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15 Influencer Marketing Examples of Successful Campaigns to Inspire Your Strategy

By Editorial Staff

With the rise of TikTok, innovative features of Instagram, and familiarity of YouTube, influencer marketing has proven that it is here to stay. Whether you are a new brand looking to enter the space or an influencer marketing native, getting creative can be difficult at times. Do not fret though, we have all been there and to help out we have researched and compiled a list of 15 influencer marketing examples of successful campaigns. These influencer marketing examples were pulled from the top thirty influencer marketing agencies in the industry. Check it out. 

1. Airbnb x SugarFree

  • YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter
  • 1.9M+ total impressions, 1,000+ shares and retweets, 7,000+ comments

Airbnb wanted to run an educational travel campaign for women aged 17-24 and build mass brand awareness on Airbnb’s functionalities. SugarFree partnered with Airbnb’s team to activate influencers that authentically represent the travel lifestyle and understand Airbnb’s value in the travel industry. The two female influencers selected traveled frequently and had high engagement from women in their teens and early 20’s. To educate their audiences, both influencers traveled to an Airbnb of their choice, documenting their experiences and sharing the Airbnb video playlist, resulting in significant traffic increase and interest.

2. PetSmart x August United 

  • YouTube
  • 2.7M+ YouTube series views, 42K clicks on puppy playlist, 465K views of behind the scenes footage

YouTube continues to be an educational and entertainment channel for millions, including pet owners. PetSmart’s YouTube channel plateaued, with outdated content. So, PetSmart and August United collaborated to create a training curriculum series in order to resonate with their target audience: millennials aka the “pet parents” generation. Influencer Aaron Burriss was activated to create PetSmart’s training series, providing answers to the most searched training questions. In addition to the training videos on PetSmart’s channel, Aaron created behind-the-scenes footage and scavenger hunts to further traffic to PetSmart’s YouTube.

3. TikTok x NeoReach

  • YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat
  • 179M+ in campaign reach, 6:1 ROI, 3.2M engagements 

At the time of this campaign, TikTok was flourishing in Asia but needed help gaining popularity across Europe and the United States. Aside from driving brand visibility, TikTok wanted to attract an older audience and showcase the app’s features. Between the U.S. and Europe, over 100 influencers were activated generating over 3.2M engagements. Content from influencers included campaign-specific hashtags, links, and instructions on how to download TikTok. Overall, the campaign sparked non-users to download and join the TikTok community increasing reach, boosting visibility, and improving sentiment.

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4. Rocket League x Kairos Media

  • YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Instagram
  • 13M impressions, 9M YouTube views, 160K social engagements

Rocket League partnered with Kairos Media to re-launch Rocket League as a free-to-play game. The campaign needed to appeal to current and lapsed players while driving brand awareness. 24 influencers across four regions were activated and created content across four channels. Aside from content creation, the campaign gave away 105 Rocket Passes. 

5. Nickelodeon x Hire Influence 

  • IGTV, Instagram 
  • 10.5M impressions, 389K engagement, $0.15 cost per engagement 

Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (TMNT) partnered with Walmart to create an exclusive line of room decor and Nickelodeon needed Hire Influence’s help to build awareness around their new TMNT room decor. For this campaign, Hire Influence needed to create a roster of influencers that specialized in interior design while also having an audience of 25-40 year olds with children. The four influencers chosen for the campaign promoted the new TMNT bedding on Instagram with the hashtag #TMNTxWalmart, giving styling advice and showing the versatility of room decor. 


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6. Blue Apron x Media Kix

  • YouTube, Blogs, Instagram
  • 326M videos views, 81M blog impressions, 577M social reach, 7% engagement

Blue Apron partnered with Media Kix in order to encourage brand loyalty, increase brand awareness nationally, and drive new customer acquisition. Media Kix activated over 2,000 influencers across various social media platforms, resulting in over 3,000 pieces of unique content for the Campaign. 

7. Netflix x NeoReach

  • TikTok
  • 2.76X ROI, 2.8M+ views of paid content, drove long-tail awareness spiking over 500M views

Netflix wanted to take the launch of Cobra Kai season three to TikTok and needed NeoReach’s help building an eclectic roster and boost brand awareness. NeoReach activated 10 influencers with diverse backgrounds which brought communities around the United States, United Kingdom, France, Australia, and Canada together for the premiere of season three. Each influencer put their own creative spin on the TikTok created, interactive Cobra Kai Chop filter. Comedic skits, competitions, and more drove massive engagement and organic content creation from audiences around the world.


