people, but it does not hold the same features as a server.

The servers are the big draw of Discord. Most comparable to a forum, they are designed by their admins to fit the needs of the community. Text and voice channels are created and assigned roles as seen fit — some are for talking, while others might be for posting announcements or sending work in.

This structure is what permits Discord marketing to be in a class of its own compared to other influencer marketing strategies, and why it might be the most effective for your business.

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The Discord Marketing Strategies You’ve Got To Try In 2023

  • Create Your Own Server

With Discord, this might sound a little obvious. If you are looking for a direct outlet to communicate with customers and followers, there is nothing better than creating a Discord server for that very purpose.

Discords’ customizability allows you to tailor your community to what you would like out of it. Gaming communities could establish channels exclusively for gaming discourse. This division of topics and focuses allows for the conversations you want to occur with customers, employees, or even partners to occur.

A functionality not provided directly by Discord itself but often highly used is “bots”. These are artificial intelligence (or AI) “users” programmed to carry out specific commands. They can automate some of your servers’ functionality, such as posting your posts from other social media or moderating the usage of profanity in channels.

discord influencer marketing through channels

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There is a lot of opportunity for any interested business to have in having a Discord server.

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  • Collaborate With Influencers And Communities

Companies are far from the only people utilizing social media to gather influence. Influencers have been using Discord to market themselves far before companies have gotten on the train, and from this, there is much to learn.

Communicating with influencers and their Discord communities allows your influencer marketing strategies to sync and results in the motion of people from each server to each other, resulting in more traffic. 

Alongside this, influencers conjoining their Discord marketing with your brand can give you a more “modern” image, appealing to whichever demographics the influencer has. This can give your brand more longevity and an even stronger community.

Discords’ direct messaging feature is also an effective way of having rapid, quick communications with potential influencers, to make discussing influencer marketing strategies much faster and more effective.

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  • Host Giveaways And Contests

People love participating in things and winning prizes. Hence, a Discord server is the perfect place to host and moderate a contest of some kind.

As opposed to hosting sweepstakes or contests of a similar nature through other social media, using hashtags to mark submissions, a Discord server can make distinguishing between entrants easier, and this allows for more personal promotion of the brand and its contest.

Similarly, it is much easier to moderate who enters and wins on a Discord server. If a person enters and acts uncouth, a moderation staff can kick them from the server and scrub their name from the record. Similarly, there are bots who can help with the selection process of contests, choosing winners randomly out of a poll.

Similarly, contests can be hosted, prompting people to submit art, videos, text, or anything to create for the brand. This can be an exceptional source of marketing your brand through Discord. 

  • Speak With Your Audience

Via Discord

One of the biggest strengths of having a Discord server as opposed to a social media account on any other website is that it can provide a more open opportunity to probe your customer base’s takes on your brand.

Opening up channels for specific discussions, hosting polls to gauge opinions on specific choices or products, and other strategies can utilize your Discord to successfully learn more about what your customers want out of your brand.

Distinct from phone and paper surveys of the past, chatting with a live person can reassure people that they are being heard, and if feedback gives conclusions on what people want, it is smart to implement it.

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Discord Marketing Strategies: Conclusion

The influencer marketing strategies to implement with marketing on Discord are quite unique compared to other social media platforms, but this is because Discord’s strengths are in a league of their own. 

Formed out of a need for easier communication during multiplayer online gaming, it has since grown to accept all types of communities through its customizable form. Online communities of all sorts might have been the first to adapt it, but it can quickly spread to become a crucial part of your marketing strategy if your brand adopts it.

This article was written by Michael Litman

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