It’s Cobra Kai time! @netflix #AD #NETFLIX #cobrakaichop

♬ original sound – Damien Doyle Jr

8. Stonyfield x Swaygroup 

  • Blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest
  • 250K engagements, average 1.4K engagements per post, Stonyfield licensed the content for their own use 

Stonyfield wanted to take their own influencer marketing efforts to the next level by collaborating with Swaygroup to launch a large-scale influencer marketing campaign that showcased Stonyfield’s kid-focused products and commitment to creating environmentally friendly, healthy, and delicious yogurts. To accomplish Stonyfield’s goals, Swaygroup recruited 327 influencers parenting and lifestyle influencers that focused on health and wellness. These influencers created over 900 pieces of unique content over 5 platforms, showcasing the best of Stonyfield. 

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9. Colors of Carlsbad x Hire Influence

  • Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest
  • 2.4M impressions, 55.7K engagement, $0.16 cost per engagement

The Colors of Carlsbad campaign aesthetically and innovatively showcased the vibrant colors of the urban environment. To do so, Hire Influence partnered with Pantone to study the top trending colors of travel, discovering which colors resonated with audiences most and which colors led to the greatest engagement on travel influencers’ posts. After pinning the engaging color palette, two travel influencers showcased the colors across Carlsbad with stunning photos across the landscape. 

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10. Gillette x Sugarfree

  • YouTube
  • 5M+ campaign reach, 146K+ campaign engagements 

Gillette’s #GoAskDad viral campaign launched their shaving service, rivaling competitors Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s. Gen Z and Millenials were targeted in this campaign, and over 55% of the audience reached were aged 17-24 years old. The bond shown between father and son shaving with Gillette products appealed to the audience’s emotions and sparked campaign virality. 

11. Mortal Kombat x Fanbytes

  • TikTok
  • 255K hashtag messages, 1,300 user-generated videos

Fanbytes collaborated with Mortal Kombat to run a mock campaign in order to display the power of TikTok paired with the gaming industry. Fanbytes activated 3 influencers. Each influencer dressed as a Mortal Kombat character and challenged their audiences to brawl with the TikTok duet feature. In addition, Mortal Kombat graphics and sounds along with the hashtag #MKFight were implemented to promote brand awareness and encourage audience engagement.


It’s time!! Duet this with your Creativity!! Use #MKfight when #duet #foryou #foryourpage #duetthis

♬ MK FIGHT – Me 😋

12. Poshmark x Stargazer

  • YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat
  • 500K+ app installs, 100M+ views, 2.3M likes

Stargazer helped Poshmark achieve over 500,000 app installs and drove massive brand awareness. To surpass Poshmark’s goals, Stargazer activated over 2,000 influencers and created over 2,400 pieces of content across 3 different platforms. Influencers created content discussing Poshmark’s features and directed audiences to install the app with a direct link. 

13. Mattel x FanBytes

  • TikTok
  • 15.21% conversion rate, CPI $3.03

Mattel toy company turned to TikTok to drive brand awareness and excitement for their new digital game Phase 10: World Tour. To build a successful campaign for Mattel, FanBytes collaborated with Bytesized Talent and their own influencer network to contract influencers with audiences of females aged 25-34 years old. Influencers created skits with the digital came to drive traffic and installs.


Harry, Toddy, and I got to hang out in London after downloading the Phase 10: World Tour app! #Phase10fun #ad

♬ original sound – piff peterson

14. House Party x Kairos Media

  • Instagram 
  • 15M+ views, 20M impressions 

The pandemic caused the popularity of video calling apps to skyrocket and House Party wanted to keep a competitive edge amongst other popular video calling apps. This campaign worked to build positive sentiment around the app and expand its users in target audiences. The success of the campaign stemmed from Kairos Media’s two step approach. First, by targeting trusted influencers and second, by targeting fan-powered communities. Influencers and fan-powered communities showcased how great House Party is. 

15. DraftKings x NeoReach 

  • TikTok 
  • 1.83x ROI, 30K increase in followers, 8.1M+ TikTok video views, 34.3M views of #MakeItReign and #DraftKings

DraftKings partnered with NeoReach to bring their TikTok to the next level. They sought to boost brand awareness, increase their follower count, and reach new audiences. The DraftKings campaign activated 50 unique influencers, each having over 80% of DraftKings’ target market. Each influencer brought the creative concept “touchdown dance” to life by pairing their celebration dance with an original licensed song designed for DraftKings and the hashtags #MakeItReign and #Touchdowndance. This campaign gave DraftKings a win-win by increasing their follower count and brand awareness while also building a base of influencers to work with in the future.


SMACK FIRE CHALLENGE @draftkings #draftkings #makeitreign #touchdowndance #imasmackfire

♬ Make It Reign by DraftKings – DraftKings

We were blown away by these influencer marketing examples. Each campaign had its own unique feature and truly took influencer marketing to the next level with strategy, influencer selection, and creative. We hope these 15 influencer marketing examples serve as inspiration for your own campaigns!

Honorable Mentions

PF Chang'sAugust United3.9M impressions + 8.2 engagements 
Quevos ChipsNeoReach & Influence Hunter15K+ website visits, $25K revenue
InstacartStargazer576K views, 21 influencers

This article was written by Lauren Conklin

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